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Glowing Worm

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: TheHateCamel]
    #1498839 - 04/27/03 08:05 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

Oh man, If I saw that sober I would have burst out with laughter but tripping man I would have been in hysterics rolling around on the ground.  Sounds like you have a cool girlfriend. :cool:


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Registered: 10/19/01
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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: TheDude]
    #1498908 - 04/27/03 08:34 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

Watching someone overdose on GHB while I'm in the middle of a 5 drop LSD + level 2 DXM combo trip.

Wasn't fun...

Love & Light,


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old sourdough
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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripp [Re: Boppity604]
    #1499684 - 04/28/03 12:47 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

well mine is the worst so far :tongue: top mine I don't want to be #1 :crazy:

Don't fuck with me
I'm a postal worker;-)
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so i did

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: Azmodeus]
    #1499813 - 04/28/03 01:54 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

i was tripping wit my friend at his house and there was a fucking wind storm outside. i thought i was just tripping at first but then theres a huge flash and the power goes out.We go outside to find fallin trees and fences everwhere. i guess a tree branch flew into some power lines haha crazy shit.....................

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A Stranger AmongStrangers

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: DeEJaYBrU]
    #1500022 - 04/28/03 04:43 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

Good thread! Definitely some fucked up stories on here. :grin:

Here's one of mine, not tripping:
Me and my good friend "R" decide to get really baked and go to a movie. Deciding that we want to see something "fun", no drama bs, we buy tickets to see Die Another Day. So were in the theatre and all throughout the endless commercials there is one guy somewhere behind us letting off a maniacal high pitched cackle. If anyone who's seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the voice was along the same lines as the rubber guy at the end. "AH HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!!"

So we don't think anything of it, until after the movie has started. Every 10 minutes or so, the same guy lets out another loud, high pitched, maniacal cackle. Every time we thought the insane laughing was over, it started back up again, like clockwork. We were on the verge of leaving because it was freaking us the fuck out. It sounded like someone had escaped an asylum and was in the theatre with us.

Eventually someone went to complain and they made his crazy ass leave.
On top of that, the movie really sucked.

"Not All Who Wander Are Lost" - Tolkien

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Sun-Beams out of Cucumbers
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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: LostMetropolis]
    #1500143 - 04/28/03 08:15 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

Me and my buddy D, sitting out on my front porch one night, just tripping our balls off...We had the bong out with us...All kinds of odd shit was going on. D was all paranoid about the bong, and cars kept driving by, well, one came by, and D was like "Shit, thats a cop", when the car was still like, 5 blocks down the road. He stashed the bong and sure enough, it was a fucking cop. Later, we were drinkin' kool-aid, and we left the cups out for a minute while we ran inside...We come back out, and theres THOUSANDS of ants crawling around our cups and shit. Ever try cleaning up bugs when your all twisted on acid? Ugh...Not fun...I felt them crawling on me for like, 30 minutes, meanwhile, I'm having HARD-CORE hallucinations...Little airplanes that arent there and shit...Fun Fun Stuff...D is sitting out by himself, all of a sudden, his ass comes RUNNING into the house, all scared and shit. He swears a car drove by, stopped right in front of my house, and shot at him. I'm like, "You fucking idiot, this is fucking Wisconsin, theres no Drive-By's here". He swears to this day someone was shooting at him...Heh...That was quite a trip...

After one comes, through contact with it's administrators, no longer to cherish greatly the law as a remedy in abuses, then the bottle becomes a sovereign means of direct action.  If you cannot throw it at least you can always drink out of it.  - Ernest Hemingway

If it is life that you feel you are missing I can tell you where to find it.  In the law courts, in business, in government.  There is nothing occurring in the streets. Nothing but a dumbshow composed of the helpless and the impotent.    -Cormac MacCarthy

He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.  - Aeschylus

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripp [Re: Madtowntripper]
    #1502924 - 04/28/03 11:57 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

