Posted by Mr. Moustache (12/02/10 05:37 PM)
I'm looking forward to my first trip some time this month, and out of all the trip reports I've read so far, this is just beautiful.  I could picture it all so well, and the night sky sounds amazing.  I'm going to be out in the snowy woods, I too hope to achieve that state of utter tranquility and appreciation.  Sounds awesome man!
Posted by Sporusfolklorus (09/13/07 12:29 PM)

wow...too cool.  Wish I could see that place in the same way. I had a "space-time" thing happen not long ago also; the next time it happens I'm going to try to do some math to see how that plays out. ...One of the unique things about Einstien's mind was his ability to grasp, among other things, spacial depths and distances...I'm eager to discover how these patterns are percieved in that state.

  Knowing me, I'll see them as extremely funny and that will be!