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Registered: 06/27/04
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Underworld Entities!
    #1359946 - 03/09/03 10:16 AM (15 years, 2 months ago)

I've always wondered if people ever came in contact with similar entities on high doses of shrooms or other psychedelics. I've only recently tripped hard enough to come in contact with anything. I saw a great blue octopus with millions of tentacles. I sensed a god-like quality to it, was very interesting indeed. I know I've contacted others, but I suffer from shroom amnesia unfortunately. I also have had the same guide on my last couple trips, a colorful orb, which speaks to me.

It would be very interesting if more than one person encountered the same entity. I've heard it happening with "DMT elves." What's even weirder is that the reports are so similar. If you've contacted an entity please describe it for us. These entities are very interesting, if enough people contribute I will make a faq.

Great Octopus:
Feeling towards it: Sensed god-like quality, respected it
Feelings towards me: Passive, acknowledged my existence
Physical Characteristics: Was blue, had millions of tentacles, slow movement
Contact: I observed it, No real direct contact.
Humanoid: No
Threatening: No

Feelings towards it: I trusted it, Thought of it as a protector/ teacher
Feelings towards me: No strong emotions, Friendly
Physical Characteristics: Colorful shape shifting blob. Usually yellow, orange or red
Contact: Telepathically connected
Humanoid: No, but had some human-like qualities
Threatening: No

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Registered: 06/27/04
Posts: 117
Last seen: 13 years, 6 months
Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: ]
    #1359960 - 03/09/03 10:20 AM (15 years, 2 months ago)

Heres what the "Psychedelic Experience Faq" says about entities:

* Entities (CEV, rarely OEV)

Encounters with other beings are a recurring feature of high-dose trips.
I will not tackle the complex philosophical issues of what they are
(if anything), how they got there, and what they mean; all I know is
that they exist. Some common types:

- The "mantid", an alien-looking insect-headed creature that tends
to appear extremely intelligent and aware and neutral/negative
towards the tripper. Can be green or grayish-white.
- The so-called "DMT elf", a gnome-like playful, funny and usually
friendly entity.
- Happy dancing little people that appear in large groups.
- Shapeless, but conscious, masses of hyperspace protoplasm.

There are other types, but these four seem to recur quite often.

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Your Reality

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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: ]
    #1360482 - 03/09/03 02:44 PM (15 years, 2 months ago)

Well, like many other people, I have felt an alien like presence a few times while on mushrooms and acid. It's not that you see them all the time either, you just have an overwhelming sense of a presence of something followed by a visual distortion thats like a split second. Personaly I dont like this feeling, It could be in the catagory of paranioa.
Certain "cartoon" like visuals are much more pleasant personaly, but even those arent as fun as they used to be when I was doing these drug more ( age 16-17)....now I'm 25 and Im happy with my Pharms and weed.



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Burning withCircles!
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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: ]
    #1360620 - 03/09/03 03:57 PM (15 years, 2 months ago)

The octopus, enitity from what i hear is also a quiet commen enitity.

And the gameshow host rings the buzzer (brrnnntt) oh and now you get a face full of face!

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Registered: 02/27/03
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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: johnnyfive]
    #1360823 - 03/09/03 05:26 PM (15 years, 2 months ago)

in one trip i had this revelation that the simpsons and south park were the fingers of god representing society in simplified literal form. some mystics might tell you the same thing, some people will tell you that you're crazy, and on chemicals that naturally make you crazy. its all up to you what you think it means.

Its only fun until someone has a bad trip
Then its hillarious

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Registered: 06/27/04
Posts: 117
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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: loupgaroublond]
    #1361021 - 03/09/03 06:21 PM (15 years, 2 months ago)

Thanks for the reply's guys. Northernsoul, I've heard people say the same thing about Salvia. Usually the entities seem to make the tripper uncomfortable.
Johnnyfive, hey thats really cool, thats exactly what i'm looking for. Maybe these things really do exist!  Has anyone else seen the octopus? Thanks for contributing loup.

