Posted by cube428 (08/05/07 12:12 AM)
Whoaa amazing report   thats some Wild shit right there my friend-     and I know Exactly what you mean about being mugged, busted, etc..-    mushrooms always make me paranoid in that way which Ive wondered if other people felt-      read my trip report Raped By the Devil in the level 4 section (i think) and u shall see what I mean!!     PM me and let me know what you think-          peace    Cube428
Posted by monkeyheaven (07/30/07 04:20 AM)
I love this story.  Instead of going into the bathroom, then disrobing and taking a shower, you devised the elaborate scheme of crawling under the covers, taking your clothes off, rolling onto the floor, then caterpillaring it to the bathroom.  You would've been fine had you pulled off the caterpillar.  It reminds me of the time I asked my friend to pass me a glass of milk and when he started to do it I said, 'No, no, no!!! Use your feet!'  He looked embarassed and apologised and proceeded to pick the glass up with his feet and spill it all over the floor.  He would've been fine had he pulled off the foot pass.