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2C-E, acid, speed, GHB, valium, random tranquiliser, xanax, weed, booze, nitrous - losing control?
    #11366115 - 11/02/09 12:34 AM (8 years, 9 months ago)

I fucking hate computers.

So, where to begin?

I've been cutting loose a fair bit the past couple of weeks since finishing my traineeship. I've spent a hell of a lot of time away so it's been good to just pull pegs and not have to worry about any commitments at all. Friday night was a bender, a friend and I went on a random booze cruise to Geelong which didn't finish until we got back to his house on the Western side of the city about 3am, I woke up the next day and got dragged out of bed as I had to rush around and go to a heap of house inspections to try and find a place for myself a few mates to move into from Tassie.

At about 4pm it was time to call it a day and a friend from work was keen to let me chill with him and his crew from the inner-East Prahran/Windsor/Chapel St area. After about an hour of driving around trying to find my way in and out/about the labyrinth of the inner East and finding his tiny, impossible-to-find non-existant cul de sac, we were soon chilling out and he started playing some pretty rare dubstep. We started discussing the plan of attack for the evening. We were keen to maybe hunt down some pills and he wanted to have another crack at acid and I suggested we should take some 2C-E as well. He was keen so we loaded up and left his place on what would soon become one of the most interesting and eye-opening experiences of my life.

We jumped some fences and met a few of his friends at a train station. It was Derby Day/Halloween so everyone was already quite relaxed. We just sat at the train station drinking beers and checking out the nice jailbait in interesting costumes. It was actually something different for me because I have always been brought up under the impression that drinking in public was heavily frowned upon and not to be done at all, but this crew and most of the punting public didn't really seemed too phased, I guess it was of the understanding that as long as you behave yourself it's ok on occasions such as these.

His crew is pretty much just all dubstep DJ's and really chilled guys. Actually been surprised to find that just about every person I meet owns a pair of decks and plays most places.

There was supposed to be a rave with 10 stages or something underneath the West Gate and we were all keen to go after a friend of his' 21st/Halloween party at a tiny bar a little out of the way. We jumped on a train and made our way out to this bar. It was a tiny little boho sort of place, pretty decent. About 30 people there, all tight family and friends. The weather had treated us really well, it wasn't too hot and it was mid afternoon and there was a really decent vibe going around. I may well have been sensitive due to me being new on the scene. So there was pretty much free beer and wine at this bar, it was very relaxing. A few people ate a couple of hofmann '08's and some 2C-E but I was holding off until we could find some pills. I just drank a shit tonne of beer and whiskey and got pretty tanked, there was a really cool chick working the bar who was keen to get me bent as so we just pretty much invented obscure cocktails for a bit.

After some speeches and drinking and shenanigans and sort of getting a bit cozy with the crew, we decided to head off towards this dubstep gig. It had been cancelled but they had decided to shrink it and move it to a park in another suburb. We jumped back on the train and headed out. We bumped into a couple of my mates friends who were like 15, had fake ID and were pretty mad party animals. Apparently had been on the scene for a while and are just amazingly casual about going out nightclubbing, doing coke and pills and drinking and shit which was a total fucking blowout for me. I warned my friend to seriously watch me if I get too drunk as it could have turned nasty should I lose control. She was dressed in this sexy Alice in Wonderland outfit which was just painful to look at. My costume effort for halloween was pretty piss poor, I just had this faggot fedora, massive chicks sunglasses and a ribbon tied to my head, pretty pathetic but I really wasn't too phased on going all out.

