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October Forecast
    #11176916 - 10/03/09 09:31 PM (8 years, 11 months ago)



The main theme for October is Preparation. There are many sub-themes that fall under this one main theme; Choice, Balance, Conservation, Intention, Flexibility, Alignment with Spirit, Trust, Movement, Focus, and, last but not least, Leading with the Heart.
The difference between September's influences and October's energy is the potential ease of action. This month should bring an easier flow to things and more movement in areas that have felt difficult and constipated energetically. The hard work and discipline of September was like blazing a new trail, anchoring a new pattern that will now affect much of your experience. It is not exactly a "sit back and enjoy" kind of influence, but it does allow for more higher centered experiences of beauty, inner tranquility and the "rightness" of your life.

This month is still disciplined and could still support you in very hard work. There is a difference between hard work and struggle or effort. Hard work feels good when it is aligned with spirit and when you know you are on the right track. The theme of preparation this month refers to being prepared for the times to come. When preparing for a hard long winter, many things need to be considered. It is always important to know where you are sheltering, to have enough food, resources, fuel, warmth, projects for long nights, good books to read, friends nearby etc.. There are major astrological influences beginning at the end of this month that will affect the planet in a major way bringing possible chaos and uncertainty and definite change. Preparedness is crucial, and to prepare well many things need to be considered.


The choices that you make this month should be ones that are aligned with spirit. If you are ambivalent and unable to make a necessary choice, you are in a position of weakness. Chances are the choice will be made for you from the outside and possibly not in the way you would choose. It is imperative that you make your own choices where you need to and that the choices are never made from a place of fear. Remember that all things are possible now more than ever as we have greater access to the void, to the creative source, to the quantum field. You may be faced with some rather large choices this month as certain events or situations arise that require change. Remember to do your research, be pragmatic and practical, let go of previous expectations, be in gratitude and forgiveness, and most of all, follow your heart instead of your head. It is important to be practical for the present time rather than be gambling and risk taking for the future. Take it now, do it now, buy it now, sell it now, quit it now, start it now. It is never a better time than now.


Balance this month refers to becoming comfortable with the ebb and flow of the natural cycles. There is balance in the letting go of what is already on its way out. There is balance in the planting of new seeds. There is balance in allowing for right timing, honoring synchronicity, waiting when you need to, acting quickly when you need to, being decisive, being patient, being flexible when you need to be, being certain, focused and determined when needed. Be comfortable during the times when nothing seems to be happening as well as the times that feel so overwhelming and chaotic. The pendulum swings may appear almost manic. Find your balance. It will help you ride out the storm.


Conservation is important in any preparation. Know what you have. Know where your energy is going. Don't buy what is not necessary even if it is on sale. Be practical. Be conservative especially with your personal energy. Watch for situations that are energy leaks. Learn to delegate and accept help. October is a time to absorb power and energy, filling up the reservoir for times to come. Spend time around powerful places, in doing practices of power, absorb the energy of the sun and honor all the sources of power around you. Acknowledge your own inner wisdom and talents as sources of power for you. Conserve against spending your energy in ways that does not serve you. Make choices against energy leaks and for empowerment opportunities.


Intention is big this month. There is a lot of creativity verging on chaos. The strongest intentions will be the ones that will manifest. So know what you want and put your intentions out to spirit. Make sure your intentions are aligned with spirit and are for you only. It is not up to you to set intentions for others, you cannot intend something for another person. You can however intend for your experience to include others being in your life in a way that is aligned with spirit and brings you joy and harmony. Having good strong clear intentions is similar to setting a raft up perfectly aligned to run a rapid with very little effort. The rapids are out there and they are gnarly. But if you are prepared with the right intentions, choices and practices, you will navigate them with very little effort and they will be thrilling and empowering instead of frightening. Do not consider the limiting beliefs of others or even your own limited beliefs of the past when setting your intentions. Remember that anything is possible at this time as we are moving from one vibrational experience of life to another much higher one.


Flexibility is a key to being satisfied and happy, If you become too attached to your expectations, you may find yourself martyred and miserable when things don't turn out they way you imagined. When you set strong intentions aligned with spirit and when you give your choices over to spirit, you have to trust that what comes is right. Resisting what comes and being inflexible about the process will only bring stress and irritability. Be very careful not to blame others in what appears to go wrong. Practice the attitude that nothing goes wrong when it is of spirit. Spirit does not make mistakes, and there are no wrong choices or outcomes, just the wrong reaction or attitude about the outcome. So leave the universe lots of room to manifest and be in acceptance about what comes. There is always a bigger picture and a greater reason for everything.

Alignment with Spirit

How do you know when something is aligned with spirit or not? It has to do with the motivation behind your choices. If the motivation behind your choices are a greater inner well-being and choosing for your own happiness and what you know in your heart is right, then you are aligned with spirit. If the motivation is fear of repercussion from others, fear of loss, fear of change or placing someone else's happiness, security and well-being above your own, you are probably not aligned with spirit. The only exception here would be a karmic responsibility that you may have with another person, such as a child, to care for their well-being. However in those situations, if it is truly a karmic agreement it would not feel like a burden but rather like a service.


