Posted by Trippy Keith (11/05/08 09:29 AM)
holy shit, from 15x? ive never tried salvia but i thought that was a weaker one... ive never read a sal trip report, it really is as harsh as it sounds.
Posted by scyrusurcys (04/06/08 01:49 PM)
I truely know the effect that music gives you while on Salvia.  I took a hit of 10x with an Indian Drums song playing and felt as if every beat of the drum was a hammer against my brain. Not a very satisfying experience at all. However, I have had a trip while listening to Nitrogen by Juno Reactor and I must say that it was a very pleasant and tranquil experience. Mindset and setting are key to predicting a Salvia trip. 
Posted by Leviathan (04/06/08 12:26 PM)
This is a lot like my experience of 15x too... I kept mumbling "I'm sorry" afterI smoked it, I was sure I was going to die. I was even above my body, my first OBE.  After doing it a few times I've become peeved about how people consider it a trip.  It's nothing like a trip, really.  I don't think it's a trip at all.  It acts upon your brain in a completely different way than any trip.
Posted by FrizzleFry07 (04/06/08 09:04 AM)

I'm a strong believer in only doing salvia in a dark room with no noise and no distractions.  You should use a sitter (obviously) to keep you from getting up and wandering as you did.  I'm not trying to wag my finger at you for what you did however if you really want to experience this substance, you cannot be around anything that ties your body to this world/plain of existence.(especially music or other people talking around you) Read the Salvia Divinorum users guide dude and remember it is not a 'party drug'.  Ok that last part was a bit of finger wagging, sorry!

Posted by Gomp (04/03/08 12:17 PM)
Heh.. Do it outside, in nature..