As the sun started to set the shrooms started to set in. A slight feeling of euphoria consumed me, to be interrupted by some dumb kids chucking apples at us. they were about 3 years younger than us (we're all around 18), so my freinds had the great idea of chasing them down & beating them up. We chased them around a few blocks for about 10 minutes. These two kids eventually ran towards a hispanic party of some sort that was blaring fiesta music (trippy from 6 blocks down), and some scary-looking bald mexican dudes came up & basically told us to leave these kids alone (even tho we never really touched them) and to fuck off. they left I think when they noticed our pupils, or the fact that we were scared shitless & slowly slinking into the bushes. I was seriously afraid a street brawl was gonna break out, we were just two short lines of people, facing each other directly. The tension between us coagulated as sweat on my forehead. Those 4 mexican guys were seriously scary, I hadn't peaked yet at that point or I think I would've thought they were gonna kill us or something.

yeeeahh, it's gonna be well wicked

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Registered: 10/27/98
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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: LTBOOMER]
    #1503190 - 04/29/03 01:52 AM (20 years, 9 months ago)

Reality disappeared once or twice...not even a twisted or strange reality...nothing...whoa!


The Shroomery Bookstore

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"Life After Death is Saprophytic!"

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: Joshua]
    #1504629 - 04/29/03 01:42 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

I'm at a festival where my girlfriend's band is playing. I take about 20 or more hits of acid (I cut a large chunk off the blotter sheet) before leaving to the festival (keep in mind that my tolerance was high so this was not as much acid as it sounds). While there I am watching the other bands and my gf's and I consume about 8 beers. Everything is fun and I have some good conversations and enjoy the music sitting on the grass.

After everything is over and our group is leaving the festival, I notice this cardboard m&m sign on a post. It was a sign of the purple m&m guy, and it was like the most amazingly colored thing I had ever seen. I tear the sign off the post and rejoin my group to show them my prize. A few moments later I hear in an authorative voice, "You with the sign, stop now!" I actually think this is one of my friends playing around, so I jokingly pretend to run away from the "cop". I run in a slow, silly way that would obviously not seem like an attempt to flee, but whatever, the story goes on.

Someone grabs my shoulder and I turn around to discover that it actually was a cop, at which time I was like "fuuuuuuucccckk" all slow and drawn out like that. The cop asks for my ID so I grab my wallet and pull out my driver's license. Problem is that I have a piece of foil with maybe 6 hits of acid in my wallet right beside my license. So as I'm pulling out the ID this acid comes out too. I manage to keep the foil in my hand while I show him my ID.

He is relaying info to base to see if Im wanted or anything. I notice he is looking away for a moment and I take the opportunity to throw the foil over a concrete embankment. Turns out there is another cop right behind me that I had no clue about and he saw me do this. They cuff me and sit me down next to the concrete embankment and start searching for what I threw. Its night time and I have some hope of them not finding it, but before long they come up with the acid.

A couple minutes later I start banging the back of my head against the concrete saying "stupid, stupid, stupid" etc. The cop threatens to do something (I can't remember what he said) and I stop doing that. Next thing I notice is all my friends and gf are nearby watching me, and I feel like a total loser. I'm like "what the fuck do they have to be here for?" And the cop's like "they don't" and they leave. In my head i was thinking the cops had corralled them and they were being harassed, but it turns out that they were waiting around because they were concerned for me and were insulted by the things I was shouting.

Eventually they get me into a police-car and drive me to some nearby building for processing, after which they drive me to the big ass Pulaski County Jail. I am forced to shower with many large strange black men (I'm tripping a little still) and they make me scrub my body with this horrible powder/chemical crap then hose me down. After that they do this weird search ritual where you have to squat in an odd position and cough. Move you testicles and dick around to show you aren't smuggling anything and dig around in your hair like a fucking ape. (thankfully there was no rubber glove anal probing).

A moment that stands out strongly is once when I was sitting on a bench a little bit after all that waiting to be moved elsewhere. At this point I was crashing pretty hard and really just wanted to lay down. I was slouched and the warden comes by and kicks my legs saying "Sit your ass up straight. Who do you think you are?" "blah blah etc". This really blew my mind. I mean what the hell is this guy's problem? It was like a level of rudeness and disrepect I had never encountered. Everyone else I encountered (including the arresting cops) were actually fairly nice and didn't go out of there way to fuck with people.

Just as they were assigning me a cell, my mother shows up to bail me out and take me home. The whole time spent at the jail was about 9 hours. So I get my crap back and get the hell out of there.