These times require trust. Trust in spirit, trust in your own heart, trust in others, trust in the rightness of the planetary situation, trust in right timing and trust in your own choices and decisions. Trust is not an intellectual thing. It has to do with your intuition and gut feelings. You will need to become comfortable with not knowing and comfortable with trusting that all will turn out as it should. The collective is not a moron. We do know what we are up to as a collective consciousness. There is a plan. It is just the personality that does not trust what it cannot touch, see and feel. It wants to be in control and gives itself way more importance than it really has. The personality needs to be placated and distracted while spirit does its work. Placate it with practices, rituals, plans, intentions and "to do" lists. As long as you know who is really in the driver's seat and are willing to trust.


Take advantage of the movement this month. You may feel more energized physically as well as observe fewer obstacles to getting things done. There is movement in communication, movement in alliances and cooperative efforts, movement in decisions as well as literal movement as in moving locations. Some of you may move into a new living situation, some of you may move offices or jobs or schools, some of you may move investments and money around. All of this is a repositioning as a way to become better prepared. Movement is also physical movement of the body. Hiking, biking, travel, connecting with people and places, moving things and people out of your life and moving things and people into your life. As mentioned before, there is no better time than the present to give away, buy, sell, trade, take, quit, start as a way to prepare.


There are many distractions during times of movement, chaos and change. Staying focused is a discipline and a good companion to your intentions. Grounding and anchoring during times of instability requires that you focus on something regular. If you make a choice or an intention, keep your eye on the goal. A lack of focus will lead to uncertainty, ambivalence, and ultimately a loss of power. If there is chaos around you, keep your focus through your daily practices. Focus on your connection to spirit if there is little else you understand. If much is not clear in your life, focus on and put energy into what is clear. If you lack focus and lack energy and feel overwhelmed, focus on something small and doable with gratitude. Focus on your own well-being and happiness. Focus on your own truth. Focus on what you know in your heart to be right.

Leading with the Heart

This has been a major theme this whole year; learning to trust the heart and allowing the heart to make the decisions instead of the mind and using the mind as a tool in service to the heart instead of the other way around. This requires trust, a good connection to spirit and a willingness to be flexible and to let go of the expectations of the mind. This is perhaps the best preparation for the times to come that you can do. Despite what your rational mind tries to convince you of, go with what you feel is right in your heart. The planet is shifting from an intellectual cycle to an emotional one. It is imperative that we learn to be with the experience of life from the place of the heart instead of the machinations of the mind. The mind is a very useful tool and can help the heart to organize its intentions but the heart still needs to be the driver. The emotional center of the year is providing us an opportunity to get with the program and to shift our belief system from the one- dimensional one of the mind to the multi-dimensional one of the heart. This will take time and practice. You can start by not believing everything you think, hear, read or watch. Before making any decision, stop and "feel" if it is right.

Personal Growth and Well-Being

We have an opportunity to feel better prepared to live life the way it is that we have ever felt before. There is a chance to move beyond the attachments of old dysfunctions, wounds and trauma. There is an opportunity for seemingly miraculous shifts in mood, consciousness, attitude and satisfaction with self and others. Discipline and focus are still needed but enjoy the higher centered experiences of love, beauty, inspiration and connection to spirit.


This month it is all about support, asking for help as you prepare, not going about it alone, being in community, giving and receiving, and being in gratitude for your loved ones and all your relations. Relationship takes on a wider definition to include your relationship with sources of power, animals, nature, the elements and all of your support. Part of being prepared is in knowing that your 12 support positions are filled. (you can learn about the 12 positions through Mp3 audio available online). If you see gaps in your support make sure to do whatever you can to fill them as they will be an important source and anchor for you in the times to come. As always when we have change, some relationships will also change, some that are energy leaks will be eliminated and some that are coming into your life on a new wave of frequency will be strengthened.

Business, Finance, Projects, Partnerships

This is not the month start something new from scratch but rather a month to take what you already have and work with it. The exception would be ending something that needs completion because it no longer serves or is viable. We mentioned before that it is a good time to move money around. Invest in things you believe in. Invest in yourself, in your own business, in community efforts, in land, in conservation, in personal growth and education. Move towards partnerships and alliances from your heart and get support where before you were going about it alone. There is strength in numbers and that will become very obvious as we move more towards a cooperative planet rather than a competitive one. Look at all your resistances and turn them into trusting alliances. Be conservative with your resources but not constricted. Choose well what you buy and where you put your energy. If you are moving towards your goals through intentions aligned with spirit, this could be an incredibly abundant and prosperous month for you. The bottom line is, you better love what you do.

Climate, Weather and the Environment

Water, water and more water. I am reminded of the story of Noah's Ark. If taken symbolically rather than literally, water and the great flood is the emotional center clearing out the debris and the toxins of the mind, the mental process, and all the heartless decisions that were made during the past 2000 years. We take with us on this ride only what is necessary to continue life on the planet and insure diversity; our essence, both masculine and feminine; our talents and individuality; our tenacity, resourcefulness, resiliency and creativity. We will ride out the storm and create a new paradigm when the "waters recede" and things calm down.

