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Registered: 04/08/11
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First Time [Outer-Body] ~ Salvia Divinorum x40 Trip * 1
    #14257130 - 04/08/11 06:09 AM (10 years, 1 month ago)

Hey guys, I'm new to writing up trip reports and trying to express my views on things over the internet as confusing and complex as they are in words. I've never done one of these before so I thought I might start of with a brief introduction of myself first~

Recently thanks to a friend I discovered Salvia. To me it seemed very interesting along with DMT due to not only the "trip" but more the said spiritual enlightenment and knowledge that may come with it.

Now my experience with psychedelics and hallucinogens are pretty much nil and I rarely drink alchohol. The only substance I consume on a regular basis is pot, which I've been smoking for about 2 years now. I experiemented with Acid and Shrooms once before at the same time, only to experience slight yet entertaining hallucinations but it was nothing to compared to my first salvia experience.

Even though I knew I lacked "psychedelic experience" once I heard about Salvia I started researching, reading up trip reports, watching idiots on youtube trip each other out, and was slowly preparing my self if I were ever to have it.

My minds been fairly open ever since a kid. Weather it be realistic or fantasy, I've always kept my mind open to possiblities. I've read many things on different religions and beleifs from, Wiccans, Witchcraft, Chaos Theory, serveral things on Alchemy both material and emotional, and the list goes on. Needless to say, I thought I was prepared having such an open mind, in a way.

The Day of Truth : THURSDAY OF MARCH 2011
I got home from work around 7pm, got through the door and I recieved a message on my phone from my friend [I will refer to them as Walter]who told me about Salvia a several weeks prior. It practically stated "I have Sally here, prepare for one hell of a night" its not exactly what it said but oh well minor details. I was pumped. I had just recently been going through a hard time and I was having trouble collecting my thoughts and I needed a "pick-me-up" and out of no where, here's one thrown at me on a silver platter. I got changed out of my work clothes into something more comfortable, had a coffee and had a few cones then decided to head over to Walters's place.

On the walk there I started to clear my thought's and bring my self to a calm and peaceful state. I was trying to ignore the emotions I was feeling at the time, knowing what the night ahead involved and I didn't want my emotions to burden me. By the time I arrived at Walter's place, I seemed to had calmed my self to a comfortable point.

Walter and I spent around 3-4 hours planning how we were going to smoke it. He got 40x extract, and this was the first time we were having it, we didn't want to go in unprepared. After reading another dozen trip report's we decided on having 0.050g(50mg) for our first dose. I was surprisingly comfortable with this dose even though Walter has had alot more experience with drugs then me and we were having the same dose. I wouldn't know what difference it would make but who knows?

It was getting close to around 1am when we decided to take it, we had just gotten back from a walk; on which we saw and actual comet in the sky, which may have possibly increased the flow of spiritual energy and the area. I'm not too sure, but I won't rule it out for a possiblity. Walter decided to take it first, so we went into his smoking caravan (it's very cool), lit up some incense, he put on music of his choice, he prepared his cone as we were smoking it through a glass bong/pipe with glass cone piece and stem. He took a moment to collect him self before pulling it, once he did I took the bong from him, and watched it take over him. He came snapped back in with a fit of laughter and that's when I knew it was the real deal and I was minutes away from a life changing experience.

Yes, I was nervous it took me 30 minutes to be ready for it, in that time my hands were shaking but I knew I had nothing to fear, Walter came out fine. I put Instrumeledy by Dream Theatre on, prepared my cone, took a few deep breaths and thought to my self "I want to know the truth, not all of it, only what I'm ready to know". I picked up my normal BIC lighter and started to heat it up, I slowly pulled the smoke half way up the chamber before catching my breath to take it all in one. I pulled the rest of it and all the smoke entered my lungs and as they did I could feel my body start to tingle and feel numb from the inside out. I took of the shotty, continued to fill my lungs with the smoke. Walter took the bong off me, tapped my arm and said "Good luck man. Have fun". Not even 10 seconds and I was gone from this reality.

I didn't know what hit me, I was there under its complete effects with in seconds. I had no perceptions of having a body or existing at all. I felt as if I was just born into the world. Faced with the fear of learning life, growing, living, people ect. But in this time which seemed like minutes only lasting seconds, it was only the start. I was still seeing through my eye's and the eye's in my body but my whole life was flashing through my eyes, I witnessed my life from birth to the point I was then in seconds. I felt like I was going to die. I started feel the emotions that come with death. Denial. Fear. Regret. I didn't want to die, then I realized, Acceptance. As soon as thought of that I realized what was happening, I had taken Salvia. Where ever I was going no one could stop it, I asked for it and it was going to show me. It was inevitable, as is Death.

So I  accepted what ever it was that was coming at me, and that's when it truly started. I was able to perceive that I had a body and I was tied down to this world. Objects around me started to look familiar but the weren't just objects that were there, but objects from the past, present from different memories and possibly realites, thats when I realised the hallucinations started. The walls around me started to strech, lights emergings from them in almost "Liquorish-All Sorts" pattern. I began to feel a pulling sensation on my arms, it started slowly but before I knew it I was being pulled in what I can only describe as 'being dragged down an liquorish allsorts hallway as far as the eye can see, at the speed and force of reverse hyperspeed and while dissolving away and being rebuilt in a split second'.

