Posted by Shrumanhuman (09/17/17 10:19 AM)
I dont know what the tape is for? But, those lids should have been covered w/ Alum. Foil. And still covered in Alum. Foil.  CONTAMINATION ALERT!
Posted by uglyman (10/09/13 04:57 PM)
wow, mine are just past this stage by a little. My first time. 
Posted by PsilySilly (08/04/13 11:54 AM)
Posted by TugBoat123 (01/24/11 08:02 PM)
It kinda looks like there's black stuff in there. Maybe it's just the way the pic was taken, but if you see any black or green in it, throw it out. dont even try to keep the jar in order to reuse it. Seriously. you can get sick from eating shrooms grown from a cake with mold. Good luck.
Posted by Gameboy549 (03/03/10 04:46 PM)

How many days are these jars innoculated!?:D
Posted by snapfizzle92 (05/17/09 05:20 PM)
take the tape off:) long as u have the dry layer of verm on top