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Registered: 02/11/02
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Rock concert drug stories!
    #1341943 - 02/28/03 02:55 AM (21 years, 2 months ago)

Because I and apparently some other people on this site enjoy reading stories about concerts and festivals and shit, i wanted to make a thread where we can all tell our stories of concerts and related shit. I'll start,

It was april 20th, 2002 and me and my friend had tickets to see string cheese at one of atlantas nicest theaters, the fox. We had 5 grams of shrooms for both of us to eat and it was my friends first time taking shrooms. When we got into the theater, we ate the shrooms and jammed to the music. Being my first trip at a concert, i was super excited. In about 20 minutes, i started feeling super loose and started dancing like a madman. My friend didnt feel anything yet and wasnt really dancin that much. As time passed, i eventually became connected to the music, just me and the music, nothing else. I totally forgot my friend was next to me and i look over at him, now this is a jam band concert, my friend is headbanging harder than anyone ive ever seen, he looked like he was at a slayer concert. I asked him if he was tripping yet and all he did was make some kind of noise, i assumed that was his way of saying yes. As i danced on, i started thinking that the audience was all part of one big tribe and that the band was our god. That we had to dance to praise the god and if we stopped we would die, it was the coolest fucking feeling ever. Well when the music took a short break, me and my friend went downstairs to get a drink. The lobby and vending area looked exactly like the hotel in fear and loathing when duke is on acid. I start to walk back and cant find my friend. I look around and find him in a hall away from the concert area with his hands covered in mustard wiping it all over the walls! Now this is one of the nicest theaters in atl and hes wiping fucking mustard all over the fucking walls!!! I tell him to stop and he says "no one can stop me, I'm FREE!!!! I tell him the cops can stop him and grab him and lead him back into the concert. After the concert was over, a loud bell started ringing and it was wierd as fuck. We went outside and all of a sudden it looks like a circus, people are everywhere, we cant even move. My friend started bad tripping for a sec but i was able to get us through the crowd and we sat outside this fountain at a nearby hotel where it was more comforting then the chaos of the street outside the concert. Long story i know, but i'm sitting in second period with nothing to do. Please reply with all your stories! Peace.

"Ben Harper is so Ben Harper that he made Ben Harper, Ben Harper" -Bonnaroo 2003

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Registered: 02/04/03
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Re: Rock concert drug stories! [Re: livetoride007] * 1
    #1342418 - 02/28/03 07:29 AM (21 years, 2 months ago)

A group of friends and I drove up to Somerset WI to see the opening show of the H.O.R.D.E. festival in 96. We took a few 10 strips of lsd with us, which unfortunately had been accidentally dropped into a cooler full of water the day before the show. So we did the only thing we could do...split the cooler water between us and drank up. We then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours slowly tubing down Apple River, all the while tripping on acid. :grin: It was so relaxing and peaceful and the atmosphere at the campgrounds was awesome thanks to all the people in town for the festival...I consider that experience to be one of the best times of my life. 

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Registered: 02/06/02
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Re: Rock concert drug stories! [Re: adrug]
    #1342938 - 02/28/03 11:42 AM (21 years, 2 months ago)

2000 maybe?
Pantera / Soulfly / Morbid Angel / Nothingface

I ate around 5 grams of some good shrooms in my friend's car in the parking lot. I was going to eat them a little later but a cop cruiser drove by us slowly and made me paranoid and I just wanted to eat the evidence.

They kicked in pretty fast, I remember this huge pleasant sinking feeling as I sat in the car staring out the window. We all went and stood in a long line. We were on a small hill and as I looked down I saw the ground moving, like trickling down the hill like a mudslide. I was hallucinating, I looked up at the clouds and they were all starting to bubble out in beautiful ways.

