Posted by mmvenomlk (06/02/19 06:17 PM)
I am CWE tricolor seed , heavenly blue. first time lsa expeirence have been soaking 1 hour now.
Posted by Awakened Fate (05/18/19 06:50 PM)
Have a question for the hardcore pychonaughts out there that have DMT while peeking on shrooms. 
Have any of you encountered those bug eyed bubblehead grey aliens? I know they cant be seen with our normal consciousness vision...our DNA has been nerfed so they can hide in plain site but I know scientific instruments can detect them. Anyway I'm beyond the "if they exist" stage to how to block them from parasitic leeching of my high. Several times now they are like moths to a flame. If my awareness of this multidimensional universe expands beyond perceptional into the inconceivable those bastards steal pieces of my soul leacing me weakened. My question is this JUST ME? Or are they trying to shutdown anyone that expands beyond time and space to higher dimensions? 
Could they be stealing my energy for thier own purposes?
I'm tempted post this at like a mufon website or something but I dont think they can understand a pychonaughts mind. Just because you cross through the doors of perception doesnt mean your not you or you lost your mind...just means your aware of more then the sheep with thier heads in the sand hiding from the very real reality we're going to die and cross over. Having a heads up and first hand experience with whatson whats on the other side is the only sane action in an insane world.
So is there ANYONE ELSE thats encountered these bug eyed bubblehead parasites? If so how do you ward them off? I tried snatch one by his pencil neck but lil bastard was too fast so has to be a better way. Any advice other then " surrender" or " trust them" be appreciated. Thanx and happy trippin
Posted by Irishdrunk (02/10/11 12:58 AM)
Drugs are bad mkay!