Posted by MYCELIUMINDED (02/26/20 03:47 PM)
Hey yaaaaaalllll I hope this reaches someone!

So here is the scoop, have a bag of lions coming my way soon

Was considering putting it in a monotub to reduce spores in my
Air (wife is sensitive, and I do love her dearly)... if my holes are big enough with the poly stuffed in them will
I need to be concerned about c02 build up as lions is not tolerant towards it? I guess I could
Always just flip the lid Aswell...

Back to what I previously said this is a lions M- H.E
With pure organic hard wood saw dust and wheat bran
Approx 4 lb bag

Should I just cut this guy open and dump it in my monotub?
Previously I was just going to leave it in the bag 


Thanks fam 

-the new family member :3
Posted by cnrcm (10/04/16 02:25 PM)
Hello. I was curious about this mushrooms "Lion's mane".... I have no any idea about growing anything. Is it possible to grow that mushrooms in flat?? I have been wondering is it possible to derive spores from the mushroom? If I buy some of it and at home can I do it? How? And what do I really need to grow it up? Thanks for answering and concerns in advance.