We muched a bit of 2C-E here, I'm pretty sure (stages of events get blurry around this time)

We jumped train and trams and finally got to the street where the party was. We started walking towards it and became evident that it was looking pretty dead. It was about 9pm and I think the expected "hundreds-to-thousands" of fiends that were going to show up to this party had called it quits and there was probably only 20 or so people there and some decent dubstep sets going on off the back of a truck. The party was kind of dead and we weren't feeling it so we made our way back up to another bar to knock back some beers and find some pills. By this stage my mate had eaten 1.5 hofmanns and a fair bit of 2C-E and from what I could tell he was pretty bent but we were loving it. After a while at this bar and a few more beers later we thought "fuck it" and headed into the city to meet up with some other people and find some pills. We got to this backpackers hostel and his friend was playing there, it was pretty packed and I met a few random foreigners, German chicks, Irish dudes, British dudes, most of which were pretty roudy and not really on my wavelength but it was still interesting, ended up playing Rock Paper Scissors/Knuckles/Thumbwars with this guy for about 20 minutes straight which was good for a laugh.

After a while we weren't getting any pills so we  decided to fuck it off and see if that dubstep party had fired up. If not, fuck it, who knows. We walked around the city and bumped into heaps of weird randoms in fuck off strange costumes and had a great laugh, then jumped a cab and tram and made our way back towards Abbotsford.

The party had been busted up by the cops again and they had been kicked on to try again someone else but we were not keen on chasing around a crowd or party that wasn't going to get fired up, so we just went back to the bar and sank more beers and dribbled some shit. After a while my mate was getting a bit edgy with some people who were on 2C-E getting all chargey and just talking about down topics about their friends problems and whatnot so we bailed. I think by this time it was getting to be about 3am or so as the bar was shutting up shop, so we decided to just fuck off. Taxi/tram later we were back in his street and his friend called up and said he may be able to get some pills for us, at this stage I thought now or never so I just ate the acid. I didn't have any hofmanns left as they'd all got lost in a keffuffle so I just ate a sunflower tab I'd been hanging onto for ages that I'd scored off some wunderlust hippies way back when. My mate wanted to drive as he couldn't be fucked dealing with taxis or trams any more, and it was only through the rabbit warren of the inner-East so there was no driving over 10km/h going on what with tiny backstreets and alleyways and speedbumps and whatnot, as far as driving under the influence goes, we were pretty safe.

We stopped at a bottle shop and grabbed a slab of Pale Ale and kept on. We just drove around pumping crazy weird dubstep of which I've never heard and found a park space and dropped the car off and started walking towards this dudes house. He must have been pretty sketched out because he rang back up and said he wasn't too sure about having strangers in his house, we thought,  man, fuck it, it's too late, we shall just chill. So we just found a park and laid down on a bench looking up through this mad circle-design cast-iron grill thing when the acid started hitting me hard. It was fucking insane and I was absolutely loving it. My friend was just sort of coming down from his acid and 2C-E and I was just firing up. We sank some beers and just laughed and carried on and had a great time until he called it quits and wanted to go home and crash. We passed by a church on the way back to his car and sat in the church garden on a park bench next to a weird looking statue of the virgin mary, I thought it would be a good idea to go and see if the priest was awake and keen to do some 4am acid-confession booth business. We walked up to the huge church gothic doors and knocked the door handle and the fucking air conditioning or some shit inside started up and made some intense noises which scared the crap out of me, so we just chilled on the bench for a while and kept drinking beers talking shit.

Again, we made the move back to his car and this time instead of going home we just went and grabbed my car (better sound system, less dodgy-looking car) and went on an epic cruise around the crazy backstreets and suburbs of the east, listening to intensely dark and fucked up dubstep (I was never really a fan until he showed me this shit through the ears of acid)

We pulled up at another park and had more beers, a rent-a-cop at the end of his shift pulled up next to us to check the gates or whatever and had a beer with us which was pretty funny, my friend got wigged and wanted to clean out my car and spent about half an hour just cleaning my car which was a fucking pisser. The streets were seriously deserted and by this time it was more or less dawn. There was a crazy mist and fog over the city and sky scrapers were draped in this really fucking weird vibe and it was as if there was noone alive in the city but us.

