Posted by DopeSmoker (06/03/15 08:49 PM)
Could be better maybe to put a black t-shirt on top instead of the papers. Of course you would need papaer towel on the bottom to absorb some of the water.
Posted by LaMouth (07/10/13 07:01 PM)
I Agree with  TheManWithTheHat, in so way does the color mater for transferring heat. Color is just the frequency of the light photons. BUT the color black attracts light therefore if you have a light bulb that produces heat then sense the light is 'warm' the more light the warmer. Black attracts the light. football players put black stripes under there eyes to get the sun light out of there eyes.
Posted by brinu (03/20/11 08:35 PM)

I did this method with the paper to dry them out but didnt use heat but wen i pulled them out there was some mold with some of my shrooms.. so i dint use this method again... i fan them now. do you think that mold effects their potency?... i tried some of the shrooms and I did'nt felt that they where potent as they should... i am a little bit confused now
Posted by tanman1990 (03/15/11 11:16 PM)
This sounds like a pretty decent new way to dry shrooms, thanks mate!
Posted by Aushadhi (08/13/10 05:10 PM)
I'm wondering what the maximum temperature in Fahrenheit would be for safely drying mushrooms to preserve the compounds. I've heard it is around 125 F. Is this true?
Posted by TheManWithTheHat (06/11/09 06:22 AM)
"Black paper would be better than white paper, as black transfers heat better than white does."

Black absorbs more heat from light than white does, creating more heat as a result. It does not absorb any more thermal radiation than any other color would. The color of the paper will not matter at all.
Posted by Postulio (07/10/07 07:16 AM)
As far as I know it does a bit, but its not that much of a problem.
But I could be wrong.
just have 1 more than usual, and it should make up for the loss.
Posted by ildanach (07/10/07 04:03 AM)
I've heard heat in drying harms the  psilocybin and psilocin? Is this true?