Posted by solo dolo (09/25/14 06:42 PM)
Best report ive read so far, really enjoydd reading it
Posted by prsnlJesus1036 (02/29/08 01:50 PM)
Well, it's 5lbs fresh, so dried would be far less.  That's still incredible- ingesting a few oz. per.  Sounds like a fun trip.  I can't wait until I trip the shrooms fantastic again!
Posted by nunyoshi (02/26/08 06:58 PM)
haha i loved your **disclaimers**. very nice post, guy. I wished i lived somewhere where i could go out and pick those fuckers. they go for about 50 bucks an eighth around here. think of all the money you ate that night!
Posted by DarkLotus55 (02/26/08 11:52 AM)

Nice trip man.  I don't know how many times I broke into laughter in this quiet computer lab on campus. 

"i visited my family again and explained to them how this should be our main means of communication. " -hahaha

" off in a sprint as fast as i could run toward the light." - I think the fastest I will ever run was on shroom.

"me that shit was gettin too fuckin wierd in the house and how they vaguely remembered another person bieng with them at some point in time."- "Dude was there anyone else here with us?" "I dunno let's walk down the street and find out." - Oh mushrooms..

Thanks for sharing, if you guys really ate 5 pounds that's fucking ridiculous.