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WaRpInG &sPiRaLiNg
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The Dialogue Continues........
    #1526313 - 05/07/03 01:13 AM (15 years, 18 days ago)

Where is all this leading us, but into our next conversation with God. This conversation is going to be about still larger truths, we are going to explore this divine dictonomy much further in this dialogue. The consciousness on earth is steadily raisingnow, many are experiencing their oneness with me, and that they may create any experience they choose within the field of the mental body, you have begun to remember "the art of being".

Indeed, many of my close friends and i have had this experience, i can see the awareness growing around me from the standpoint of duality, so lets get started then:

In your present earthly experience you find it difficult to exsist as seperate and together in the same sequence, and this is because you all have different ideas about who you are. were you all to create from the same sponersing thought, you would immediatly produce that result in your reality, this is how a Highly Evolved Society has chosen to live, they realize that power comes from collective individuality, and fear from personal individuality.

Ironically enough, were you to create in this manner, your ideas of not enough, and superiority over one another would immediatly cease, the very conditions that are leading your society to destruction would be immediatly replaced by what you would call "Heaven on earth". Your highest imaginings, and higher still would come from a collective connection to me.

Exactly how can we get in touch with our collective individuality

You can start the same way collectively that you began individually, by declaring your intentions, by making them a central focus, a sort of prime directive.

Well i think many of us understand this concept, but we are simply not choosing it

This is correct, but the reason, the real reason that this has not been implemented, is simple, you do not yet know who you are as a collective, you have underestimated me, and hence yourself. Seek to know who you are before all else, for i say this: your death is enevidible, it is only in the space of "deathlessness", that life may be realized and fully engaged. It is time now to explore this divine dictonomy further.

As many have begun to observe, i am manifested in a myriad of forms, my will is your will for you, for there is only one of us. Reality exsists as a type of time capsule, where many experiences are overlapping, some have referred to these overlapping realities as strings, you might say they are strings of consciousness. Now lets imagine these strings encased within this time capsule, each individual string can represent an idea about myself, for no thought about myself goes uncreated, only unoticed. Now lets imagine for a second your humanity as unified whole along one of these strings, the implications would be
immense, here is why: There exsist what you call positive and negative magnetic poles at opposite ends of each concievable point in the universe, this is what makes movement possible in the physical universe, otherwise i would be very still, what you would call dead. Now your planet earth posesses extremely powerful positive and negative poles, yet this is only made possible by a focused central core, are you following me here?

Yes, surprisingly, it is complexly simple:

Yes, as i have said before, the greatest simplicity is the greatest complexity.

So what you are saying here is that humanity itself contains a kind of magnetic pole, and that if we were to act as one, the power of our unified consciousness would be greatly multiplied producing a kind of utopian experience.

Yes, that is it exactly it, you have it. But there is more, individually you also contain these magnetic poles, they make up, or more accurately hold together what you call the aura. The aura is filled with all your ideas about yourself individually, and the aura of the earth, collectively. When enough energy is released, so is your most feverently held thought, and that is how it is literally re - produced in your experience. You see thought isa kind of circle, like a cd - rom disc, all the information is already there, it is just waiting to be read. And this is so important if you are to begin to create collectively, if you are to truly change the conditions on your planet, it will require a collective connection to me,
for i say again: power comes from a collective individuality, and fear from personal

How can we get to this, i am getting excited now, please go on.

The first step is making a declaration of what is so, and then from that space you decide where you wish to go. You know god isnt always this light hearted, but i say again: I cannot interfear with your choices, the model that you hold of me changes as conditions change, and conditions change as light levels change.

What can you tell us then with regards to raising our individual light levels?

There are "centres" of energy that align the physical body, with the subtle: your souls total collection of experiences, the sum of who you are in this very moment. Now these centres are activated simply by thinking, or more accurately focusing, but now here is the catch: The more "thoughts" you hold in your present awareness, the less room there is for my will to manifest, rightly so as the universe only knows how to grant your fondest wish. So you see most humans posess a sort of monkey mind, you are wanting everything at once and producing that in your experience. This is why we have been speaking of collective individuality, rather than personal, the change in light levels would be quite dramatic.

This is the answer, isnt it, i mean you could even say that individuality is a kind of disease.

You humans are so dramatic, you act as if this is new information that i am giving you here. Truth is timeless, this is the " true intuition " that is built into the system, you have simply been ignoring it for quite some time, centuries in fact. Now, in your finesthour, it may be beneficial to make a new choice, a focused one.