After this he was seriously starting to crash and suggested we go back and eat some valium and pass the fuck out, I thought why not, even though I was still tripping pretty hard on acid. The drive back to his house was so bizarre, I began to feel intensely disconnected from nature. The music was sounding so alien and foreign and weird and the streets around me were breathing with life so intensely packed in close together. You could hear people coughing from their windows in tiny living rooms in tiny shoebox apartments, you could hear conversations plain as day as if they were next to you. I suddenly started to realise just how different this world really was, and how much of a jungle it is in its own way, the tiny townhouses and flats all jammed in so close, cobblestone streets and gutters and just lazy victorian architecture reeking of character and charm. I can't really describe it too well, but it was like my eyes were being opened to this new world for the first time, as being a pretty country sort of boy and spending minimal time in intense suburbia had never really left me aware of this kind of shit.

All good, we drove some more and got back to his place and we went inside and ate valium and I tried to sleep but seriously just could not do it. I was tripping hard and his room was breathing and not allowing me to get much sleep. I decided to go for a walk and take advantage of the alone-time trip-walks that I love so much. I grabbed my jacket and hat and sunglasses and just went for a quick stroll, which ended up being the maddest part of the entire evening. This is where it gets crazy.

I walked for a few blocks and just felt the city breathe around me with the stirrings of the waking peasants. It was so bizarre. An entire new world was just unfolding before me, I realised how disconnected I had been. My phone has been flat for a few days and it was really cool knowing that there was no way anyone I knew could get a hold of me in any way, I was totally disconnected and wandering the streets at 7am on a Sunday morning. I walked around this corner and saw some crazy trendy kids hanging over a fence in some pretty rare expensive looking costumes. I asked them what they were up to and it pretty much became immediately apparent they'd been going intensely hard for a few days. There was some awesome deeptech tribal shit pumping from inside the house, and after a little coaxing they invited me inside.

I got a few strange looks and whatnot and it became obvious these guys were a pretty tight knit little crowd that weren't too fond of total strangers, but after a few minutes of chatting and shit I think they figured out I was pretty chilled and no real threat, so I got left to party on pretty much.

As it turned out these guys were all massive executive types. Financial district types, massive high rolling desk job sort of shit, the types of people that I have never met before. You know, $1m+ salaries, Ridiculous coin but totally driven by a warped materialism and rat-race survival mode. One girl there who was actually playing the most awesome music I have heard in a long time had just been given a job as head marketing director of Universal Music Australia or something, which she'd only applied for as a joke (not sure if she was taking it or not). I was blown out and I think they were equally as blown out at our difference in lifestyle. They'd ask me like "what do you do in your time off?" and I just replied "I dunno, this, meet random cats, chill out, get spastic, my life pretty much consists at the moment of working and meeting random people and getting trashy with people I don't know in places I know nothing about, it's cool."  (in hindsight that response sounds like pretty much everyone I know anyway so I don't think it quite came out as I'd thought, I think they were just blown out that I was this weirdo sea-faring 22 year-old Tasmanian kid who wanders around with a box full of drugs getting spastic with people he doesn't even know)

At one stage I asked a few of them when the last time they had ever felt grass under their bare feet and I think that really drove it home for them. I was tripping pretty hard and the 2C-E had me pretty on edge and scattered but the music was doing wonders. There was some GHB and speed and nitrous and weed going around of which I dabbled in, there was one guy there whom I can't say enough for. He was a financial something or rather and I had never met anyone so alike Hunter Thompson in any way, and I don't think he was even trying. Total drug pig, had the same glasses, same hat, same jacket, same shorts, same socks, same shoes but in no way was he even trying to be HST or anything, total fucking blowout. All these people were seriously sophisticated types but just on a mad weekend bender. They were all DJ's and had about 5 decks all hooked up. They told me they all played a lot around the city nightclubs and had some fucking epic tunes going, at times a few of us would be dancing around the living room or just frapping outside on the banana lounges sucking nitrous and GHB and joints and shit. To be honest I don't think the GHB did anything to me and the speed really put me up on edge. The weed gave a nice twist but the phen burn and the speed was making shit very edgy. These guys were complete stim freaks and every oppurtunity people were fiending the meth pipe or going to get more coke or whatever. I have no real idea what other plethora of drugs these guys were getting into but it was pretty funny. It was getting on 10am, lunch time, afternoon and it just didn't stop and time more or less stopped existing.

