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down with sri chinmoy
    #1196482 - 01/07/03 02:54 AM (18 years, 1 month ago)

im concerned my friends.
im concerned about cults and their practices.
im concerned about people who have no ability to think critically partaking in excersizes where they consiously dismantle their values and thought process for a master thinking that they are in fact excersizing some metaphysical love muscle..
people akin to clay, attracted naturally to hands-a-moulding.


a deluded and deranged man.
just a man, a man who beleives or at least professes to be THE vessel of god,  thomas jefferson,  the stongest man alive, and a man of peace.

the art of meditation. what a great way to get enlightenment, to better your mind and know yourself.

hmmmmm..... if only there was a way to profit from it.
hey i know, instead of teaching people to meditate and think for themselves, have them meditate while staring at my creepy face for 3 hours a day. that ought to establish a spiritual fixation that will make their universe revolve around me.... EUREKA, evantually when all universes revolve around me, i will truly be god, this is my plan, my path for god-consiousness, this is pure, and can never be wrong....... therefore nobody can say im wrong.

that oughtta cover all the bases, badda boom badda bing, a monopoly on enlightemnent, my face in light. time to cash in bling bling

what? you want to bring down a man of peace, you horrible man!

well there, i just had empathy with sri chinmoy and i feel dirty and need therepy :frown:
this man, is a terrible thing.  all his accomplishments are either rediculous hoaxes or desperate half-assed attempts to aqquire as much recognition as possible.

it wasnt long ago that i never even realized such a cult existed. when i first heard of it i took it the same way id take religeon.  however, for the past several months my girlfriend has been working at a resteraunt owned by a former worker at the local insane asylum who converted to sri chinmoyism and should probably go straight back to the asylum but not for work.  ever know one of those people who was an airhead? a complete and total fool? a joke? a walking embarassment.  but in their own mind, were part of a great awakening of minds?
well this woman runs a resteraunt COVERED with propaganda, rediculous ammounts of literature and decorations with sris face or signiature. EVRYTHING personally selected by sri hmself for display. the woman is insane and impossible to deal with, the staff basically runs the place and try to ignore the owner.
the owner gives ALL the profits to sri and runs a center in the upstairs apartment.
the place is in terrible disrepair, dead mice, mold and mildew, decrepid structure, needs alot of work, but no money for it, its all for sri, all for "master"
it would NOT pass health inspection and the staff is close to abbandoning it.
sri demands all the money and to please him, the owner supplements the staffs wages with tips. this is illigal, it is theft, skimming off the top, money laundering, fraud.  she handles money that is not hers and uses it to pay the staff.  thats like giving someone their own property for christmas.  OH, and the staff only just found out. and shit hit the fan, the owner had an "episode" as the staff calls it she has one several times a day.
then aggreed reluctantly to take less of the tips for salary supplemtation. sri however has specific ammounts she needs to find for him and his "work" so she cut back hours so evryone has to work harder and for gets paid less in general.  SIGNIFICANTLY less
but she beleives she can do no wrong, her soul is free and enlightened, she works for master who has "god consiousness" and therefore is right, no matter what it may seem.

shes headed for a big fall. the staff isnt buying the whole" vessel of peace" BS.
they are sick of getting exploited, and im personally tipping off the police once we get my girl a new job because dispite the great working atmosphere of a vegetarian resteraunt. this woman has got to learn their are consequenses for ripping people off and running shady operations in the name of some insane cult.

ive been doing quite a bit of research on this sri fellow. i think i really get what hes thinking.iand it REALLY makes me ill that he has ANY support.

half the support he claims to have is lies anyway. he just goes around professing to be famous with huge amounts of money to buy his way into important places and meet influential people. he gets the money from his followers who own buissness'

its not uncommon for him to have sex with his deciples, who, BTW, see him as a father figure and are supposed to stay celibate,  sex with sri however does not count as sex because its a transfer of "vital energy" and "never REALLY happens"
pregnancies are expected to be terminated quietly and quickly withought even mentioning it to sri.

the owner of the store just got back from new zealand. she and a few dozen of sris most important students stayed a few dozen nights and im sure he knocked a few dozen boots of his most brainwashed investors who BTW are all young, healthy, atheletic vegetarians.


apparently she had a good time and was sick for a while, but that was "good" because "master" spent more time with her, "more time close to master" she said in a glazed over monotone moment where she was obviously talking to an invisable entity about a kilometer away and the size of a steller body. were talking creepy crawlies here.

i think i heard markthegnostic once say sri was a talented meditation guru or something.
have you ever really KNOWN one of his folowers? its a cult in the dirtiest sickest sense.
weak minded people suffer and work,  comprimise their lives for his movement.
he lives like a king, travelling all over being free and doing nothing but spout rhetoric and  really awful poetry with repetitive yet limited insight to anything.
you dont see the people behind the scenes, the "students"
his financial support.

its terrible and i could talk all night about it,  i wish there was a way to stop it, to help people understand that their master IS wrong, that they follow a fraud, and that admitting that is a good thing so they can begin to seek therepy for their deep mental dysfunctions.  because as far as theyre concerned right now ther cannot do wrong, even if it steals from people, even if it hurts people, even if they get fucked (sexually) and have their money and free will taken away,  oh yes, they ALL got herpes, top and bottom, even the guys, guess why!!!

the woman im refering to was aa airhead before she ever met sri, of this ive been informed by some people who still work at the mental institution.

the veil of secrecy needs to fall and the healing to start, even if that means some worlds get shattered and hearts are broken.

do some research on the practices of this cult. its all benevolent on the surface, but underneith is filtly all over.

the first clue was when he "lifted over 7000 lbs with one hand" as proof of his miraculous ability.

to leave his way is to embrace a flood of darkness and loose your friends and importance. and they will remind you constantly of it so you cannot heal.

carlos santana was once a member after he quit he received many phonecalls to remind him of his descent onto darkness.

