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Politics and Hidden Agendas Behind Ft. Hood
    #11406142 - 11/07/09 06:36 PM (8 years, 10 months ago)

This is a pretty juicy topic the media is having a field day with.

Well it pretty much seems like the shroomery is infiltrated by those with alternate motives since all ft. hood discussion is being locked down. Seems like alternate motives are at work than the reasons that are being said.

Nevertheless, it is definately a topic that belongs in poitics and current events, and there are very politically oriented reasons behind it all. So Ill repost what I know about it here and see if we can get a better discussion going.

First of all I wanted to point out that those running the US government and pursuing the various wars currently could give less than a shit--excuse my arabic--about this event. What it does help, however is the efforts of the elite to turn the pissed off rabble of folk against each other--divide and conquer.

Allow me to elaborate.Why dont they give two shits? because they are the very ones sending all of these people off to suffer and die for no real reason at all other that their own goals of stealing wealth and power and sewing up a world empire in the process (oil and opium). Just think back how they demonize people in every war since the beginning of time to get the ignorant pawn grunts mind controlled into committing great acts of violence and abominable atrocities. First its the REDS (indians-savages less than dogs etc.) because they want to steal all the land and cant even share it in harmony, next its the Mexicans because they want to evict and exterminate them, next its the Africans who they degrade with various names and propaganda because they want to belittle them as slaves so call them inhuman savages, later its the Germans because their masters have designs for europe, next its the germans being demonized, then its the 'japs', then its the vietnamese gooks who need to be exterminated because they want to impose capitalist class society oppression on that part of the word, next its the koreans, then its the arabs because they want to steal more oil and resources, then its the CIA created talian because they want to control the massive opium trade weaqlth. People are so dumbed down its really sad they can be strung along without end and sit in front of the TV mind control box and parrot and believe whatever it says while the flashing box--created originally as a mind control device--puts their brains in the alpha/mind control state!

Many know this already, but for those who dont let me break it down as briefly as possible: There are no real wars anymore. Thay have always been barbaric stupid acts or barbarian humans, but nowdays especially they are all CONTROLLED CONFLICTS. What does that mean? It means that there is a global elite running the world as part of their imagined global empire planning all this crap out. They dont do the fighting themselves, they pit the poor people of one area against the people of another area--which they have conveniently divided into factions or teams or 'nations' against the poor people of another nation to weaken, control, and dominate eachother fore their shady and often unstated and misrepresented motive. Can u sa DIVIDE AND CONQUER. SO timeless it woks every time.

If they need some bombings or false flag events like a bombing 9/11 or aircraft being shot down they do this too through their secret society and intelligence/military illuminati methods--just to get the naive people fired up to fight with each other.

Furthermore there are really no such things as nations. The Earth is one continuous place with many lanscapes and people.

There are really no such thing as races. Humanity is one family, although some have turned to great evil and become vicious vampired full of violence deceit and lunacy.

There are really no such thing as religions. All the organized religions of the world have a common source in ancient history and constitute a strategy by the insane betrayers of humanity to control the minds of the conquered lands they invade and set the peoples of a large empire against each other. Religion is all in the mind, and is created as a mind-fuck to fool people by weaving twisted and evil political agendas with traditional cultural practices and beliefs. religons have always been propagated by various (VI)KINGS and empires--or more accurately theur top slaves, and answer to these immoral, deceitful, and violent, greedy people. DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

HOw do I know all this crap? I have recently completed almost a decade of WOrld PEace research and studies--formal and informal--as part of my career/work and have found out so many things that most probably never dreamed. But there ARE a lot of people who do know these things.

That said, it is wrong to ever kill or harm any other fellow human being, but that is the whole business of the military. There is no noble cause or just purpose behind these organizations. They are there to invade, rape, rob, steal, and oppress according to the will of a european-based ruling elite hwo are some of the evilest bastads on the entire planet. most of them reside within the three independent city-states and operate within a secretive socieyt network out of London (financial control), Wasington (military control), and Vatican City(Religious and Civil propaganda/control--and organized crime). These elite are surrounded by a lower-ranking network of hteir hereditary slaves called the illuminati cult. These individuals have been enslaved by them for centuries over multiple generations and are heavily mind-controlled, abused, and drugged from the time of birth on.

Because people are dumbed down and mind-controlled from a very early age, they will do stupid things like join the military and police, not realizing that they are joining an extremely evil institution whose real goal is to enforce feudal oppression on the rest of humanity. They blow so much propaganda honor and smoke up their rear ends, along with fake praise and money/a little financial security to make them complacent about selling out the rest of humanity for their perceived but not real personal benefit. They generally dont take the more intelligent or wealthy people, but draw from the lower achievers right out of high school or the poorer people willing to endure more for a little money and class security in a feudal oppressed class society.