We have been talking about the raising of consciousness here, and i would like to go further into that:

Okay, what would you like to know, or more accurately remember.

Well, what about on an individual level, can you give us any tools with which to do this.

What you choose for yourself, give to another. It really is that simple, have you forgotten this?

I dont understand what you mean, and i think that goes for just about everybody.

I understand your confusion. We were just talking about being focused as a means of raising consciousness, we will go deeper into that now. As i just said it is the idea of having too many thoughts at once that is keeping me hidden, yet what of a life of serving others, what kind of experience do you think this would produce? Look around you, look at the conditions of your world, look where your idea of yourself has brought you, and now this vast space which i have opened for you. What of a humanity that served its environment? This should become the central focus of your world, this should be the prime directive, i am giving you the answers here.

I think i have always understood this, just never accepted it as truth in my reality.

Now is the time of your awakening, not tomorrow, but this very moment. For i tell you this: the technology of the soul infintely out numbers that of your machines. It is these machines that are destroying you, yet you still turn the blind eye, until you cannot anymore, and this day will come, it is steadfast arriving, that is unless you choose to heed the message I am giving you with this dialogue.

And we can do this by acting as one, and by respecting our environment, by nuturing it.

The ironic thing here is that if you did actually heed this message, if you did start acting as one and hence begin taking care of your environment, you would not be "just getting by", as some of you like to say. Instead you would be living in ecstasy, with absolutely no fear of death, your energy centre's would be "openly activated", and you would be at your full creative potential, you would experience a kind of miracle, the miracle of getting it right, the miracle of life. Your soul knows the truth of this statement, and it jumps for joy at the symphony of the words.

That is beautifully said

Hey, couldnt do it without you.

So, if im understanding right, you are saying that power: the feeling of being fully alive comes from service to each other, and our environment, and in the space of service, a central focus, our true creativity, our soul technology is released.

That is well put, you have understood correctly.

Well lets talk more about this soul technology then, what are the implications with regard to this?

I dont know, what are they?

Come on, out with it.

But really though, these books are concerned with the application of wisdom, the acting out of it. The way you have currently set it up in your life, you have imagined yourself to be surrounded by relative aspects of a confused God, a powerless God. You have cried to the heavens, you have shook your fist with rage, all of this you have called forth, you and only you, and so it be done unto you.

There is only one moment, isnt there.

Yes, but here i will explain it one final time, so that even the most grievest of beings can truly understand. Ultimately, what you call "time" is relative, meaning " In relationship", or dependant upon another variable to be in place i order for it to serve its intended purpose. Now what allows "time" to coexsist simultaneously with the present moment, are the constructs of " Past " and " Future ". You construct your future, from your past, this is the variable relationship. Now a variable is not a law, it is just that, a variation, constantly in flux, but with a self measurable pattern with which you constructyour day to day reality.

Now in the Absolute realm which i reside, the variables of " Past " and "Future" are non -exsistant, meaning i am not aware of them, not yet!!!!! Also have i said that this eternal moment contains the all of it, every imaginable " future " moment you are capable of experiencing. As i have said before, you always reside within this eternal moment, and the only thing keeping you stuck in your " present experience " is your level of awareness, your "Now" moment energy level. Your soul understands this law, that is how it journeys out from your body during sleep into what some of you call, the Astral plane: A plane of
consciousness where time can seem non-exsistant at certain moments, where your thoughts about your experience can sometimes immediatly effect your surroundings. This "Astral plane" which of course is surrounding you at this very moment, or the experience of what you call death, for those that have "travelled" there, understand that such a word is just a concept, having nothing to do with ones actual experience of the after-physical-

Actually to those who travel there, they understand that it is the physical life, which is the dream, the illusion, for when they are literally released from their bondagewithin the physical body, they are imediatly aware of the physical realms purpose, that it has none that they are aware of. This may be difficult for some to understand, but i say again: life has no meaning, save the meaning you give it, so whats the "matter" with you, lighten up, feel the space, adore my beautiful flower gardens, my green grass rolling hills, my snow white rocky mountains, you have more time than you could ever know. In this
space you will find peace, and in the space of peace, your journey to be more fully "Now" begins.

Wow we got way off track here, we were talking about rasing the consciousness on earth, and we spun off into the " astral plane ".

Well i am trying to tie it all in here, rememeber it is all happening now, this mansion of mine to which you reside enith, the rose doth wilt one day soon.

I have never heard you talk like this to Neal Before.

Your filter is finer than Neals, and still others are much finer than yours, they just never get around to talking to me, they are too busy being me, you call these beings masters.