And it was exactly that, except for it wasn't liquorish allsorts it was just the colours of the walls. But my body dissolved and shattered into a million piece's, I'd even say infinite, but within the same second rebuilt, or reborn maybe? But when I came back together I was somewhere completely different. I was in a white plain. It wasnt a room because there was a cool breeze, and white as far as I could see. It was bright. It wasn't heaven. I knew that. Then I saw something, a figure 8 but with the bottom half alot fatter then the top. It was I guess maybe what people call "light beings" but it was a shade of white, but not a white I'd ever seen before. Even its shadow was some sort of white. There is nothing I could compare that colour too.

Once I could see that figure I noticed there were 2 more standing next but connected at where the shoulders would be. And 2 more each side of them till I realised they were every where I looked and were all connected. At that moment my mind began flooding itself with information with in seconds, and with in those seconds my life itself began to make more sense. It was at that moment I began to understand the truth behind All is One. One is All. Even more so then my current perceptions on it.

And it was there and only there, had I felt the most comfortalbe, calm, happy, and worry free in my life. It was like the beings were everything I wanted them to be, my ideals, my life, my choices, my truth. Pretty much my happiness. Humanoid or spirit maybe neither but each one I felt connected too. I could feel there thoughts and emotions. I was One with All.

It seemed like hours had pasted, and I didn't even know it. And all of a sudden I had this over powering thought, or maybe better described a voice in my head saying "This is what you wanted isn't it?" and with out hesitation I said yes to get the reply "Then this is enough for now". These weren't actual conversations they were in a way emotional telepathy. After those words being said my body began to dissolve again, I feeling the same sensations I did when it started but in reverse order to the beginning. I realised it was over and my consciousness was going back into my body.

I had a similar feeling to when I went in to the unfamiliarity of things around me but I knew it this time, everything was the same but different, sorry for the lack of explanation but its the only one I can give for that. I saw my self lay down in laughter from every angle possible and watched my self sit back up again. The second I sat back up was when I started to feel my body and mind combine again. Every nerve and hair crawled and stretched while my body tried to accept my new mind and what it had learnt with in the time I was gone. I realised I was back and the first thing I said was "What the fuck!" quite a few times too. Walter and his girlfriend told me that it was ok and I'd be fine. Which I was, I was fine. I was just amazed at what I just went through.

Seconds after being dragged back into this reaility I instantly started thinking different and seeing things in a completely different aspect. Especially my life. I burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, as Salvia does. My body felt light and sinky. I rushed to talk and try to explain to Walter what I just saw, but got distracted by the fact I was talking in a deep voice.

After becoming more coherent, I asked Walter how long I was out for, if I did anything. I was out for about 8-9 minutes. Apparently I was sitting up and laying back and covering my face with my hands for a brief part of the trip. I also said "Bats" and looked over my shoulder while laying down. But what points out the most. I cant recall too well but Walter the following conversation occurred between me and him
Me: I'm there.
Walter: Yeah you should be feeling it soon.
Me: No... I'm there..

Maybe I was refering to the Truth? That is what I wanted.

======================================================================= The first time ever trying Salvia and it was 40x Extract and 50mg. I guess that counts as a common dose for 40x. Since having it I've noticed nothing more then positive improvements in my life. I'm alot more self confident about myself, I dont suffer my depression and anxiety anymore. I feel like a reborn human. They way I perceive things now is on a completely different level compared to what I used to. I look deeper and see the bigger picture, I'm able to comprehend things I once couldn't. Since then I've had Salvia 2 more times, and still only gaining nothing more but positive improvements. I was an amazing first time (lol pun) and I would recommend Salvia to alot of people.

I'm still unclear on alot of the things I learnt from my trips, I still have yet to decipher them. And 2 more trip reports to extend this one. But I would really like to hear opinions and thoughts on my report so hopefully I can come to better understanding of everything.

Have you seen or experienced anything similar to what I described?
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"The truth is nothing more then a lie that dwells inside of a greater truth"
"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted"
"All is One. One is All"

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Student of life

Registered: 02/23/07
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Re: First Time ~ Salvia Divinorum x40 Extract ~ Trip Report [Re: KeiXOmega]
    #14261074 - 04/09/11 12:48 AM (10 years, 1 month ago)

i too have experianced oneness and had beings talk to me.

"i will study and prepare myself so that when my opportunity comes i will be ready" Abraham Lincoln

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Registered: 04/08/11
Posts: 4
Loc: Australia
Last seen: 9 years, 7 months
Re: First Time ~ Salvia Divinorum x40 Extract ~ Trip Report [Re: Goose]
    #14309082 - 04/17/11 11:28 PM (10 years, 1 month ago)

how would you describe them?

"The truth is nothing more then a lie that dwells inside of a greater truth"
"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted"
"All is One. One is All"

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