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Registered: 08/23/99
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I think someone drugged me!!
    #1085519 - 11/25/02 10:21 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Saturday night I was chillin in my garage when my next-door neighbors come out (2 single girls in their late 20s). They were going to a birthday party for a freind of theirs at the Blue Note and they invited me to come along. My wife didn't want to go but she told me to go ahead and have fun. So I went.

Fast forward a few hours....we are in nightclub called Drai's. I had only had a couple beers up to this point. I got a 151 and coke to sip while at the club and hit the dance floor for a bit with my neighbor, leaving my drink at the table with our group. Eventually I finished the drink and also had one more beer which was brought to the table by someone else. Not long after we headed back to my neighbors house (along with a group of about 10 people) to play some cards.

I nioticed I was feeling pretty fucked-up and I thought it was strange becauses I didn't have that much to drink. Last thing I remember was playing some cards with all these people at my neighbors house.

Next thing I know.....I wake up on my neighbors floor and it is 11:00 am Sunday morning!! And I still feel all fucked up! I stumble home (next-door) and my wife is pissed!! She had no idea where I was (even though I was right next-door) but she can tell I am in no condition to argue. I fell over on the couch and immediately passed out again. I slept till 5:00pm, woke up for some dinner and a shower, and was back in bed by 7:00 pm. And I still felt kinda groggy when I got up for work this morning (Monday)!!!

It wasn't until today at work that I started thinking about it. I drink fairly regularly and I know my limits and how much I can handle. And I know for a fact that I DID NOT exceed my limits that night. So my only conclusion is that someone slipped me a mickey somewhere along the line.

I know it wouldn't be my neighbors (they are cool) and none of their freinds seemed like the type either, so I'm inclined to believe it was someone at Drai's. I did notice there were quite a few gay guys at the club and I saw more than one of 'em checking me out (this was the reason for dancing with and staying close to my neighbor while there). So maybe it was one of them? Maybe it was some other chick? Maybe it was just a randomn act of stupidity? Who knows? It sure ruined my fucking weekend though!! I'm just glad it didn't end up any worse than it did!!

You invented the wheel....You push the motherfucker!!

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Viral Agent

Registered: 08/30/02
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1085524 - 11/25/02 10:22 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Fucked up people man..
I'd check to see if you're walking funny...

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Madmin Emeritus?

Registered: 06/01/02
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1085571 - 11/25/02 10:34 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Sounds like somebody slipped you a Mickey Finn. It was probably white slavers who where going to Shanghai your ass to the Far East or Persia! You?re lucky to have narrowly escaped! :shocked:

Seriously, it sounds like maybe somebody slipped some GHB in your drink or something. Maybe it was somebody who had designs on one of your companions. That?s fucked up that people do that kind of shit? :crazy: :frown: :mad:


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Registered: 06/25/01
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: Papaver]
    #1085582 - 11/25/02 10:37 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

never trust fags.



"And I don't care if he was handcuffed
Then shot in his head
All I know is dead bodies
Can't fuck with me again"

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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1085590 - 11/25/02 10:39 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Call the club and tell them what happened. They may still be doing that to people there. Hopefully, they can catch them.


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mushroom lover
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Registered: 03/16/01
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1086741 - 11/26/02 05:31 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Are you shure that Drai's drinks are clean?
In Greece we have many bars selling "bomb" alchoolic drinks... They are low quality and "dirty" and can fuck your head up fast. They also give you very bad hangovers like the one you described.

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Registered: 04/22/02
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1087232 - 11/26/02 11:15 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

And if they DO ever catch the bastard, slip the security guy who finds him a 100 spot to go to the bathroom and leave the Perp. with you....

Then Slit is fuckin throat.


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Registered: 08/13/99
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: Papaver]
    #1087821 - 11/26/02 03:51 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

yeah maybe they were trying to nail your neighbors and got mixed up.

not that they wouldnt be after your ass or anything, just dont hear of guys gettin micky's that much. cuz i mean its a nice ass and all. i mean from what i can remember....its was dark and all..