Consequences: I was charged with 1 count of felony controlled substance possesion, 1 count of misdemeanor theft, and 1 count of misdemeanor fleeing (that really pissed me off cuz I wasn't even trying to run away as stated previously).
My parents found a very good lawyer with good connections who happened to be a member of the state legislature. He talked my judge into allowing me to join what is called "Step Court". This is a program that gives you an opportunity to have your drug charges dismissed if you manage to graduate from the program. This was a surprise because Arkansas doesn't get alot of LSD cases and they love to prosecute, but I had the lawyer and got lucky. (I was at the time the only person with acid ever allowed into the program and may still be as far as I know). So for a little more than a full year, I had to drive an hour both ways to Little Rock three times a week so I could take my drug classes for a few hours each time. On top of this I had to attend 20 aa or equivalent meetings a month and attend a monthly court appearance to discuss my progress with the judge. Plus I was doing a piss test three times a week.

Well, I followed the program according to plan for a few months. So for three full months I had no weed, no psychedelics, no speed, no coke, nothing. I did become somewhat of an alcoholic for awhile though. Then I started to realize how poorly ran this program is and I found ways to cut corners. I started faking the aa meetings sheets (all that was required was a signature and date). I started taking drugs again and bringing in the piss of my brother in a little bottle that I could make seem like it was me pissing as long as they didn't pay close attention (and they didn't). But then towards the end they did start paying attention and there was no way I could use the bottle, so that time I just left the place and didn't give my test. Usually this would be grounds for some trouble, but I BSed my way around it. So for the last couple months I was clean again, and I managed to graduate and I do not have a felony on my record!

Previous to the whole step court thing: a couple days after I was bailed out I went to the apartment that I shared with my "gf" to collect my crap because I was to move back in with my parents for awhile. Well my stash of acid (over 2 sheets) was nowhere to be found and she tells me she came home and threw it away because she was afraid the place would be searched. First off, I had no idea she was even aware of my "hiding place" and second I didn't believe her for a minute and figured she sold them or still had it maybe. Anyway, we were no longer a couple and all the people I thought of as friends would no longer associate with me because they couldn't believe someone caught with acid would be let out (hello, its called bail?) and I must have agreed to be a narc. (stupid fucks). Well that helped me stay clean for awhile anyway so no big loss. (note to self: don't encircle yourself with meth fiends).

So yea that trip sucked.

*disclaimer: stories of not following the program correctly are made up to make me sound cool :wink:

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A Stranger AmongStrangers

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: Buddrow]
    #1504969 - 04/29/03 03:28 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

"At this point I was crashing pretty hard and really just wanted to lay down. I was slouched and the warden comes by and kicks my legs saying "Sit your ass up straight. Who do you think you are?" "blah blah etc". This really blew my mind. I mean what the hell is this guy's problem? It was like a level of rudeness and disrepect I had never encountered."

Thats messed up. I would have told him to eat shit and die and that I could lay down if I wanted to.

"Not All Who Wander Are Lost" - Tolkien

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Space Travellin
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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: LTBOOMER]
    #1505015 - 04/29/03 03:41 PM (20 years, 9 months ago)

Short story. Myself and three friends were tripping balls, around 3am. Standing at a park next to a tree just talking, and we see a car drive by with a headlight out. We all look at each other and say the same thing almost in unison.. that would be fucked up if that car crashed, friend 1: yeah watch it hit a tree or some shit, friend 2: yeah that would be crazy, friend 3: yeah, it will probably crash. The second after the last friend spoke we heard a BAM!!! CRASH!!! and we ran around the corner to see that the car had indeed crashed, into a parked truck and up into someone's yard. The guy got out and was piss drunk, we just walked away and the cops showed up some ten seconds later. There was not sign that he would crash, besides only having one headlight.. he was driving slow and straight.. but we all agreed it would be fucked up if it crashed, and then it did. I guess it was one of those you had to be there kind of things.


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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: Shroomism]
    #1728279 - 07/18/03 04:58 PM (20 years, 7 months ago)

This thread is too good to die.

One night me and some buds were tripping on 2.5 grams of mush, anyways we always like to go on his roof, he has lawn chairs up there and it's just a beautiful place to be. We're chillin up there, pretty into it and all of a sudden we're looking down and see 4 guys. A dad and three kids, all in matching track suits, red with white trim. The dad goes "Awright boys" in some Australian accent and then they start jogging going "oogey oogey oogey! oi! oi! oi!". There was like a 10 second period of complete silence and then the 4 of us just broke out laughing our asses off.