I actually met another girl who was a fucking spin out. She was telling me she was living and had travelled the world on several different identities (not stolen) and could just wake up one day and assume a new identity and start living as a whole new person, and that her father didn't even know who to introduce her as to his friends. She was a total loose canon and a fucking box of entertainment to watch, but I think she was pretty trashed on GHB as it looked like her face was about to twitch itself into another dimension.

I offered these guys some of my offerings, 2C-E, 2C-T-2, 2C-T-7, 4-ACO-DMT etc but for some reason they were only interested in stuff I didn't have like 2C-I and 2C-B. It was interesting to find they all knew about all these drugs too and that I wasn't the drug guru I thought I was and that amongst these richer types, designer drugs were popular as fuck. In the end this Hunter Thompson guy was seriously probing me about the shit I had and in my stage of acid and GHB delirium I made a snap decision. I said "man, do you really find all these that interesting?" he said "fuck yes, my friend" and I said "well man, as a gift from me to your fucking strange and weird world I am going to just give it all to you"

I gave him everything. DMT (he actually raged about how he had never seen DMT that pure before in his life and how he had seen a lot of DMT), 4-ACO-DMT, all my 2c's, 5-meo's, DOC, the works. I suddenly realised that this box of stupid chemicals had been this massive burden and risk hanging over my head and I really didn't need or want it any more. These people were seriously starting to blow the fuck out and I really don't blame them. I thought as some kind of spiritual development in my life it was time to move on. I was just eating these chemicals for pure recreational enjoyment and it was seriously starting to make me lose direction of where I wanted to go in life. He kept trying to offer me money, I seriously think I gave him well over $2000 worth of RC's which I had built up over a period of going on 2 or 3 years now, I declined his cash and said maybe one day I'll get in touch and hit you up or you can just give some back to me or whatever but to be honest, I really do not care any more. If I get caught with this shit I will lose any chance or oppurtunity I have with work, travelling and it was just getting beyond a joke. I worded him up about being careful and mixing and blah blah blah but he was already well aware of all of this and said "don't worry I know more about these than most people" which was kind of comforting, but I was still a little worried of the consequences if shit hit the fan because some of the others were starting to ask him for drugs that probably weren't the best to be taking at that time of day/afternoon and mixing with all the other shit they were taking.

He offered me more and more shit, more GHB, more speed, more money and I just said "man it is just a total blowout to meet a fucking crazy crowd like your own and hang out with you guys, all I ask is that you stay in touch and I get to catch up with you again at some stage down the track" and they all agreed and said fuck oath, I got a few email addresses and whatnot so we shall see how that goes.

After more and more dancing around and frapping and talking absolute shit and comparing lifetyles and lives and interests and blowing out at each others differences and having those cool tweaked out acid/speed conversations you do about life, love, living, the world I decided to make my way back to my friends house as I wasn't sure how he'd feel that I'd just disappeared at stupid o'clock in the morning without word. I think it was around 6pm by the time I finally left this rare party. I said my goodbyes and a lot of people just were of the general consensus that I was a fucking bizarre and interesting addition to their little gathering. They thanked me, kiss kissed, said goodbye and I was on my way. I was starting to feel seriously scatterbrained and fried and sideways and bent as all fuck but was loving it. I feel like I'd made a decent decision but still had urges of paranoia for their safety after I left them, but I thoroughly warned and stressed to them not to take anything until they had sobered up and got a decent working pair of scales, if anything I think I scared a few of them off a lot of them which I'm glad for, I was really only giving it to the HST guy as he was an incredibly interesting character who obviously would have gotten a whole lot more out of them than I had.