When we got inside the lights were on, and I had a wave of clarity and normalness for a little while. I almost thought I wasn't tripping anymore. I went and sat up in the stands with my friends and we waited, and finally the lights went out and some trippy atmospheric sound started playing... (the beginning of Breathe Out for any nothingface fans) I remember seeing these weird ghostly entities floating around in the darkness, and then boom, Nothingface came out hard.
The music was simply beautiful in all it's raw volume and energy... grinding pulsating hardcore rhythms. I was so into it. Practically falling out of my seat I was grooving to it so much.

when soulfly played they did a huge tribal drum circle, I thought I was gonna explode
I was tripping my balls off at this point, the players looked like they were on fire or something... their limbs were like twisting and bending into the air, and the giant soulfly bird looked like it was flying out of the backdrop

Morbid Angels drummer was so damn fast he looked like one blur.

Looking out into the moshpit was really cool, the people looked like a throbbing sea of colors, all twisting and melding into each other. When the lights came on between shows, I remember looking around and everyones faces next to me looked like they were made up of all these seperated puzzle pieces..

THEN, Pantera comes on, and I jump right into the pit with a hundred crazy ass drunk rednecks.. it was absolutely insane. INSANE i tell you... Pantera were a bunch of animals. everyone was animal..
I was so fucking out of it, I couldn't tell which way was up and down... I moshed the entire Pantera set which seemed like hours... at one point some crazy drunk ass midget grabbed my bent elbow and started headbutting it and screaming... that was odd...

after the show I went straight to sleep. it was the most fun I've ever had in my life.

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The Art of Casterbation
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Registered: 07/18/02
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Re: Rock concert drug stories! [Re: Grav]
    #1343600 - 02/28/03 05:34 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

My most vivid memory is the first Monsters of Rock tour. After walking the parkinglot before the show trying to find drugs we had all consumed about 8 or 9 hits of about 4 dufferent brands of blotter. Can't remember specificaly because it was just walking, drinking, smoking and finding 3 hits here, two there and eating it as we found it.Anyway the next memory is a cartoonish sceen. The sky was now awash in rainbow colors cycling to the music and eminating from the stage to the heavens. Each person in the audiance was in there own compartment, but they were no longer people but a egg shaped blob of rubbery jello quivering and bouncing with the music.

Another is after an Iron Maiden concert and Eddie was coming out of every bush I saw. He was comming out of the bushes in the was that demons push out from walls in horror flicks. It was not threatening at all, just interesting. Later my friend beat up a 7-up machine cause it was talking shit to him.

Good times!

Be all and you'll be to end all

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Registered: 06/19/02
Posts: 448
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Re: Rock concert drug stories! [Re: livetoride007]
    #1343657 - 02/28/03 06:07 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

i have several stories

start out with the Other Ones tour
atlanta then to charolette

camped @ Stone Mountain park, left for the show....the venue was deep in the dirty south, fantastic show. Met a childhood friend i hadnt seen for 5 yrs there, smoked a fattie doob with him.

wandered the rest of the evening, enjoying the tunes, atmosphere and such

show ended.... captured fungi digested and took a dip into the lake @ the campground.
later that evening traded some tequila for stir fry and participated in a drum circle

tonight acid ...3 hits
kicked in, remember viewing people waiting for a mircale. ... the sun disappeared...
the whole crowd became one projecting an energy to the band then the band reverberating the energy right back

freaked out got lost, hid in the bathroom, heard strange noises, people watched

then one of the people i came with grabbed me and showed me their front row pass/ tickets....

one extra for me....a perfect rescue and dive into the music
i became focused and in tuned

a perfect set...it was incredible!

set lists for both nights

6/25/98 Lakewood Ampthitheatre, Atlanta, GA
Playin in the Band > Baby Blue, Tennessee Jed, Down the Road, Jack-A-Roe, West L.A. Fadeaway, Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain, Hell in a Bucket, The Way It Is > Playin Jam > Banyan Tree > Drumz/Space > Playin Jam > Uncle John's Band > Playin Reprise
E: Sugar Magnolia
(Furthur Festival; Hot Tuna and Rusted Root opened)

6/26/98 Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, NC
Truckin, Mississippi Half-Step, Loser, Walkin Blues, Loose Lucy, Bird Song, Friend of the Devil, Wild Horses, White-Wheeled Limousine, Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance > The Other One > Drumz > St. Stephen > The Eleven
E: Touch of Grey
Only "Wild Horses"
(Furthur Festival; Hot Tuna and Rusted Root open)

currently tuned into 12-31-95 REba Phish


Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what the water bath is to the body.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