When I was on 300 seeds of MG I saw a huge ass gang-fight, it wasn't the visual aspect that was so weird, but I have some buds in that type of thing and they were fighting and it was just a huge mind-fuck.

The worst thing was when we had all done ridiculous ammounts of hash oil one night and went up to the park to chill and play guitar, 3 of us. Now the three of us all have older brothers who are 20 and are good friends. We're just chillin and all of a sudden these 18 year old guys who go to our school show up, they're just tweaking so bad off like 2 grams, what a joke...anyways they obviously couldn't handle it all and were just being such dicks, he kept saying all this dumb stuff and eventually I just stood up and said "Hey man, just get the fuck outa here:, this guy was just fucked. He looked like he had done a few lines of meth AND coke, he was noiding badly. Anyways he grabbed my guitar and smashed it, that simple. It was brutal, guitar playing is such a huge part of my life and I got that guitar from my father, who I have never met in my life because he's a junk addict and my mom left him, the only thing I ever got from him. I was feeling slightly emotional and just broke down, I wasn't quite crying but man I was so close, I got up and just kicked him square in the nuts and gave him a jaw shot, I was just enraged. There were only 3 of us and 6 of them so they all sort of pile onto us and start beating on us, all of a sudden out of nowhere my brother and these two kids older brothers walk out from a path and see what's going on and rush over (they're big boys, 6'2 230 each) and just start throwing them off of us and shitkicking them in the process, it was ridiculous.

Anyways in the end the guy payed me back 500 dollars for a new acoustic and ended up getting a fair beating (At the time me and my brother were both dealing so it was not too hard to find people willing to intimidate.)

It was just a bad experience, I've never been one for fighting even though when I was in grade 9 or so I just used to be all obsessed with all that back-up BS.

Keep this thread alive!

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Dance EnergyConjuror

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripp [Re: HeavenlyBlue]
    #1728296 - 07/18/03 05:06 PM (20 years, 7 months ago)

Craziest thing thats happened in reality while tripping...

I wasnt a good skater, and never turned out to be. It summer of '99 and me and my buddy decided to go on a very looooooooong shroom skateventure. Turns out I wanted afraid to luge down the hill, we just became one with the skateboards. Normally I would have crashed and gone to the hospital. It also took the fear away of clearing 7 stairs. Never even cleared 4 sober. Kinda strange? Yea. Other than that nothing reaaaaally weird has happened on a trip other than the trip itself.

Dont skate on shrooms kids, you'll probably kill yourself.


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Dementia praecox
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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped *DELETED* [Re: HeavenlyBlue]
    #1728304 - 07/18/03 05:09 PM (20 years, 7 months ago)

Post deleted by MrMaddHatter

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripped [Re: MrMaddHatter]
    #1728437 - 07/18/03 05:53 PM (20 years, 7 months ago)

hehe, you guys are fucked :tongue:
My story takes place 2 years ago on Roskilde Festival (huge music festival in Denmark). I had only tried shrooms a couple of times, and never very much. Well, one day we went to town and I bought a lot of shrooms (was like 4 days before they would be outlawed, so they were pretty cheap).
I ate 2-3 grams, and washed it down with beer. the next 3-4 hours were pretty fun, but nothing wild (but with a lot of beer). Now, it was dark, around midnight I guess, and I sat down to share a joint with a friend. He got pretty wasted, but suddenly I notiticed all the grass rise up in neon green and started to hum. Never seen anything like it, and it was fun as hell.
At some point I layed on a small road between the camps, and a couple comes and talk to me. I can't remember what we talked about, but suddenly the guy leans down and bite my throte (sorry for the spelling). I was a little surprised, but then the girl did the same thing, just a lot harder. I was quite shocked, and actually had to check my neck as I had a feeling of loosing a LOT of blood... but everything was fine so I just stayed and enjoyed the fine night.
When my friends came back to check on me, I told them about it, but they didnt believe me and said I was fucked.
Funny thing, the next day I had still very clear bitemarks on my throte :tongue:

It was my first "big trip" with lots of hallu's, and I'll never forget it :smile:

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Scooby SnacksIndeed!!