I walked the couple of blocks back to my mates place and talked to a couple of random strangers on the way back. Such a strange and bizarre world. Everyone seems so enclosed and even though there are so many people, it's like, I dunno, a stranger existence, smaller simple pleasures. I bumped into one guy in the street to ask for directions and I asked him "so what do you do?" and he said "I'm a butcher" and I asked "and what do you do with yourself when you're not butchering" he simply replies "I dunno, skate, listen to music, fuckin love it" and I just thought "fuck yeah, the good life" and we laughed and talked a bit more and we parted ways. Talked to a few other strange cats and had a giggle and finally made it back to my friends place. KNocked on his door and he answered it and goes "where the fuck have you been?" and I suddenly felt as if I had just been on a fucking 20 year holiday to another fucking country. I just said "man you have no idea the weird shit that has gone on today"

So we sat down, I told him about my night, we laughed, watched Roman Polanski's The Tenant, he gave me some tranquiliser, no idea what it was, and I dropped the last half a xanax I had left over in my wallet and veg'd out. I tried sleeping on his couch again but it wasn't happening, His mum had cooked me a full blown roast meal and I suddenly realised I had eaten absolutely fuck all in the past 3 days, maybe 1 McDonalds meal and a little bit of party food. I've actually lost like 8 or 9 kilo's in the past couple of months with ridiculous drinking and lack of care for my wellbeing but I feel after this strange fucked up year it's been I kind of deserved it.

I tried sleeping still but I was still wired as fuck from the speed and 2C-E and whatever else I'd taken. I just stayed at my friends until about midnight and thought I'd best head off. I left his place and on the way to my car I suddenly felt really sick, I felt close to spewing but had very little in my stomach to vomit so just went for a walk to try and ease up. I was still feeling pretty mellow and zen and what-have you and just strolled around and listened to the streets breathing some more. I could hear more cool conversations, some chick throwing her boyfriend out of the apartment and dumping his clothes out of the 7th storey window and landing on the footpath right in front of me, managed to somehow stumble across the random party I'd found and poked my head over the fence and said "are you guys still going?" and they looked up at me but it looked like shit had gotten intensely weird and they were all extremely extremely bent and they just looked at me as if I were an alien and said "DO YOU STILL EXIST?", so I just took that as a sign it was just gonna be a whole new ballgame if I went in and kept walking.  I got back to the car and started making my way back to the Western Suburbs. The acid was still doing funny things to me and Triple J was playing some fucking cool as minimal dark-ish dubstep which was a great way to finish off. The drive was confusing as fuck and even though I only had to follow the fucking freeway I still managed to get lost which was kind of funny.

I finally got back to find my other friend still awake watching TV, he told me of his massive weekend, we exchanged stories, he was still wired too and we stayed up until around 6am this morning until I finally managed to squeeze in about 2 or 3 hours sleep. All in all I was awake Saturday morning 10am until 6am this morning (Monday), which is probably the longest I've ever stayed awake.

I feel pretty fried but I have had the most intense weekend I've had in a fucking long time and met some of the craziest people I never thought possible. I have just seen the weirdest side to city living and it's been fucking amazing. I was not jealous or like wanting to get keyed in to any of it I was just loving wandering around meeting new people and talking shit with strangers. At one point I had a revelation about the yuppies that they were so different about things. Say for instance I'd have a packet of cigarettes, I'd leave it on the table and it's go for gold, help yourself, help yourself to my shit, my beer, my smokes, I don't care. I'm liberal as fuck and at some stage one guy goes "you are way too generous" and I just said I have a different view of materialism and sharing and whatever. My shit is your shit if I'm in good company and I've enjoyed talking to you then I'm more than happy to share the love. Melbournites or maybe even city slickers in general, because their living is so tight and cramped that what little pleasures they have they hold really close and are seriously not keen on sharing. I'd be sitting down and there'd be a girl smoking a cigarette and I'd ask for one and she'd say "didn't you have a packet?" and I'd say "yeah it's inside somewhere" and she'd say "um I'd rather you smoke your own" after I'd just given out a shitload of smokes and whatnot to them, I realised these guys are seriously rat-raced and it's dog eat dog and hold your fucking cards close and don't share shit because it does matter that you paid $10 for a packet of smokes and noone is going to get one free iota of generosity out of you. Perhaps they were all just fried and scattered, I dunno. It didn't make me angry it just made me see how different our worlds were, I was of some kind of communal weird sharing-is-caring way and these people were just tight ass yuppies. Don't get me wrong, loved them all to bits but it was just a total blowout, especially in my fried condition. Although it's fair to say that I may have just come across as a total free-loader and had crashed their party and started taking their shit but I gave ample offerings of cigarettes (guy would give me one, I'd give him 3 back when I found my packet etc), bought them drinks, chocolate as a thanks for the hospitality (as if giving them a box of research chemicals wasn't enough ha) and whatnot. I dunno, strange times.

