Posted by wtfcrazymofo (11/29/15 11:02 PM)
super lids
Posted by wtfcrazymofo (11/29/15 11:02 PM)
super lids
Posted by flask (03/23/12 11:13 AM)
If you have a punch set, you can use them to make cleaner holes than you can with a drill. Just place the lid flat against a block of wood and give it a good whack. Even with this method, there is a slightly raised edge, so I put the lid in a C-clamp to press it flat.

Also, I've successfully used transparent silicone. Just look for sun/freeze/water-proof silicone for basements and exteriors, it should hold up to pressure cooking just fine.
Posted by trippiez (10/29/11 09:09 PM)
Thanks for this tip!
Posted by steeze4twenty (10/06/11 07:43 PM)
Great Idea! 
Posted by Risk1 (11/29/10 01:54 AM)

Got A Buddy that did this......VERY VERY Nice results!  Fucking Mush forrest!
Posted by MonstroniuM (09/02/07 01:47 AM)
No need to be a douche popfuck, where are your write ups if you know so much about these kinds of things?

In other news, I like it. Go to hell Popcock911
Posted by Popcorn911 (08/29/07 11:19 AM)
horrible tek in my opinion, to many contaminots could get in. Goodbye you need to learn more. Trust me I know alot about these kinds of things.
Posted by BaloneyNight (08/24/07 08:10 AM)
Very well explained and easy, thanks for taking the time.