I know this is too long and may sound crazy to some but it needs to be said, so do some research before spouting nonsense.

Ill just wrap it up by saying this. A very long time ago certain people migrated up to the north of the planet, because they could no longer endure the warm, sunlight, and tropical atmospheres where humanity had historically lived. Why could they not endure the traditional climates that had been the preferred lands of humanity? because they lost all pigment of their eyes and skin due to certain practices. But hats not all they lost there were mental effect as well as metabolic ones--all retardations and signs of incomplete development or genetic damage.

According to ancient legends and oral traditions the use/abuse of alcohol and certain drugs may have played some role, but the worst clincher was the very taboo practice of 'the dark arts' which included animal sacrifice and blood drinking, which simultaneously or quickly became human sacrifice and vampirism as well. In ancient prehistoric times these peoples established themselves as clans and kingdoms in the northernmost latitudes as the vikings of scandanavia and surrounding lands. They hardly lived through productive means--partly because the land was harsh, but raided, robbed, pillaged, raped, and enslaved eachother and each other's villages for a long time.

In this way they developed steep social classes and a small ruling elite presiding over military, as well as a class of captured and abused slaves without any rights, and a few levels in between. The land and climate  encouraged industry and technological development because they had to do so to survive. They became expert ship builders and advanced in metallurgy, but their developed skills, directed by a highly immoral and barbaric ruling elite, were used without moral and ethical restraints which were known to the rest of humanity. They had the attitude of might is right and in their drunken insanity ventured out to invade, enslave, and oppress the rest of humanity, setting up their various (VI)KINGDOMS and empires, with their (Vi)Kings, who often fought and attacked eachother in unrestrained lust and greed for needless wealth and power. All the while--especially the ruling and upper echelons of the military classes-- continued to practice their dark ('satanic') arts, including human and animal sacrifice and blood drinking for real or perceived mystical effects and power, and strength or longevity.

In time these Viking or Aryan empires were consolidated through untold war and carnage under the might of the most barbaric and ruthless empire of Rome, which continues to this day. In the warm and tropical or distant lands they set up proxy kingdoms and empires for exploitation of people and resources which were secretly or overtly controlled by northern masters. They established all of the prganized religions as campaigns for mental enslavement of the conquered colonies  and lands, ofyten imposed on only traumatized women and children after they genicidally killed off all the men and elders of the peoples who they invaded. They are the original progenitors of physical and economic slavery. They are the founders of the global money system, nations and governments as we know them, forced/mandatory education (a form of slavery training), and modern militarism. They control the military and organized crime all over the world. Their illuminati agents can be found in key positions high on the chain of command in virtualy every government military and police installation in the world. They can often be recognized by their utter lack of pigmentatuon, but also include tome highly mind-controlled and corrupt people of color, according to the part of the world they are in for face value.

Tis is not racist , but real historical fact that can be researched. Look into the elite circles of wealth and power and see what you find and where in the word it takes you. These people are not a race, but a mutant form of human, as humanity is all one continuous family--all who can intermix and form a continuous variety of types throughout the world. The most striking and distinguishing factor to be found among them is the participation in these occult practices. Nor is it even all such people who are at fault, but a vast minority ruling elite, although most of them do exhibit an advanced tendency to participate in violent and abominable activities--whether due to an inherent defect of sprit or biology or their historical cultural disadvantage and oppression/mind control (namely the lower classes of them.) I say this freely and with all conviction even though these are my own Germanic people and ancestors. SO do some research before going off half-cocked.

These dark, vampirish spiritual traits and depraved recessive genetic characteristics can be lessened and overcome through certain spiritual practices of diet purification and meditation, I believe, as well as by interbreeding with the majority, dominant strains of the human genome by which the defective genes and traits are partially, gradually, or completely suppressed by dominant intact genomes/characteristics.

In short, the only value of this incident is to help the elite DIVIDE AND CONQUER the poor masses of oppressed controlled humanity. They never gave two cares about these military pawns/cannon fodder in the first place despite their empty words of propaganda.

Careful Nonviolence Toward All Life Forms

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Re: Politics and Hidden Agendas Behind Ft. Hood [Re: jainveganbuddha]
    #11406211 - 11/07/09 06:47 PM (8 years, 10 months ago)

This thread has been closed.

this is political discussion, not current events discussion. the fort hood shooting was not a politically motivated shooting, if it was religiously motivated as some suggest then it obviously belongs in the religious discussion forum, there's a thread int he pub that's thriving with this discussion

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