The climatic literal weather on the planet always supports what is needed at the time. So expect water, turbulence, chaos, storms and events that will bring the global community together for a common uncompetitive purpose.

Physical Health and Well-Being

The body may be challenged this month as it tries to define symptoms that feel like a flu but not really, aches and pains in weird places, a dreamy state of un-focus, challenges with memory and thought process, interrupted sleep patterns, lethargy one day, incredible energy for movement the next and a variety of non-specific sensations alien to what it has known in the past. Be careful not to allow your mind to define your physical state. After all, your mind can only define from what it knows from the past. This is a new time with new energy and the body must adjust to a new frequency. Many of your symptoms will be energetic so feel into it before you run to the emergency room.

On the other hand it is important to prepare and care for the body by being vigilant at what goes into it and what needs to come out. It is a good time to do a liver cleanse, colon cleanse, eat well and eat local and freshly harvested foods as they contain necessary enzymes that help to strengthen you for any change. Remove whatever stress you can from your daily life. Eliminate all the things are not really and truly important.

Global Issue, Politics and the Economy

You will notice the gap widening between those who are holding on to their old attachments and expectations for dear life and those that are moving on with flexibility, acceptance and inspiration for what is possible in the future. The most important thing to remember is that the best help you can be to the planet at this difficult time is to do your own work. You cannot do the work for someone else and you cannot make the change for them. You can only show the way by your own example. On a global scale there will be more polarization and a wider gap between those moving forward and those clinging to the "good old days". And as the tension mounts, the rubber band will snap, and there will be repercussion, breakage, turmoil, blame, destruction and chaos. Out of the ashes however will always come new life, creativity, new ideas, leadership, collaboration and a new dream.

Important dates:

October 1-9: Take inventory of what you have, what you don't have, what you need, what you don't need. Take inventory of what you believe and why. Take inventory of your resources, security, and support positions. Take inventory of your plans, goals and intentions. Re-examine all of it. Re-examine your motivations, your priorities, and where you mind is still in charge. This is a time to sort out your life so that you can make some important choices from the heart in preparation for getting into the right alignment with spirit.

October 4: Full Moon at 12:10AM Mountain Daylight Time. This is an important time to take advantage of the support of movement and change. Use the time to make an important choice about something, perhaps something you have been putting off. Look at any place in your life you may have ambivalence and question the mind's position and the role it plays in keeping you from making a choice. Move deliberately to your heart and make the choice from there. Get some support today around something in your life that needs it. Reach out and connect to others.

October 10-18: This is time of narrow focus, doing what is in front of you, a busy time with lots of movement and breakthroughs. You can be very productive during this time if you put your mind to it. Watch the distractions and the energy leaks. Say no to things that are not useful for you in this time of preparation. Get support, ask for help, stay focused, work with your intentions.

October 17: New Moon at 11:33PM Mountain Daylight Time. A good day for planning and organization. Work with your intentions, make a plan, do something for yourself. If spirit has shown you a direction you need to go or a choice that needs to be made, take the steps necessary to bring that about. This is a practical and focused time. Take advantage of it. If you need to get clarity on something, ask for help.

October 19-24: A time when chaos is possible. Beware of feeling overwhelmed, of Martyrdom, blame or self induced stress. Examine all your expectations. Where are they coming from? Get back to the center of your heart. Spend some time in nature with the truth of things that are a constant such as nature and the elements. The instinctive center may be stimulated at this time due to world or climatic events or phenomena. Keep your center through your practices and through trust in spirit. If you find yourself questioning some of your choices and falling into ambivalence, take a deep breath and let it alone for a while. Sleep on it and revisit the situation the following morning. Remember that this is a process and not a done deal. Stay in gratitude and in your heart.

October 25-31: An unstable time when you may feel physically, mentally and emotionally not yourself, slightly off, ungrounded and unfocused. Do not go into fear but rather choose something little and simple but significant to focus on for grounding and anchoring. It could be a practice or a task. This is the time when astrologically the planet is affected by forces of change, death and rebirth. You may find the security structures around you, whether they are people you rely on, work, business, daily support, suddenly not being there in the same way. This is where your preparedness for riding out the storm needs to include flexibility, trust in spirit, humor and support. You are getting ready to board the ark with only what is most important to you. Be inspired by the adventure of it all! It is crucial not to buy into what others believe and even into what your mind tells you. More than ever this time requires trust in the heart and in spirit and in what you know deep inside to be right and true. Enjoy the ride!




"This day is a lover..."


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Re: October Forecast [Re: Nunbuh_Chrubble]
    #11178572 - 10/04/09 03:54 AM (8 years, 11 months ago)

By the time I read that whole topic, october has already past!

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I'm just a kittycat
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Re: October Forecast [Re: Diaboleros]
    #11182064 - 10/04/09 08:02 PM (8 years, 11 months ago)

LOL. Yeah, it's long, but worth it.

Get off your ass and start preparing to meet your (physical/spiritual/personal) goals.


"This day is a lover..."


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