Please keep sharing guys  :smile:

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Space Travellin
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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: ]
    #1361084 - 03/09/03 06:44 PM (15 years, 2 months ago)

I am in regular contact with many forms of sentient life, as we all are. Becoming conscious to and seeking out these interactions opens up new endless avenues of perception in consciousness. The Octopus entity is a common one, and is one of the more commons forms of intelligent life on water planets or planets with mostly water. I have guides as well, and serve as a guide for others on the 'other side'. The astral flesh is a place I like spending time, flying around and practicing telekenesis and such. You should join me sometime. I've been in contact for a long time with many different beings, who I've come to be able to recognize and identify. Most of the time the encounters are subconscious only, and barely consciously comprehended.. but other times the veil between the layers is much thinner and the conscious can understand what is going on in there. All telepathic communication is done through the subconscious, so to be able to consciously perceive that, the veil between layers must be transparent. As is such when tripping. Every time I take mushrooms I go on a journey through time space and dimensions where I meet many guides, aspects of myself, confront fears, and just enjoy life. The beings are easily perceived while under the guide of the mushroom. However to be able to perceive this reality when in an unaltered state is a must. Your mushrooms journeys will be that much more intense. I could go on about where all my cosmic friends hail from and what they are doing, but there's no need right now. Time for Earth to become a responsible civilization and a member of the Intergalactic Society.


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The Lost One

Registered: 02/26/03
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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: ]
    #1361108 - 03/09/03 06:52 PM (15 years, 2 months ago)

I have never seen an octopus but i have seen something the was spider like in apperance but much larger. It was a dark blue color and in parts would fade through lighter shades of blue somethimes becoming white spots. It was a very odd presence due to the fact that it would come and go. THe first time i noticed it, it had climbed from under my closet door and it was very small but then as it stuck around longer it slowley grew bigger and bigger. It never actually made contact with me it would just watch over me. I saw all this fter i had ate 30 wet grams of Psilocybe Baeocystis.

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Registered: 06/27/04
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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: Shroomism]
    #1361239 - 03/09/03 07:58 PM (15 years, 2 months ago)

Damn shroomism thats awesome! When you say you've come in contact with many entities through-out your life, does that mean that you had made contact before you started using psychedelics? If so did you again come in contact with the same ones under the influence? Do you think the entities live on this spiritual plane, or do they have physical bodies like us? Do you have any tips for beginners like me looking for contact? Sorry for all the questions

That is really cool, If you have anything else you'd like to share please do!! I'm sure others find this just as interesting as I do. Thanks for the post

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Registered: 06/27/04
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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: fliped]
    #1361249 - 03/09/03 08:02 PM (15 years, 2 months ago)

Thats pretty cool, open eyed visuals of entities are much rarer than closed eyed ones. Thanks for the reply

Keep them coming guys! This thread has the potential to be very interesting

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Registered: 01/03/03
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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: ]
    #1361659 - 03/10/03 02:25 AM (15 years, 2 months ago)

Hey Journey,
Seems we have quite a bit in common! Read my trip report(from a month ago) below, Can't find the link so I have pasted it!

Is God really an Octopus?
(A Level 5 experience)

It was midnight when I decided to take the plunge. Having listened thoroughly to Terence Mckenna over the past few weeks, he has taught me that there is more to tripping on magic mushrooms than getting wasted with your friends. The fundamental idea that it isn?t a recreational pursuit, but a tool for learning and a catalyst for ideas, intrigued me.
But even stranger than this was the prospect of trying it in quiet isolation, with no music, no lights and no one around to anchor my sanity with. Based on my previous LSD experiences, the thought was terrifying. You see, LSD has a habit of turning on you and convincing you at times, there is no escape from its often menacing imagery.

So I ate 5 dried grams of Mexican Psilocybin Cubenesis.

