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I am Laughter

Registered: 07/19/09
Posts: 14
Last seen: 5 years, 8 months
Checking Out: My first level 5 shroom (or anything) experience
    #11324865 - 10/26/09 04:22 PM (8 years, 9 months ago)

EDIT: If you don't want to read the whole thing, perhaps just read the last paragraph where I ask for advice. It would be much appreciated.

So me and a couple that I'm friends with decided one night around midnight to enter the halls of the mushroom.  They ate about 3 grams each, and I ate about 4g, and 1.5g of aborts. :grin:  I had always heard they were more potent per gram, and now I'm pretty much a believer.  The come up was pretty normal for me, things moved and twisted at first getting more pronounced.  The moment I realized that I was really going to go for a ride, I looked down at the floor and it was a sea of hardwood, as if I could dive into its swirling waters.  Then I looked that the TV which had the PS3 planets turning on it.  It had become a window into space and I was sure that if I jumped through it I would be flying in orbit.  I couldn't stand up any more so I sat down in the spot I decided earlier was going to be the safe zone, an old chair.  My friend had on a hoodie with a shark on the back, and it swam at me through the air which immediately turned to water.  There I was under water with a hungry shark charging me.  Super scary but fun in the way an amusement park is.  This line of thinking is how everything I'm going to describe remained awesome and not scary as hell.  So I'm underwater and I realize you can't fucking breathe underwater and started drowning for a second, but immediately diverted my thoughts and the water was gone.  I was breathing heavy at this point because shit was getting crazy.  Having a blast, I concentrated on my breathing for a few seconds.  The heavy breathing. . . I was having sex, no that's impossible... but I was.  I snapped out of it and told Sarah what happened, she didn't think I meant it literally and I didn't try to explain.  I told Jason that I was really about to check the fuck out of reality.  Oh yeah! :crazy2:

Having *some* idea what I was in for I laid my head back in the chair and saw the candle light dancing in 3D on the ceiling that resembled more of a lunar surface than anything.  I glanced around the room and the planets from the TV were now floating around the room.  I blinked and they were gone.  We were playing some "In Flames" album on the PS3 so I closed my eyes and was standing in hell.  Demons were dancing, and there was fire and molten rock flowing everywhere, Satan was on his throne laughing.  It was wild.  The lava rose and engulfed me.  I was in the core of the Earth floating in the molten rock.  This whole time I’m breathing heavy, I was on a roller coaster ride, and intentional controlled breathing helped me stay somewhat oriented.  The body buzz had started getting intense at this point and that’s when I felt hands moving across my body.  I opened my eyes looked to see who was touching me and Jason and Sarah were having sex.  I exclaimed, "Are you guys having sex!?!?".  They laughed and said, “no, no sex”.  The pleasure was getting pretty intense.  I laid back and looked at this gothic candle and it appeared on the ceiling, it was the music incarnate.  I sat up and looked at another candle and flame was a high pitch ringing that was deafening.  I put my hands over my ears and said “the fire is deafening.”  Sarah said its ok there's no fire.  Not wanting her to worry I explained what I meant.  Laid my head back again and Jason walked across the ceiling then teleported across the room.  One side of my face liquefied and flowed away.  Closing my eyes I was in the frozen forest of Narnia and the White Witch was standing in front of me talking to me.  This can’t be real.  Wait… IT’S NOT!  Holy shit.  I snapped back to reality for a moment, things were starting to make less and less sense.  Jason decided he would help me out so he went around and started looking for toys. :grin:  I laid back and looked at the gothic candle again.  I had to throw it at the ceiling but I didn’t.  I told my friends that everything was ok and I was having a great time but to keep an eye out because I didn’t want to accidently break their things.  They laughed and said I was fine.  The room and everything in it was surrounded by prismatic halos.  I was floating in space surrounded by the planets that used to be on the television, I was fathoms under the water, breathing just fine.  “Hah, I can breathe underwater now.”

Then Jason walks out of his bedroom with a Plasma Lamp.