A lot of strange revelations and made me see how much I've changed as a person over the past year or so, from the star-struck days of living in Hobart having mystical experiences on mountains at bush doofs to now just crashing around the streets getting pushed further into revelations of reality itself and the world and people in it, and a lot myself too. After this weekend suddenly I feel strangely confident and happier about who I am and what I do and there was no guilt or self-disapproval about what I'm doing in life. I suddenly feel pretty happy and normal since my ex dumped me a few months ago. Things are starting to balance out and it looks like if I move up here it's just going to be another whole new weird world and chapter in my life.

Fucking weird times we live in.

So yeah, as far as the trip goes I think it's played a pretty big part in the past year of my life, I feel like it's ended this one and it's time for a new chapter. I dunno where I'll go from now, it's cool though I feel massively refreshed and happy and even though I only went into town I feel like I just did a round the world trip. What's strange is that the trips are starting to lose the magical "godly glow" but I think that phase of my psychedelic use has phased out as I've kind of grown and changed as a person and it's just done different things to me that I've needed at the time. Acid and shrooms used to kick the shit out of me and I'd have mad godly revelations and God would show his face and kick me up the ass and say "what the fuck are you doing?" but now I don't know if He's given up on me and moved on or just shown me what's what and let me go on doing whatever it is I'm doing. I dunno, it's strange, in a way I'm kind of sad to see all that magic disappear but at the same time I'm stoked I can start enjoying them on a more grounded level in social settings. There was a time when I'd shit myself about doing psychs in public or at parties but I think I'm just loosening up and learning to be happy and comfortable with who I am, dunno, a lot of strange personal development going on.

Fucked knows what's gonna happen when I actually do start travelling.

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Re: 2C-E, acid, speed, GHB, valium, random tranquiliser, xanax, weed, booze, nitrous - losing control? [Re: indica]
    #11366245 - 11/02/09 01:02 AM (8 years, 9 months ago)

Good read and thanks for sharing man . good luck on the new chapter as well and good vibes from me to you:gethigh:

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Re: 2C-E, acid, speed, GHB, valium, random tranquiliser, xanax, weed, booze, nitrous - losing control? [Re: indica]
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pretty epic man...:thumbup:


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Re: 2C-E, acid, speed, GHB, valium, random tranquiliser, xanax, weed, booze, nitrous - losing control? [Re: Lucas89]
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mad as :thumbup:

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Re: 2C-E, acid, speed, GHB, valium, random tranquiliser, xanax, weed, booze, nitrous - losing control? [Re: indica]
    #11371303 - 11/02/09 07:45 PM (8 years, 9 months ago)

Mate, this was a great read. Took me fucking FOREVER seeing as I'm at work, but I enjoyed it immensley.

Victims; aren't we all?

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Re: 2C-E, acid, speed, GHB, valium, random tranquiliser, xanax, weed, booze, nitrous - losing control? [Re: Butta]
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The uh, original would have been better. Rushed as since the computer crashed.

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Re: 2C-E, acid, speed, GHB, valium, random tranquiliser, xanax, weed, booze, nitrous - losing control? [Re: indica]
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Good shit dude, that sounds like one insane adventure.

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