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DSYSB since '01
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1087938 - 11/26/02 04:27 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

That is some scary shit dude...Could it have just been a bad reaction to the booze mixing with something else you took?

"Life has never been weird enough for my liking"

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Canadian SnowAngel

Registered: 08/28/01
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1088177 - 11/26/02 05:54 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

~same thing happened to my little sister at the bar, luckily she was with her friends and they took care of her. she was sick, felt like she had a bad ass hangover for a couple of days. she also said the same thing about feeling 'wierd' then waking up the next day all groggy & not knowing what the hell happened, and she only had 2 drinks!~
That is scary to think that some arsehole would do that to anybody!

:smile: hope you feel better! :smile: 


A Pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel down his pants
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1088642 - 11/26/02 09:26 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Woah, that is messed up! You were definately given something, I mean you have all the signs for after effects.

I kinda agree with Odin on this one, maybe they were going after the girls and put it in the wrong drink..

Either way you should definately tell the club management, because these people are predators and you don't want them hurting someone else.

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Runs withscissors

Registered: 08/11/99
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1093327 - 11/28/02 07:57 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Unless you just got really fucked up with a couple single chicks at a bar and partied with them afterwards and got even MORE fucked up at their house and did God knows what. Then stumbled home the next day and got in trouble with your old lady and told her you were drugged then posted this whole thing cuz you know she reads your posts.

Or else someone slipped something in your drink to gain butt-sex ...


Is the glass half-full or half-empty? I say it is both.

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flip-flop magician
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I think too... [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1093374 - 11/28/02 10:02 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Yup, sounds like you were drugged.
Doesn't sound like GHB to me (far too long lasting) so it's likely to be Benzodiazepine narcosis (Somebody dumped a ton of Valium/Xanax/Rohypnol etc. into your drink) since roofies etc. are also used for this kind of crime. It does not sound like you were slipped PCP/Ketamine or the like.

Allthough Benzo's generally are very safe, passing out on ANYTHING is not. You might have gone into respiratory or cardiac arrest and have died, since oral anaesthesia is very dangerous.

Slipping people drugs is highly unethical, but slipping people drugs to the point of passing out... I'd call that attempted murder and the one responsible really should be jailed for it.
Consider yourself very lucky. Generally recovery is complete if no serious hypoxia has occured.

Rule #1: never leave a glass standing unemptied :smirk:


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Registered: 07/17/02
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1093838 - 11/28/02 02:49 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

I think your wife told them to drug you so she could spend the night living out her sexual fantasy type things with an animal named Brutis.

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Innocent as Hell
Registered: 06/22/00
Posts: 2,465
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: ToTheSummit]
    #1094039 - 11/28/02 03:44 PM (15 years, 1 month ago)

Maybe some guys at the bar wanted to hook up with the girls and thought you were a cockblock or something. Probably a benzo like alprazolam or clonazapam (more likely). They don't have much taste. That's horrible, I'm sure your wife will believe you though, after all, she IS your wife. At least you didn't stop breathing! I was reading in the paper there are some drink coasters that can detect ghb, etc. The paper said ghb was a hallucinogen used for date rape! These 2 girls got interviewed who used the coasters and they said they felt safer, as they were concurrenty becoming inebriated by alchohol inhibitions and good judgement slipping away. These people at the newspaper, dea, etc. fail to realize/accept alchohol is the #1 date rape drug! It's infuriating! Money should be spent on educating women about the perils of over indulgence instead of wasting it busting people for ghb. And the company who thought of making the coasters are rolling in the dough by feeding on increasing paranoia caused by sensationalist media! At least Oprah is not the drug czar!

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EnLigHTenD MiNDRancHeR
Registered: 03/14/02
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Re: I think someone drugged me!! [Re: Morphrying]
    #1094875 - 11/29/02 12:26 AM (15 years, 1 month ago)

yea dude, i would totally check the back area. maybe walk infront of a mirror to see if it looks like you are wearing m.c. hammer pants when u walk? i thought gays were suppose to be the kinder gentler man, like knit and fly kites and shit. guess not.

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