The same road which to i am headed.

Exactly, my son, you understand.

Well, i going to ask you again, what kind of experience are we talking about assuming the release of this soul technology.

Fine, have it your way. As your individual awareness begin to " rise ", or more accurately move toward, inward of me, something amazing begins to happen. The first thing you come to realize is that you are not an individual at all, but part of an ever expanding whole. You may refer to this aspect of consciousness as the Gaia consciousness, your Terrance Mckenna was fond of calling it that. Essentially you come to realize the true nature of the " field of relativity", and that you posess more than one way of observing your self, that is your self that inhabits the entire physical universe, as well as the many other mansions that i have called forth as a way to experience myself. A highly
evolved society understands this, and indeed they are observing you right now through this skipping of the "relativity matrix" which i referred to in book 3. So, in fact, those ships you are observing in the sky may not be ships at all, what i am trying to say is that you may in fact be seeing exactly what you want to see.

Oh my God, this is mind blowing, if they are not ships then, what are they?

indeed, what are they?

Here we go again

I am trying to jar you out of your conceptual thinking minds with those kinds of statements, concepts get in the way of the soul, and this soul observes and communicates in the form of images, not in the form of what you would call, truths. Truths, as i have said before depend on who is percieving them, and essentailly the given " time" they are percieved, therefore no one in the right state of mind would be fooled into calling them truths at all, mere contradictions instead. The goal of your soul is an expanse in its perception, and do you know why? Because perception heals, a larger view of things enables you to call your problems smaller than they appeared moments before.

I felt the truth of that in my heart as you said those words.

Well, over here i have a much larger view of things than you are now currently observing.

where over there, where are you.

I think you know the answer to that.

I know, i was just joking around, i would love to be able to do more of that.

So be it then.

Well this dialogue is getting quite long by now, to post that is, i thought i might seperate our conversation into sections, and offer those sections every so while:

For a second i thought you might be thinking of leaving.

How could i do that, i have really enjoyed talking with you, i mean that, the posting of this conversation is just a bonus:

How about if I end this one off.

By all means, shoot:

As with any Conversation with God, the central focus is always on inner wisdom, on coming to that yourself. All the knowledge that Vibrant is sharing with you from his own experience, is just that, knowledge, useless unless it is implemented, acted out. In these last few lines i am going to give you a wonderful tool in which to come to this same wisdom, allowing you to embrace it with open arms. Your collective body which occupies the spaceship, you presently call Earth, is at heart, as with all physical bodies, structured in and around a complex series of wavelengths, vibrational strings. In what you call music you represent these varrying frequencies with symbols, pictures. Now your soul, "I", responds to these varrying frequencies by forming them into pictures that come through
your inner vision. One who has attuned himself to pick up this " higher " form of vibration, will obviously see the world much differently than one who has not chosen to raise his individual light level. Indeed, this is how this mesage is coming to you right now so clearly, I am being " chanelled " if you will, through this character you call ViBrAnT. The elaborate explanations i have been giving you with this dialgoue are coming directly through ViBrAnTs inner eye, and he is communicating what he sees to you, he is constructing the entire dialogue with this tool, he is using me, he is using God.

Now if this is something that you choose for yourself, i invite all those with ears listen: The answer is within you, the universe is within you, for without you, there could be no universe to begin with. Thought is the gateway to God, but not the kind of thought which you now presently understand. You are a fixed body, spontaneously occuring along the space- time continuum in the holy moment of now. As i have said before, your whole body is alive with this continuance of space and time, i observe you have all aged in the last nano-second. So what we are looking for here is a greater of awareness of what
exactly is happening between the space of our thoughts, or more accurately the cells of our body. Now after many of you begin working with this exercise i am about to show you, you will have a personal awarenes of what i am saying, it will all make very clear sense to you:

You are to imagine a black shadow, think of it as a body double, in front of you, facing away from you. This shadow will have the same demensions as you, and will eventually move into you, until it becomes you, merges with your very being, you are too keep the shadow in place, a kind of superimposition over your everyday body, until thedesired effect has been attained.

until next week....same God Time.......Same God Channel?


" liken this life illusory, for your sand castle will one day be adrift amongst the wind "

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Registered: 04/17/03
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Re: The Dialogue Continues........ [Re: ViBrAnT]
    #1526602 - 05/07/03 03:02 AM (15 years, 18 days ago)

WOW....  THat sure was long!

I wasn't going to read it at first, but then I decided to anyways...  I couldn't sleep tonight.