It wasn’t long before my arms were arcing electricity and the room became a giant plasma lamp with electricity arcing everywhere and through me.  “I am electric!!!”  I played with that for quite a while it seemed.  That was a really awesome experience.  I looked at the candle again and my left arm turned to fire, I held it up to look at it and the fire shot into the sky.  Where’d the fucking ceiling go, oh there it is.

My head felt like it came off my body and started spinning away, my limbs followed shortly after.  Jason brought out a laughing terminator skull with blinking red eyes, and suddenly they were everywhere laughing.  SO scary.  I was laughing from the terror, it was great!  Jason got a pumpkin stuffed toy… “EVIL PUMPKINS EVERYWHERE!!!”, barely containing my amusement.  Then he said, “No no it’s a happy pumpkin”.  Low and behold it was, in fact, a happy pumpkin.  Ok.  I’m back to reality for a second.  POW, I was pushed back into my chair; bats were flowing out of the room to the right of me… I was feeling the most intense pleasure I’ve ever felt.  I told my friends I wish I could share this with them.  They said I was.  I said that I was so grateful for these mushrooms.  I was in different parts of the room, not knowing where I was actually at in the room.  The bats were still coming.  I exclaimed, “I AM HALLOWEEN!”  The shadows of the room moved and swayed with the metal music, they were alive and started swirling in towards me.  “I AM AUTUM!”  “I’m becoming seasons, I’m Santa Claus.”  “I’m a guitar.”  I was describing what I was experiencing the best that I could.  I knew my friends were there and were having a good time but I couldn’t see them, or my eyes were closed I don’t know.  Voices started talking to me, there was blissful laughter.  You know the distorted background voice that speaks in response to the lyrics of the Korn song, “Freak on a leash”.  That was what I heard everywhere talking, laughing, not scary, but eerie ecstasy.  I thought there were more people there.  How many people were here to begin with?  I realized it was a hallucination. I opened my eyes and brilliant points of light, green and purple, were everywhere, “Stars and light everywhere!”  “Am I slurring my words?”  Jason told me no.  I laughed. Laughter was everywhere.  I started laughing harder and was consumed by it for what seemed an eternity.  Everything was laughter…

“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM LAUGHTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

I existed in more than one place at the same time and half of me kept disappearing.  I tumbled through space and nothingness giggling.  “Nothing makes any sense”, I said laughing.  I think Jason and Sarah were laughing too, but who the hell knows.  All the while the voices were speaking unintelligible truths to me.  My thoughts were uncontrollable, and I couldn’t concentrate on one thing for more than a moment.  The hands were back caressing me.  I wondered if I was still there and wondered what I was doing back the in real world.  I’m not sure how the thought came into my head, but somehow I imagined that I might have hurt someone... did I kill them?  I did. OH MY GOD  NO!!!!!!!!  Absolute horror.  I realized that it wasn’t real and went back to the pleasure, knowing from what I had felt in my soul, that I am not capable of murder.  I was reassured that I was a good person.

“I am Dr. Manhattan.”  I played with the fabric of the universe.  I was the room, it flowed through me.  I felt the music.  “I am God.”  “I am Everything.”  Then I was gone.  Total destruction of self.  To me it seemed as if I was consumed in bliss.  I knew I was saying something important.  I have no clue what it was, and after the fact my friends said I was talking some crazy shit about existence and the universe. I don’t know how long I was gone, only that it was perfect.

A few weeks before this, I had eaten 5.5g of normal dried shrooms.  Until then I had only eaten 3 or 4g at a time.  It was the first time I had eaten that much.  It was pretty intense but was more like a level 3 or 4.  I had never gotten sick from shrooms until then.  Luckily I had a little help and got cleaned up and back on track.  Now here is my challenge…  This time about 20 minutes after I peaked, somewhere after the 2 hour mark, suddenly I was back from blissful oblivion.  I was disoriented, the room shifted and split and spun.  I started to get sick.  Having never “gone that far” before I didn’t know what to expect exactly.  I ended up puking again… and what followed in the next half hour to an hour was truly nightmarish.