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripp [Re: Hongosmeester]
    #1728680 - 07/18/03 07:41 PM (20 years, 7 months ago)

July 1989, jeez was that really 14 years ago!! OMG!! I used to go up to THE CITY on the Haight and find sheets for $25 at Golden Gate park. Then the journeys would start.

One day me and a new friend were walking through Golden Gate Park, we went under a bridge that ran over the path. On top of the Bridge sat about 5 brothers who were obviously bangers. They were talking rather loudly and they said something that seemed directed towards us so I shout out "Oh yeah, well I'll just call the cops on you!" and then started laughing really loud. One of them looked down at me and all I remember was him mouthing "What the fuck?" My freind suddenly slouched about a foot lower and said "Oh my God I can't believe you just said that!!" and just tears off running away. I just kept walking without a care in the world. The weird part is that they didn't fuck with me or anything. They just let me go on my way. I would NEVER do ANYTHING like that straight.

Around the same time period, I'm on several hits and we are walking around San Fran waaaaaaaay away from the park going to a party somewhere. We can't find it. It's dark and suddenly we are in the wrong part of town it seems. We walk by a corner store and this brother is standing out front. One of us bumps into the guy by accident and shouting immediately ensues. The next thing I know this brother whips out a silver pistol (revolver) and just starts firing it at us!!! I was in the Army at the time so the first thing I do is hit the dirt and lowcrawl around the corner like I'm trained to do. Make a small target and immediately seek cover!! As soon as I reach "safety" I jump up and start running my ass off. Now, for some reason I'm not in my jungle boots but instead I am in a pair of pointy toed zipper boots with higher than need be heels. This did NOT slow me down one bit, but it hurt like hell. I don't know how far I ran but everyone else kept me in sight and followed. I ended up going into several dead ends and IT SUCKED!! I was lost, in San Francisco, with a banger shooting at me, ON ACID!! This was too fucked up for words. It finally dawned on me that if I lost the group, who couldn't keep up with me in my flight, then I would lose the lunatic with the pistol. I think that was my saving grace because I doubled back and made several lefts and eventually lost everyone. I finally ended up on the far end of Golden Gate park and hid in a bush and just kind of watched through the leaves for the rest of the trip and my night. When dawn came the weirdest shit happened, a bunch of homeless guys who were also hiding in the same bushline started to wake up and move around. I hadn't even seen them or heard them until morning. Kind of surprising.

A fun thing I did was one time (remember I'm in the Army at the time) my unit gets deployed to Panama for three months. We have to clean out our rooms and lock everything up. While cleaning up my friend is sweeping under the bed and out floats half a sheet of white blotter. GROUND SCORE!!! We waited until we landed in Panama, got off the bird that took us there and got on a landing craft that would take us up the Panama Canal to our duty two week training station at Ft. Sherman. We both took 25 hits and flashed the peace sign. It was weird as fuck going down the Panama canal on Acid in full military gear. It wore off around bedtime, lucky for us. A helluva way to go to a foreign country.

When we got back from Panama I immediately headed back to The City to score some more. I was sitting in the park test driving the dose. The guy I was buying from was new. Luckily it was starting to hit me and seemed like the real deal. It was. Then this real hippy guy walks up and taps my new friend on the shoulder. My new friend is kind of big with long black hair and a beard. The little hippy guy goes off on him (in a hippy kind of way) about how he has been ripped off and how his shit is bunk. The big dude tells him to get lost and that he is mistaken. The hippy actually shoves the guy! All hell breaks loose and my new friend (contact) beats the shit outta the hippy. While the hippy is on the ground and has obviously given up, the big guy rears back with his foot and just kicks the shit outta the hippy's jaw and there is a loud crack of his jaw breaking. Pandemonium REALLY breaks out at this point as several Golden Gate Park dwellers descend on the big dude yelling "NO FAIR KICKING HIM WHILE HE'S DOWN!!" Now it's my new big friend vs. half the park and he's winning for a while but the mob finally gets him to the ground and let's him have it with kicking and punching. The pigs show up finally, on dirt bikes of all things, paramedics are called, people are arrested, and I'm walking quietly away without my sheet I came to get, but starting to enjoy my rise and eventual peak anyway. I did manage to FINALLY find my regular source and score the favorite album cover. Good for me.

