Posted by 8itlove (11/19/14 09:04 AM)
In every single article I have read about fatalities *from* psilocybin ingestion the subject had drank alcohol at the same time or before taking the mushrooms.
Its crazy that mushrooms have a bad rep from these few fatalities that all include alcohol.
People having bad trips and doing the stereotypical jumping off the balcony bullshit were intoxicated with alcohol..

Alcohol and mushrooms don't mix apparently..

Alcohol is the friggin devil.
Posted by slitheen (12/28/11 06:47 AM)
Alcohol you say? It can't *possibly* have had anything to do with alcohol, one of the biggest money spinning exports from France, as alcohol is legal. How dare you post this rebuttal... it must have been the evil, deadly Liberty Cap mushrooms what killed this chap. Never again shall I partake in the ingestion of this most toxic substance. No sir, from now on it is bottle after bottle of liver friendly alcohol for me.