Posted by jmya (11/21/13 08:17 PM)
Do you have idea of about how many lids can be prepared with one tube of RTV silicone?
Posted by Cyber (05/20/13 06:08 AM)
One hole with polyfill will give you loads of contamination.

This is not a BRF cake or a WBS grow. This is an LC. in BRF and WBS the mycelia colonize the whole jar and do not allow the contamination to take root.
With the amount of nutrents in liquid form and no solid mass for the mycelia to grow on there is no way it can defend the whole jar from contamination.

There is no need for air exchange. I have used this for over 7 yeas and never used any kind of polyfill in jars. Jars last 6 month to 1 year in the fridge.

Edited 5/20/2013 7:08 AM
Posted by Rogerdodger91 (11/19/10 01:36 AM)
Yup need air exchange, otherwise eventually your mycelium will die. Just like if you were trapped in a jar with no air for a long time. One hole with polyfill, and another with the silicone will make your life easier.
Posted by deadmandave (11/04/10 01:30 PM)
What about gas exchange?
Posted by JA4 (07/27/09 10:52 AM)
o and sticky tack (or at least mine) is non toxic.
Posted by JA4 (07/27/09 10:50 AM)
Hey Cyber, Good tec, and Good Technique. Although if you dnt have access to the silicone or an autoparts store A easy and easy to find altenative is Sticky Tack, It doesnt melt or turn to mush throughout PCing even if its in the boiling water ( a lid accidentally got into it and nothing happened). And cuz its suppost to hold posters it sticks very easily to the lids. Just my two cents thanks a bunch for this LC tech
Posted by Version 2 (12/22/08 01:42 AM)
All the pictures in this tek are broken. Needs to be fixed or removed.