I couldn?t believe how quickly it came on (even on previous lower doses).
Within 20minutes I had begun my ascent. I had decided to have my blue strip light on and listen to some Brian Eno for the first hour, just to get myself grounded and my mind at peace. The ceiling started to pulse like an electrical grid and I was quickly embraced by a new dimension. It was showtime! Feeling at ease with the concept of isolation in this state, I turned off the music and lay on my bed. With the aid of an American airlines eye mask, I plunged myself into blackness and isolation. But things were far from black.

The patterns and intricate geometry came on fast and I seemed to be surrounded by light and existing in an abyss of green colour. Shadows flickered in this place like people walking past me, but as I looked up they were gone. I got deeper and deeper into this constantly evolving dimension of fractal physics. Complexity at work.

I was eased into this state as if it was the most natural place to be. All I could see now were a million eyes upon me, each one a purple glow, but each independent of seeing me A guiding sense was with me and I felt constant reassurance and dare I say it, Love. I remember looking up to see the most glorious and expansive roof design, commenting aloud, ? My, such architecture!?
Now I sensed Intelligence. The strong feeling that I was not alone and far from isolated. The constant reassurance was now a being. I felt myself standing on the side of a geometric shape; I was actually touching an hallucination. At this point a shadow person came into my field of vision, partially blocking the light and without communication; I sat up and leaned forward. This being leant out and wiped away at my forehead, my third eye.

Now there was clarity, the unseen were now seen. I was now being taken to meet the boss. The maternal entity that I had sensed all along, was now allowing me to see it.
Like a child at Christmas I looked up to see the most divine thing.

It was a giant blue Octopus. The size of the universe!
Its tentacles reached out beyond my sight and each one contained millions more of eyes, each one independent, but all connected and part of the Octopus. Immediately I was transfixed by the notion that this is how the universe works and that we are all eyes on the tentacles of God! There also seemed to be a backdrop of other eyes not connected to the Octopus. A kind of council or cabinet to the Prime minister/president, if you will.
Suddenly I was curled up by the most graceful tentacle and embraced by the octopus. Never have I felt such love. I was then curled back out and let go while others were embraced. This cycle went on for a while and each time I got the Octopus?s attention I asked different questions.

On the subject of the universe I asked ?How does this all work??
It replied ?There is only one rule??absolutely nothing!?
It continued, ?You see, it?s not about the stimulus of human vision, It?s about the revolution and evolution of one?s mind.?

On the subject of death, I was shown the word DEATH, which began to melt and the voice said, ?See that dissolve?....It?s about waking up!?. I was in ego loss territory now and had no idea who I was or where I was.

Whether this Octopus was the only entity I met, I?m not sure. I kept repeating the name of Jhamal Swheety for no reason, when contemplating its meaning, I was told it was the entity?s name.

I was then shown more complex geometry and an image of a thousand men each with their own thoughts displayed in bubbles, except all the thought bubbles were actually fragments of the same bubble. You see, once again the concept of a big one-ness that is fragmented into billions of individualities, was shown to me. This is the biggest psychedelic clich? that there is, that we are all one and that one is God (or Jhamal the Octopus as he likes to be known).
I was also taken through some kind of birthing process and recall existing in a womb, feeling safe,loved and in suspended animation. I also existed as mycelium growth and then grew into a mushroom itself, quite a revealing process of nature?s work!

I had been in this dimension now for 4 hours and then I quickly drifted down to normality.
I recall hoping that the afterlife wasn?t as complex as what I had just experienced. I wanted to exist in simplicity when I die, not this chaotic slipstream of ideas. I longed for normal life back and linear thinking. At that point, after being given so much insight into a new realm of physics, I longed for boredom with nothing on my mind, knowing full well that I would never really be bored again. Like a wish granted I returned to my life and feel transformed forever.
I now have a renewed enthusiasm for the human experience. I am of the opinion that the magic mushroom exists in nature precisely to do that job. Although I feel it can?t show you what life after death is all about, I think it invites you to experience the concept of eternity, freedom with no chain of command and above all, inter-dimensional travelling which is practise for the real journey yet to come, at the end of our lives.