Sri even tells his followers that they are responsible for illness. and that he is responsible when they heal.  sometimes out of faith they avoid treatment,  when they die or become crippled (and they do) its THEIR fault for ebracing negative forces.
and when they maky a recovery or the biopsy comes back negative of cancer,
its a miracle and EVRYBODY talks about it like the big bang.
most people are to smart for this stuff... but you know theres ALWAYS a few
one woman actually broke a hip at sris new york compound (center as the call it) and sru advised her to allow natural healing.
a year later after walking on a broken hib and dragging her crippled body around on crutches doctors found her hip completely destroyed permanently.
the cause according to the guru? why, of course the woman gave into dark and negative energies. somehow beleiving the doctors diagnosis was sufficient lack of faith to make the crippling real. and it was the womans will, not her leg that was lacking.
the ball and socket joint was long gone. healed all together

seeing this mans face makes me ill. its no irrational hatred its simply the knowlage that dispite his message and aim, he really does no true good, just a message that he gets paid to deliver, paid by a bunch of fools that evryone can see trying to see it all. they just cant see themselves withought sri because evrytime they meditate theres a big larger-than-life sized portrait of shri in front of them..

this and i suspect he is fully aware of evry mechanism of his empire. fully aware of the morals. and simply evil minded.

im gonna write a song about this, maybe THEN someone will give a fuck about this shit.
and i dont care if i get recognized or even if its me who sings it as long as its sung and heard and gets a little attention.

for me, my goal to bring down a man of peace. because im not afraid of being remembered as the guy who brought down a man of peace. because i know he is nothing and there is no peace.  i would shit if he died and was honored for his work!
he must be exposed while alive, and hes OLD!  im going to gather some info and write a few newspapers too.

this man is no ghandi.

i should be the next sri, sri nastoy.
instead of a pitcute on me to meditate by i would provide a mirrior and say "this is god, finance him, support him, find him some good and worthy friends, take care of gods friends, make god healthy and strong, show people that god is good and understand him. be gods best friend, god will never make you do anything you dont want to do, nurture the nature of his being in evry way it should be, he will always be with you, even when you are alone, you are all one. god is love, two words for the same thing. theres no personification for god at all unless you can love."

and if that person suddenly GOT it. just BOOM, got it.
figured it out. figured out why things stay together and we exist, why chaos isnt really a problem, and why we hang onto this world at all, even our egos, self-love, and knowing that youre more than just yourself but perhaps in fact the manifestation of all the things you are not.......
and to love yourself being in it, makes you real.
then look no further. you have love for evrything and evryone around you that cannot be false so long as you exist. love or god. whatever you want to call it, call it the devil if you like, some do.

then i would go off and live with my small family in my own house and maybe meet some of my equals for dinner, no masters, no followers, just a whole lot of god, smiling and making merry. no enslaved minds, no exploitation, no tricks, no lies.

thats my song. my little cult of one

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Registered: 12/10/99
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Re: down with sri chinmoy [Re: Mitchnast]
    #1198051 - 01/07/03 02:57 PM (18 years, 1 month ago)

Wow! No, I never said this man was a talented anything. I saw him once, in NY, amongst a bevy of white-cloaked followers who did not turn to look at him as he walked down the center aisle, because, I supposed, they would be lowered in his eyes to look at his mere form - he being God-Realized and all. He had very glassy, unfocused eyes - supposed to be in high samadhi.
I have one of his books which I found useful in its clarification of the chakras, and how they were nowhere near the importance of God-Realization. It is called 'Kundalini: The Mother Power.' [I was even going to lend the book to enter, but he forgot it. Probably a good thing at this point, even though it has some good points ]. I bought the book and visited the man in the mid 1970's, but I don't revere men, let alone cult leaders. Sometimes the books of people like Chogyam Trungpa
are well written, while the author is an alcoholic and a womanizer.

All this information is quite scathing, yet not surprising. Becoming a cult leader is what many set out to become in the 70's since it obviously pays well in money, worship, sex, fame, and for all I know, the power from demonic agencies. I'm sorry you're involved with this kind of thing. I bailed out of teacher-training in TM back in those days for similar reasons, and began to recognize Christ as my spiritual Master after experiences with gurus and guru wannabes.

If what you report is true, report the story of a well-known cult leader to a paper near you and help clean up the mess. Rajneesh (Osho) eventually got deported, and so did that chubby little s**t, Maharishi (Divine Light Mission) who used to ride around on a lawnmower on his estate on Long Island, and ask passers-by if they knew the secret of [L]ife, [S]pirit, and [D]eath. Yes, we all knew about LSD, but it didn't get us groveling worshippers. I knew all too many of his followers too.

γνῶθι σαὐτόν - Gnothi Seauton - Know Thyself

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Bitches Brew
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Registered: 06/04/02
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Re: down with sri chinmoy [Re: MarkostheGnostic]
    #1198246 - 01/07/03 04:17 PM (18 years, 1 month ago)

Wow! Gurus are a real joke. To follow a Guru is to build a wall on your spiritual path. A teacher will help you further your existence, while a Guru will often halt it, or reverse it. I remember that Maharashi energy shit. My brother was in school with a bunch of them. He got into a fight for grabbing one of the energy necklace sachets (their leader was a general in the Japanese army, well known as a rapist, and murderer). Cults are a ridiculous waste of time, money, spiritual, and physical energy.

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