Posted by hink (11/05/07 06:50 PM)
               That trip did sound like alot of fun, especially when you were walkin the dog, cuz it reminded me of my "Best Trippin doggie in the world" They always make it fun and bring you to fun amazing places.
Posted by searchalx (08/02/07 01:04 PM)
what he said, try to wait 2 months, between trips, a month if you really can't wait, even though the chemicals will leave your body, you will still have a tolerance, many people I know have made the mistake of over tripping, and so have I, be careful, have fun :)
Posted by dlepi (08/01/07 06:40 PM)
you dont wanna trip too often before you build a tolerance and a loss for the true spiritual side of shrooms. But i know what you mean about wanting to do it again and again haha. there a great fruit lol.