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Oyster Mushroom Cultivation - Mushroom Grower's Handbook

I think this is the correct document. 
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updated link

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Updated link

I Grow Mushrooms

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hello everyone,

If you are just a beginner and would like to grow oyster mushrooms from dried spawn, I've posted instructions on my website here. Let me know what you think :)!
Posted by vonsmeid (02/06/14 05:20 AM)
Hi all,

I have a question. I m growing oyster mushrooms. I had some Trichoderma (green mold) problems lately. I read that this could be due to inproper pasteurization. I am boiling the straw for one hour. Now I read that proper pasteurization is done at 160 F (30 min to 1 hour), other suggest that water temperature shouldnt be over 140 F. Can you please tell me if there actually is an optimum for water temperature...

Thank you very much.