Posted by ragefanjr (04/05/08 03:44 PM)
That was one of the most visual trip reports I have ever read. Great writing, in that one can almost see and feel your emotions while reading. I'd recommend either trying 5.5g again or kicking it up to 7g. But you may want to have a sitter for that one.:) Anywho....great experience and here's to your future experiences and my hopes of matching yours. Peace.
Posted by bilatkisi (12/20/07 08:54 PM)

Edited 12/29/2007 10:06 PM
Posted by alchino23 (10/07/07 05:40 AM)

sweet nice report,

I think that tripping is a lesson to face your fears for the next step in our lifes so we will be spiritualy prepaired

ever hear of dmt? never tryed it but it sounds like its got healing properties

Posted by TBags (08/21/07 04:28 PM)
makes me want shrooms mroe than you could ever imagine
Posted by antwonrockamora (08/07/07 01:08 PM)

well written, ive never done a trip up in mountains and shit but the first time i was in a big feild which was friend did 7 grams his first time when he was 15 lol

Posted by KilroyMilosevik (08/06/07 09:20 AM)
your friends are assholes.... Props for the great trip report though! great read
Posted by kidaihuan (08/04/07 05:14 AM)
Maybe it's because I'm really startic to like this local hashish, but that was an amazing trip and a equally amazing trip report. I am craving to try mushrooms for the second time  now.

I did 1 g for my first and had fun, but no visuals. Seems I should get off my feet and grow again.

Wish I was in a relationship again though... it's fun alone, but I can only imagine how it would feel with a lover.
Someday I'll be back with that girl... Why else would I go to Shanghai?

And I'm off topic.