I had a round table “understanding” with God, Satan, and my dead grandmother.  Believe me I understood nothing except that I was dying.  I got very violently sick a couple of times.  My grandmother died of kidney cancer last June, and she was really more like my mother than a grandmother, and I took care of her under the guidance of a hospice in her last days.  Her suffering was short and we think she probably died of a stroke.  It was a merciful gift to her and me but it took about two days.  I can’t remember how long exactly because I was up the whole time doing my best to make her comfortable.  She regained consciousness a couple of times for a few seconds.  The last time she told me she loved me.

With this in mind, I realized I was dying of a stroke and that was why things weren’t “good” anymore. Eventually I accepted the fact that I was dying and kept it to myself.  In case it was the shrooms talking I didn’t want fuck up my friends’ trip.  I basically decided to have faith in myself that I didn’t kill myself even though all the signs seemed to suggest I was at the end of my life.  Jason did a good job helping me get out of the clothes that got a little soiled and I didn’t end up fucking up their trip mostly because I just kept my mouth shut.  I kept thinking I was dying, and kept saying “It’s cool, I’ll be fine. I’m fine.”  They asked me every now and then, are you ok?  They were having a good time.  I said, “I don’t know but I trust myself and I’m sure everything will be ok.” :crazy2: After a little while I wasn’t dead.  I figured I must be coming down and it was going to be fine.  With my time perception being all out of whack I thought that it had taken too long to come down.  I kept checking the time but couldn’t make sense of it.  So whatever happened I was permanently tripping.  I was officially insane, and there’s no coming down from crazy.  What do they do with people like me?  Will someone take care of me?  Who can I trust?  No one.  Again, I had faith in myself that I knew what I was doing when I ate them and everything would be fine.  So despite being sure that I was going to be dumped at a hospital by my friends at some point after I passed out, I kept my mouth shut.

Eventually, I ended up being able to have a coherent conversation for a couple of minutes and realized everything was REALLY ok.  I realized I entered into my own personal hell because the shrooms made me sick.  And every time I felt a little nauseous the bad trip tried to come back.  At this point I had it all figured out and was in control of my attitude again.  So my friends and I talked about what we had just experienced, and I asked them if they had a good time and they told me that they had a great time.  I thanked them for helping me “maintain” after I got sick, and I explained that I now understood why I lived a nightmare for a bit.  They thanked me for “taking them with me” on the first part of the trip.  We were still tripping; they were having a good time which was all I really cared about at this point.  So was I for the most part, but the nausea kept breaking up my atmosphere.  I spent most of my time thinking about what just happened and concluded that it was a great time despite the sickness.  I would just file the sickness away and forget about it.  Later, I learned just as you can’t forget a great level 5 experience, you can’t forget a bad experience either.  So I have to go back; to make peace; to win over the sickness.  And armed with my new knowledge everything will be fine.  I just have to find a way to avoid the sickness.

I’ve decided not to go the mushroom tea route just yet.  I don’t know if it will be as intense.  I’m assuming it will, but I’m not sure. I tried ginger coffee last time and that obviously didn’t work.  And the time before that I tried ginger tea.  Next I will just grind them up and put them in a chocolate bar with some ginger.  I don’t chew them well enough anyway and I have hope that grinding them will solve the problem.  If not, truly knowing that the sickness is the problem will enable me to snap back into a good time pretty quickly I think.  I’ll try tea at some point.  I just want to make sure I get back to L5 and have the kind of intensity that I had last time.  One of my friends has been to level 5 accidently (against my advice he ate too much before he was ready).  He couldn’t deal with it and doesn’t plan on going back.  I don’t know if my friends can be any help except to help me not make a mess.  I’m the pioneer of the group.  As far as tripping on shrooms is concerned I’m the expert.  Keeping the trip under control falls to me.  I would welcome the advice of any of you real experts on how to get a Level 5 downward spiral back under control.  And is mushroom tea capable of producing the intensity and length I’m looking for?  I am definitely going back and the potential doesn’t scare me because I know the good part will be great even if I can’t remove the sickness.  I’m capable and willing to endure it. :grin:

