Posted by pk0312 (04/16/12 03:18 PM)
Well I tried it and it was really yummy! :] 

I am wondering though, somewhere I've read lactose can disable psilocybn, is that true?
Posted by pk0312 (04/10/12 11:18 AM)
Will try and report back :)
Posted by Frinkz (05/29/10 12:01 PM)
Works for me, can hardly notice the difference.

I get a nice strong cherry yoghurt, with real fruit in. Cherry overpowers the shrooms a lot better than other flavours.

My favourite method of ingestion at the moment, thanks for the idea :)
Posted by Toq (09/03/08 02:20 PM)
I was told lactose brakes down the psylocin...
Did you experience a pottency decrease or is what I heard just a load of BS?
Pax, T'oq
Posted by arbalest (05/23/07 07:19 AM)
lol, This actually sounds like a good idea. I'll give it a shot next time I get some shrooms. Anything beats drinking 2L of orange juice and getting a mass stomach ache.