First of all, let me say... That was very poetic!

Second... Do you know what you are talking about?

Thirdly, What was that supposed to be?

My take on it, seemed like you were ....  ummmmm.... "channeling" GOD.... there ViBrAnT...  WoW....  very Impressive indeed!!!

Is that what is was?  Was God speaking through you?  Was HE "making" you type that stuff?

I'll even quote: "I am being " chanelled " if you will, through this character you call ViBrAnT. The elaborate explanations i have been giving you with this dialgoue are coming directly through ViBrAnTs inner eye, and he is communicating what he sees to you, he is constructing the entire dialogue with this tool, he is using me, he is using God."

Well...  GOD....    I'll tell you what...  If you can please tell me what it is that WE are supposed to do in 10 simple sentences or less...  then perhaps we'll have a deal....

This HUGE STORY....  I'm not sure many will read it through in detail....

I mean, you did want your message to get through, right?

But you already knew..... So... why?

Oh...  and GOD...  can you please answer me something?

WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU LEARN HOW TO SPELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

You know what?  "Gabriel" already tried that !

I'm gonna say this one last time...  cause I really hate to chew my cabbage more than once.... 


If Gabriel knows not to do it, please don't insult me by making other people do it.
You know its not safe for them....  why put them at risk?

We all know that EVERYONE's safety is number one on the priority list.

NOW >>>>> Don't think that the answer is just going to simply spill itself to you !

YOU are going to WAIT FOR IT just like every one else.

Patience is a virtue.

Good things come...  TO THOSE WHO WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

---- end of transmission ----




Dei Gratia de integro,

Veni Vidi Vici:

In Nomine Domini..

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Re: The Dialogue Continues........ [Re: Deiymiyan]
    #1526641 - 05/07/03 03:20 AM (15 years, 18 days ago)

That came from the first book in my signature. A very good book. And yes, I would say he does know what he is talking about.

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Registered: 04/17/03
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Re: The Dialogue Continues........ [Re: ]
    #1526653 - 05/07/03 03:23 AM (15 years, 18 days ago)

<"I'll even quote: "I am being " chanelled " if you will, through this character you call ViBrAnT. The elaborate explanations i have been giving you with this dialgoue are coming directly through ViBrAnTs inner eye, and he is communicating what he sees to you, he is constructing the entire dialogue with this tool, he is using me, he is using God.">

Are you trying to tell me, that ViBrAnT is Chanelling GOD in that book?


Dei Gratia de integro,

Veni Vidi Vici:

In Nomine Domini..

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Registered: 04/17/03
Posts: 656
Loc: Within the Realm of Imagi...
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Re: The Dialogue Continues........ [Re: ]
    #1526663 - 05/07/03 03:27 AM (15 years, 18 days ago)

If those are direct cut and paste quotes.... then they are full of type o's... I don't accept that a "channeling" of GOD would be full of error...

Sorry man...

It's not happeneing....


Dei Gratia de integro,

Veni Vidi Vici:

In Nomine Domini..

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Re: The Dialogue Continues........ [Re: Deiymiyan]
    #1526683 - 05/07/03 03:36 AM (15 years, 18 days ago)

well i don't know what the fuck is going on then. those are identical ideas and the first time i breezed through it i thought it was a direct cut and paste from the book. "Neal" is referred to in his post, that is the name of the author of the book. i am guessing that he has in fact read the books.

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Registered: 04/17/03
Posts: 656
Loc: Within the Realm of Imagi...
Last seen: 8 years, 9 months
Re: The Dialogue Continues........ [Re: ]
    #1526710 - 05/07/03 03:48 AM (15 years, 18 days ago)

Like I said.... The STORY is TOO LONG for people to pay attention....

Why does everyone have to make GOD/ or whatever name you wanna use sound SO COMPLICATED???????

Why does everyone feel like they NEED to use BIG WORDS to sound smart ?????

Has no one learned anything from basic algebra? To simplify before you fill in the variables? Else you have a huge mess on your hands???

Those words that I read are nice. But I AM NOT convinvnced that this post is a channeling of GOD !

Did you ever read how complex JESUS was? He explained things in such a way that a little child could understand.

PEOPLE make things complicated!

Complicated matters cater only to a very strict small circle of people who can figure out what it means. AM I to believe that only the ones who can read intellectual writing are going to benefit?

That's almost as bad as saying: If you're not christian, then you're going to HELL.

Another mis-conception.


Dei Gratia de integro,

Veni Vidi Vici:

In Nomine Domini..

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