We, as a human experience, are just as much of a trip as 5 grams of shrooms. It?s just different. Of course, try telling me that when my credit card bill comes in this week and there Isn?t ?Jhamal the God like Octopus?, to curl me up, give me a cuddle and pay the damn bill!

"Real men don't dance, they sit,sweat and curse."
- Bill Hicks

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Space Travellin
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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: ]
    #1361826 - 03/10/03 05:15 AM (15 years, 2 months ago)

I had been in contact with various groups of beings since a child, though these memories were embedded deep within my subconscious and I did not consciously awaken them until my first 'conscious' experience with beings while on LSD. After I perceived that communication, that level of perception, I began unlocking memories of meeting these beings when I was a child.. I would remember laying in bed and everything was vibrating all around me, and I would open my eyes and the world would be fluid.. vibrating.. and these humanoid beings who looked exactly like humans except more luminous, a 'wise' aura.. would stand by my bed and do energy work with me.

Most of these entities are 4th dimensional. Which means they still have a physical body, but exist in a higher vibration, therefore not viewable by 'physical' eyes. One must perceive them through the 'third eye'..or pineal gland. The 4th dimension is simply a higher vibrational level than our third, and consists mostly of spiritual matter.. while it is still physical, it is much less dense than our third dimensional physicality. There are others, that exist on an even higher vibration, the 5th dimension or higher. Here, it is all spiritual matter, there is no physical. These beings often come in the form of light, or spirit.

4th dimensional beings are the most common to commune with for me, because their reality is the closest to my perception. They live in many various places, but most of the time they are far, far away from home. They are like travellers, who have come here for a big project.Many have bases underground, in mountains or under the sea, many live in 4d ships in orbit around Earth. My close friends are Pleiadians.. from the Pleiades, obviously.

The first tip I can give you is to be honest with yourself. The second is to meditate, and play with energy work. There are a few websites you can go, to get an idea of how different races think.. I will direct you to:


If you have questions feel free to PM me.. I don't like going into too much detail about these things on the boards.


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Moonrock eater

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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: ]
    #1361872 - 03/10/03 05:38 AM (15 years, 2 months ago)

In my experince I see this small red dot, It seems to be there to lead me, but it dosent seem all to friendly, more like it is its job, I get the feeling it is thinking "jeez, I have to lead another one?"

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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: Sombie]
    #1362362 - 03/10/03 09:08 AM (15 years, 2 months ago)

A couple years back when i used to trip alot on acid, i used to get some good lsd. anyway one night trippin with a couple old friends we decided to go out side for a different experience. it was at 12 midnight around oct. up north in connecticut, out at my friends house which is in a private neigborhood off a dirt road. to get to my story we went outside an smoke some good green an were walking around in the dark. one of my friends wonders off in front of us. when we caught up he wasn't alone from my vision. i never really thought of it as an entity until now, always just a really strong hallucination. it was around 7-8 feet tall medival worrior with a really sharp long spear. he was very evil an not friendly, an to make the whole thing every more nuts was when he stuck the spear right through the back of my friends neck an slammed him on the ground where he fell into millions of little chunks. I have heard the elves a few times trippin on acid once when i took to much nitrous in on a 10 strip saw turn tables an heard elves voices that were evil.
once on 20 grms dried cubs. the tree in my back yard turned into a tree god from like a zelda game an laughed at me for hours. during that trip there were many more entities but i couldnt focus on them, due to the visuals an everything moving to fast. its been awhile for me but next time i dose i will look for them. peace out an keep the stories comming guys this is cool.