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It's so easy toslip
Registered: 09/25/01
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Re: Rock concert drug stories! [Re: livetoride007]
    #1350038 - 03/04/03 12:16 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

First story is from The Other Ones show in Pittsburgh.
Alittle backround im a typical dead head. I eat and sleep dead. My friend is a big underground metal head. We both got 4 grams of shrooms each before the show just knowing that it would be great and less hassle then finding them there. We also had a quater of good dank buds on us. Always a plus. We get there early just walk around Shakedown st. run into a few good friends I hadnt seen in forever so the mood was so fantastic. I reach down to my stash pocket which is hidden behind a patch in my patch pants and the magical fungi wasnt there. Im like OHH fuck..so we run to my car, nothing, then i hear this russling in my pants..ok i checked my the pocket and such completely and nothign. well somehow the fungi got rolled up into my pant so I was damn lucky. So we hung out with one of my friends smoked 4 bowls and went in. We then eat the fungi and wait for our trip. My friend had never tripped and had never been to any jamband, dead shows or anything close. So this was all new to him. The Other Ones come on and damn so amazing. My trip is coming on and I just cant stop dancing to the music. It seemed so right, so perfect. Our seats werent great but they were ok. Like I wanted floor but we got screwed over so we werent high up but just not on the floor. Looking over the floor made me want to be down there so bad. Everyone dancing, instead of dancing in the seats which isnt as fun. As im looking down everything turns all like a flintstones version of legos..so weird..and there are all these people dancing in a lego stadium..weird. The show was great. We ended up smoking the quarter and smoking 5 joints with this really cool old head.After the show went back up to Shakedown St which was fun as hell as it always is. Im walking through the maze of people tripping balls seeing people i know having a great time. Great show, great trip..fantastic night..I cant wait to Bonnaroo! My metal head friend is going with me..now that i've introduced him into the magic of the dead

Next...sorry they are long.

Well I went to see the Allman Bros. like every end of summer. Its kind of a ritual of sorts for alot of my friends. cause first of all the allman bros. kick ass (even though I never saw the ORIGINAL band )
Well this year I decided to dose the 2 hits of strong acid that I had left from a previous show. So on the way there, its like a 45 min drive in which my friend N is driving I take one of the hits and also smoke a bowl of really dank sativa buds. We get there..the hits starting to kick in...so were chillin in the lots talking to a couple of our friends that we met up with just having a good ole time. We go in, see Galactic play and damn they were awesome..very impressed, short set but very good tripping chill music. Well I took the second hit antisapating the Allman Bros to come on to time it perfect so my second little peak would be during their set and boy was I right. they come on and im just gruven to the music, feeling it pulsate in my body..becoming one..and then I look closely at the band..and they all we wearing astronaunt suits...i was like "Damn, they are going to take me on a trip" and i keep repeating this to myself..then I realize im just mumbling to myself and not going on the trip..so i got back to dancing and become further into the music..flowing along with each note, my body movements perfectly with the beat, a huge smile across my face, my pupils, like dinner plates...im tripped out like a mother fucker. Smoking bowl after bowl also and this is helping me..my friends keep on asking how my trips going since they have never tripped..and I never really give them a responce except a huge smile and my huge pupils staring spacely right into theres..After the show the hits were still going..not strong strong but visuals were still everywhere so we went to a party and we went swimming cause its fun..and shpongle was blasting by the pool.

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OfflineChills420 version2
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Re: Rock concert drug stories! [Re: livetoride007]
    #1350387 - 03/04/03 02:42 PM (21 years, 2 months ago)

I saw a drunk guy fall like 20-30 foot at a skynard concert. He landed on the cement floor.
My friend was drunk and was over the guy yelling wooohooo trying to give him a beer.
I saw the dude got his head busted open and was hurt pretty bad so I drug my friend far away. I dunno if it was dead or just not moving I just didn't want my buddy over there having a party on top of the guy.


You may say Im a dreamer,
but Im not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.

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