Posted by TurricaN (09/22/07 04:34 AM)
Why oh why would you waste both your mushroom experience and your education by tripping at school?  Are you completely retarded?
Posted by Synthettek (09/21/07 04:46 AM)
Don't do drugs at school and eat more next time in a comfortable setting were you can truely relax and enjoy the voyage.
Posted by usg543 (09/21/07 01:48 AM)

you chose the wrong setting. don't do drugs at school.

also you shouldn't be doing mild altering substances in the first place. you're too young, let your body and mind develop first.

are you even allowed on this board, i thought it was 18 ?

Posted by Alion (09/20/07 08:31 AM)
Don't share school trip stories.