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Master Baiter

Registered: 09/26/09
Posts: 43
Loc: Imaginationland
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Re: Checking Out: My first level 5 shroom (or anything) experience [Re: Kallale]
    #11329781 - 10/27/09 07:38 AM (8 years, 9 months ago)

Maybe I am talking out my ass here, but I have always considered a level 5 trip as something special. Not something that you can say take *insert certain dosage here*  and you get a level 5 trip. A level 5 is supposed to be more than just a very very very intense trip its supposed to be a life altering one. I am pretty sure I was reading a quote by shulgan and he was stating that a level 5 trip was something a psychedelic user might only achieve a few times in their life. I mean sure you can trip really really hard every time if you take enough, but I just don't think you are going to get a level 5 every time. And to answer your question. I really like tea, it is possible it might weaken it a little bit but you can always just add more mushrooms and the effects come on VERY fast (when I make tea I am usually feeling it before I manage to finish the tea off). When I make tea all I ever do is heat up water to boiling in the microwave. Add powdered shrooms, let cool until its drinkable and bottoms up. I find that the taste is much easier to live with than dry cubies and I have heard that the stomach discomfort is reduce for those that experience it (i never have had a problem with feeling sick from mushrooms, but I know people that do).Another method I really like is Hot Coco Mix, it completely masks the taste and the little marshmallows are fun.

I order the club sandwich all the time, and man, i don't know how I get away with it, I'm not even a member.

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I am Laughter

Registered: 07/19/09
Posts: 14
Last seen: 5 years, 8 months
Re: Checking Out: My first level 5 shroom (or anything) experience [Re: shoottomaim]
    #11330651 - 10/27/09 12:16 PM (8 years, 9 months ago)

I only used the term level 5 because I lost contact with reality and shortly thereafter experienced ego death.  I've never experienced ego death on any drug until that night. (Not that I've done a bunch of them. I'm very picky.) This trip definitely was something special and I'm still not quite sure what to make of the "bad" comedown, other than accepting my death at the time seems to have removed my worries about death for now.  This has happened once before without psychedelics as well.

It is true that ego death or what I call divine union is a gift and not something you can force since it requires that you relinquish your grasp on everything. But I have some experience in letting go. Though many will not believe me I have experienced ego death through meditation on one occasion years ago, having my identity voided and merging with the whole (whatever you would like to call it). That altered me irrevocably. The most incredible thing is that the sensation from it happening on Shrooms was very similar to what happened through meditation. The core of the experience was the same, the elimination of the ego = perfect bliss. This makes perfect sense after all. My beliefs hold that without the suffering of the ego there is only perfect bliss.  I can definitely believe that I may not be able to get back there as easily as I think since I haven't be able to attain that kind of grace through meditation more than once. Hopefully I'm lucky.

My trip almost seems as if something slapped me in the face and said "You need to get back on track spiritually, this is truth. Remember." Having entered that state now through two different paths, I am now becoming a believer that certain psychedelics hold the potential to help one achieve at least some of the same benefits as meditation.

Thanks for the advice and input it was truely appreciated and very helpful. I'll definitely try the tea or coco, wish me luck.

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 User Gallery

Registered: 08/29/09
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Re: Checking Out: My first level 5 shroom (or anything) experience [Re: Kallale]
    #11331901 - 10/27/09 03:55 PM (8 years, 9 months ago)

If you don't like the taste of tea, you could leave it cool down in the freezer or fridge and add orange/pineapple/blackcurrent squash.
Liberty caps are out in the uk, they contain little fleas that hop out as they dry & bacteria etc. This year I've been pouring hot water over them in a cup, stirring, drinking and then downing the mushrooms afterwards: tastes terrible but I think it's slightly more potent than boiling for 10+ minutes/ drinking.

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