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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: shroomGod420]
    #1363543 - 03/10/03 05:08 PM (15 years, 2 months ago)

Captbeefheart: Thats pretty cool. We had very similar experiences. Except my octopus seemed less friendly and open. Thanks for the reply. That was a real interesting trip report by the way

Shroomism: Damn man you should write a book! Thanks for contributing Shroomism, I'm checking out those links right now.

Sombie: My guide is similar, It seems like it is for the most part apathetic, Doesn't have any real strong emotions towards me.

shroomGod: Thanks for the post, I agree keep the stories coming!

Thanks for the replys so far guys

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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: ]
    #1364318 - 03/11/03 12:48 AM (15 years, 2 months ago)

on all of my salvia trips i have felt the presence of a woman sitting just behind my left shoulder. she guides me through my trips and seems to keep me at peace from all the chaos ensuing around me.

the first time i tried salvia she had a male friend with her, she kept on telling me that he was a mountaineer for some reason.

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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: mikey_]
    #1365069 - 03/11/03 07:54 AM (15 years, 2 months ago)

one time i tripped on 10 grams...not sure what strain but me and my friend were sitting in my car listening to some Shpongle in his front yard and i kept feeling this wierd pressence sitting in my back seat. I kept looking back there for no reason i thought at first and i was like wtf. I then realized i sensed something back there...eventually i would look bakc real fast and it would be like a kind of transparent me. It would dissapear atfer a split second but i know it was there. My friend sayed he could se it but the actualy me was transparent. He was acting all crazy and im like wtf man its jsut shrooms you will be ok i ate like 5 time more than you. He kept talking about going into my vents and wierd shit. Then all of the sudden hes like wtf happned. I was like what are you talking about, and he said he was just in a space ship and i was with him driving and had a hemet on and we landed somwhere and there were aliens all around and stuff...and i was like sweet and asked him about what were were talking about for the alst 2 hours and he didnt have a clue what i was talking aobut. He didnt remember anything so i was like you know its 8:00 and he was like wtf it was 6 like 5 min ago and i was like nah we have been out here forever you were just on a journey lol. But it was wierd cause i could kind of remeber the shit he was talking about....i just kinda brushed it off as tripping.

All i know is i bougt these Camel Crema cigs and evertime we opens the case they were in it was like a doorway to another realm and when you smoked one you went on a journey

kinda freaked me out but not as much as seeing myself there...i actually thought i was going to cease to exist or soemthing. Man that shit was so wierd i cant even explain it in words

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junglisT 2 thefUll3st

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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: Vulture]
    #1516199 - 05/03/03 12:28 AM (15 years, 23 days ago)

wow I really can't wait to go start shrooming. I would now but my life just isn't together at the moment. Im going to wait when things are good and such to experience shrooming

thanks for all u guys posting(had a great time reading)

the only constant is change~ life goes on. so theres no point in staying back because you can always catch up. try,hope, and understand!

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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: shr00m]
    #1516369 - 05/03/03 01:50 AM (15 years, 22 days ago)

Glad you liked the thread  :laugh:

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Re: Underworld Entities! [Re: mikey_]
    #1516634 - 05/03/03 03:08 AM (15 years, 22 days ago)

<< on all of my salvia trips i have felt the presence of a woman sitting just behind my left shoulder. she guides me through my trips and seems to keep me at peace from all the chaos ensuing around me.

the first time i tried salvia she had a male friend with her, she kept on telling me that he was a mountaineer for some reason. >>

Wow, that is strange - that was exactly my first SD experience. Well, except for the mountain man part, I remember him being a really old shaman. Take a look at my trip report on it - here. She isn't with me every time though.

Had another experience last night. This time was visited by at least 2 elf type things that could fly. I can't really describe them. One sat on the bed with me and asked me how I was. Then he asked me if I knew anyone else around here interesting. I started mention some of my friend's names. Then the one on my bed would send the other one out and he would fly to my friends to check them out. Non-threatening, playful little guys they were.

Everything contained in this message is made up in an attempt to make myself sound more important.

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