I swear those were some crazy ass times.


"Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition."

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripp [Re: RANKSRAGGY68]
    #1729823 - 07/19/03 09:05 AM (20 years, 7 months ago)

The first time I tripped on cid was w/ two friends, P and B.  It was the first time for all-1 hit a piece blotter.  Well, it was like 6pm and P had to work at the local Burger King, where I was one of the managers.  P was like, "Ya'll take it first and if ya'll ain't too fucked up I'll take it."  I was like we all gotta take it together so we'll be in the same boat.  So we placed tiny squares of paper on our tongues and waited 15min, then swallowed the paper.  So we chillin' smokin blunts and not knowing what to expect.  P had to be to work at 7:30p so we drive over there feeling pretty good.  About another 30min and shit is beginning to get hectic.  To make a long story short, P had to leave work by 9:30 cause he was tripping pretty hard.  He kept saying that this wasn't real and that he was dreaming.  And asking me why his clothes falling off of him.  The other co-workers kept asking what I gave him.  I tried to help him clean the dining room but I couldn't tell if the table was clean after I wiped it.  So we bounced, the whole time B had disappeared w/o telling us he was leaving.  We kept asking each other, "Where B at?"  then laughing our asses off.  We caught up to him outside the restaurant.  He said he had walked up to the park and saw a bush that looked like a lion.  He came back cause everything was looking crazy.  P just kept saying "This ain't real.  I'm dreaming." One o'clock in the morning and he's loud wit it.  We tried to get him in the car cause he was looking at the trees talking like a crazy person and I wasn't trying to deal w/ the police in this state.  The first time is always the best I think:grin:

Life is work.

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OfflineKenny Bus
The enlightend

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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripp [Re: buddatwo]
    #1729870 - 07/19/03 10:04 AM (20 years, 7 months ago)

this is a great thread! the worst thing that happend to me in reality while tripping still has me pretty scarred =( i ate about an 1/8 by myself, i like trippin alone. so i'm just chilling listening to music when my phone rings, i know by the ring tone that its my dream girl calling. now i gotta explain something about our relation ship, we worked together at the time, and she's married, but shes muslim and only married him because of her parents, anyways they fight a lot, and i told her a fiew days before that if he hit her again i was gunna have to do something, this girl is my life. so she calls me up crying, and she kept repeating "he beat the shit out of me" i dont remember much other than that from the conversation, i told to leave, and she said she couldnt then she said she had to go and hung up. so i get all my gear together, not really sure what i was gunna do, but i grabed all my "rainy day" shit, fiew hundred bucks, my collapsable steal bad, thro on my steal toes and start walking to her house. my mind racing trying to figure out what i'm gunna do when i get there, how i'm gunna avoid getting arrested and shit. the one thing she always told me was not to interfere, that she would never talk to me again if i did anything, that he was the father of her kids, and i know she would never forgive me. so half way there, [its about an 1 and a half walk] my friend calls, or maybe i called him i cant remember, i tell him whats going on and he tells me not to kill him and he picks me up before i get there. after that he took me home and just trying to calm me down. then anouther friend shows up that i called as a get away driver, and to bring me a ski mask and shit, and we just chilled in my room while i scratched the shit out of my records trying to get my mind of it. the worst experiance in my life. i never got to deal it to that asshole, because i know i'm the only one who knows about it,so she would know if somebody pistol wipped him a bit and threatend him that i would have something to do with it. that was about 6 months ago, she dumped me and stopped talking to me about 3 months ago so i quit my job and i still cant stop thinking about her. since then i turn off my cell phone when trippin


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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripp [Re: Kenny Bus]
    #1729892 - 07/19/03 10:29 AM (20 years, 7 months ago)

Amazing stories. I would give you all five shrooms if I wasn't too lazy :smile:


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Re: Most fucked up thing happening in reality when you tripp [Re: cybrbeast]
    #1730015 - 07/19/03 12:15 PM (20 years, 7 months ago)

Once I was rolling REALLY hard at a massive rave, to the point where I felt like I was on another planet or something, but then I see these people gathered around in a circle. I come in closer for a look, and the paramedics are taking this guy away(I'm guessing he overdosed on something). It was pretty fucked up.


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