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{It's like this: there is a certain "quality" (for lack of a better term) of maturity and *CONFIDENCE* that very FEW men achieve before their late 20's,}

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This statement basically sums up your point in regards to why people should not experience psychadelics before the age of 30...

My response to this is that in some cases a young man who experiences psychadelics will reach this "certain 'quality' of maturity and *CONFIDENCE*" as a result, therefore speeding up his mental growth and allowing him to attain that "certain quality"of character (that a 30 year old will reach) at a younger age.

I am 19 and have used mushrooms six times, as a result of my experiences (my first (17) in particular) I have reached that "certain quality" of character that I believe I understand you to be referring to. I agree that very few men achieve this before their late 20's, and I am sure that I would not be at this level of mental growth had I never used shrooms before. In this way, my point is that it is directly because I used shrooms at a young age that I was was able to realize a more enlightened state of being which otherwise would have taken much longer to reach.

You say that very FEW men achieve this before their late 20's, so men should wait until their 30's to use psychadelics, however, if men used psychadelics at a young age, I believe there would be many MORE (More than just a few) men who achieve that "certain quality" before their late 20's.
Posted by meggedu2 (05/22/08 01:20 PM)

Hey man, i really enjoyed reading this. My first shrooming experience was amazing, with just a few negative thoughts. I think this is because i was totally ready to experience this as a time to enlighten myself instead of just to trip for a good time. I did a lot of reasearch and that is how my mindset was. I guess you learned it the hardway, but i think we can both agree everything was worth it.

Posted by Sporusfolklorus (05/22/08 09:16 AM)

Dude....even before I read your age I *knew* you were under 30. This is not an insult  at all, please don't take it that way. It is not only my extensive experience in these matters, but also a lot of study that brings me to my point: there's hardly ever a good reason why anyone under the age of 30 should ever do any psychedelic.

  Why do I say this? As I search my mind for the best way to write this info, all I can really do is think about the muriad information on the topic; I guess I'll just spit it out and hope it reads OK.

  I just finished one of Timothy Leary's biographys; it's a new one and it was pretty good...probably the most accurate one yet.  But nomatter which one you read, you will always find one thing that almost all of the old-school psychedelic guru's had in common: most of them were all middle-aged when they first tripped. Albert Hoffman, who just passed away, was in his 30's or 40's (I forget, don't want to look it up right now) and Timothy Leary was a professor at Harvard in his 40's.

  Why zero-in on the age thing, instead of maturity, IQ or emotional stability? Because age is the only one of these that can be positively quantified. If there were a way to tell when one's "EQ" was at the "right level" or anything like that, that would be wonderful; but there just isn't.

   And why is all this important? Well, for starters, I think anyone in this forum who is reading this already knows...but just in case you don't: When it comes to tripping on psychedelics, everyone is told over and over how important the "setting and mood" is, and "if you have any problems you haven't dealt with, you shouldn't trip" etc., etc. I have a better idea: Don't trip until after 30 years old and even THEN *know why you are doing it*.

  It's like this: there is a certain "quality" (for lack of a better term) of maturity and *CONFIDENCE* that very FEW men achieve before their late 20's, and many even before their mid-30's. Entheogens ARE NOT party drugs; even though admittedly the experience can be very fun., they are EXTREMELY POWERFUL chemical tools that can allow a confident human to not only see himself the way other people see him (possibly for the first time in his life) but also see himself and everything else in ways that cannot possibly be predicted. For someone who is very comfortable with himself, this can be a very useful tool; it is said even physical ailments like alergies have been cured by psychedelics...which should give any thinking person pause when they contemplate this relevant to the meaning of psychosematic illness. It should give one even more pause when they realize how *life-changing* it can be.

  In all fairness I should point out: Yes it's true that nomatter how powerful the trip seems, most come out of it without some huge change; even if it's some introspective nightmare, it ends a few hours later, and most everyone is just fine. True enough; and I would even go so far as to say that the only reason anyone ever wound up in a nut house or flying out a window is because the idiotic right-wing assholes has them *BELIEVING* that was something that could happen; they told them LSD would drive them mad and they believed it. In fact, I don't believe (correct me if I'm wrong) a single ill effect that *lasted* in anyone, happened before the "bad press" happened first. All true enough!

  (to clarify another point: Yes, I intentionally said "man" and all that for a seems that "per capita" (so to speak) women are not as prone to paranoia or other ill effects as men are. If I'm wrong I want to know it...but unscientifically, it's what I have seen over the years. Maybe it was my own experience and not the way it is on a large scale, but like I said; if I'm wrong I'd like to know it).

    OK, then what do I mean? I mean, even though a bad trip won't kill you; WHY subject one's self to something horrible, when if they wait until they are ready, then not only will it be a useful learning experience that can potentially even help one with some life-long ailment, but be the COOLEST, MOST FAR-OUT thing they could ever experience, outside of concieving with their spouse? OH SHIT and to think of doing it WHILE concieving with...!!! Holy SHIT!!! Yeah YOU get it...I'm talking one GREAT experience that believe me, IS WORTH WAITING FOR. Why chance it? Why not be strong enough in life that even IF some of the trip goes a bit "bad", even THAT becomes a cool thing? Yep, that's right! When you get my age and have been around the block a few times.......hell I was even all fired up at one point about tripping WHILE SKYDIVING!!! And YEAH I would do it...I suppose had I never skydived before I might not, but having done both tripping and skydiving, damn right, just let me get the chance...

   Anyone who doesn't believe what I'm saying (about the age thing, not the skydiving thing...actually skydiving is cool enough by it's self, and even though it IS a neat thought, I'm not so sure I would *really* trip and dive. I might, but then some things do really get to the point of *stupidity* and umm, I might friggin NOT, either): then just wait till your 35 or 40, trip then write me back. It's one of those things where you just *really can't know until your there*...but again, the only reason I am using age as a "marker" is because, again, it's  the only quantifyable and concrete "marker" (dammit I can't find the right word, lol) one can realistically use...ALL THAT BEING SAID, however; age is ONLY a "quantifyable marker"..."being ready" in the totality of it's purest meaning is actually the following, provided one can be *completely honest* with one's self:  You are ready ONLY when you can be completely honest with yourself when you say: "I'm READY"!!!

   That probably won't happen for most until they are...........I hope to have helped someone, ciao.

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