Posted by Nannada (07/31/08 03:00 AM)
I had a similar experience with not remembering shit in the real world... I hit that shit, and I thought I was teleporting around the room. I smoked weed with it, though, so the effects combined and lasted about 3-4 hours. It wasn't the peak of Salvia, but it was crazy as hell... Me, my drummer friend, and a set of really damn hot twin girls did that, and we were already high... Basically the only thing I remember was teleporting to turn on the strobe light and lava lamp, then coming back, tripping, coming back, grabbing one of the twins and crawling under the other one's legs to get to the other couch. Then I thought I was watching a movie because I was on the opposite side of the strobe light... I'm also pretty sure I ended up making out with her. I was FUCKED.

It was only 15X, too...
Posted by AMDM (07/30/08 05:29 PM)
What was the amount of extract?