Posted by bilatkisi (12/20/07 08:17 PM)

how many g's did u take?

Posted by cade699 (12/15/07 09:51 PM)
some people here crave to leave reality for a moment, even if they dont know it. A trip to some unfamilier place is all they need to shake their stress or sorrows. perhaps a place where i can spell; or one where they see giant pink and green giraffs shrinking and bubbles the size of buildings exploding to create galaxies of odd shapes... a trip to the other side of life is in store to make you feel greatful for the one you have.. one blood, one life, one love

make it good, e motions play a big role in how you feel, obviously.. go with peace to all and all will be well


if you are peccimistic or angry b/c of certian situations, or tend to think like that at times as we all do;  trust me your life is not that bad if your sitting here reading this..its not that bad. there are people that could use your elp, they are sitting in places you would never want to be, places people like us dont even think about b/c they plague minds.. go to those places and help those creatures, in whatever way you can. bring them peace in their choas. do you understand? can you give love in the many levels it exists and not the ones we have been mind fucked to percieve.  and if you do mentally sit in those places you will be free; but not play the victim or you will incarcerate will be confined to those feelings and they will steal your life.

there is one answer, there is one way to tap into a vein that science cannot prove exists...what is faith? (the definition of faith) believing in something you do not know for sure exists or not.  if you can do that you will find a force greater  then any human could comprehend in life.  what do you have faith in?  .... its energy is immacualte and powerful and many have lost their minds within its hands..however even more have found an eternity  that  feels like heaven...speak for the dead, we dont know what heaven feels like yet;no one does. but if it feels like this, then i cant wait to die. love all and peace


Posted by veda_sticks (12/15/07 05:36 PM)
it would be nice to have this formatted so that it is easier to read.

Posted by cade699 (12/11/07 02:51 PM)
i dont reccommend taking peoyte, mushrooms or any other natural halluciantory agent and going to work; unless that is your job. smile