Posted by TakeSomeTime (03/27/15 01:59 AM)
Totally badass. I just fell even more in love with this site.
There is no shame in mental illness. Time to kick stigmas ass! 
Posted by bigdog2022 (03/23/15 12:49 AM)
I got a qeustion I got liver failure and I just drank a whole bottle of non alcohol delsym will I be Ok?????? 

Posted by BluntsenBurner (11/26/14 05:57 PM)
I always call the rape and incest line when I'm tripping too hard
Posted by vinsue (03/02/13 07:25 AM)
Never knew  this page existed... :peace:
Posted by amungus (06/24/12 10:32 PM)
I'm sorry but niacin sounds like a really bad idea when tripping.
I took some once to pass a drug test and my skin felt like It was on fire.
Don't sound fun during a bad trip,
Posted by eligablenewbie (05/09/12 10:05 PM)

lol im sorry, but ive never heard of a psilocybin overdose
Posted by fractalicious (12/04/11 10:22 AM)

Ok back some years ago a cool hip guy was selling shrooms in central texas and he would include a little bifold with a psychedelic logo, dosing info for the lab cubensis, but most importantly for newbies instructions on how to come off a BAD TRIP. I really in my own opinion don't really thing bad trips will usually occur unless one is unbalanced or is stupid (whoops I've done that!) and just scarfs a bunch of unknown quality fungi, slow and steady gets er done, but i have seen hard core coke heads totally have nervous breakdowns on Adam and Eve ?MDME etc short little 45 minute excursions with the wind in the trees just because they felt they were not at the drivers wheel and in control frigging wimps.

Anyway for shrroms his written antidote consisted of taking a rather big dose of Niacin i think about 2-3grams (a vitamin availableat any pharmacy grocery discount store) like several grams this will trigger flushing and that is totally normal and you will rapidly become grounded.

I will admit that the most common overdode on the cubenis has been that people take too much often and at onset before beggining tripping they get a massive release of adrenaline and the fight or flight panic thing kicks in they proceed to cry MAMA and run somewhere they feel safest at GREAT speed.

I must describe my overdose It was funny, a friend in palestine texas had cooked a huge pot of natural shrooms down to a black ugly goo, i had to return home by car and could not indulge, I put it in a big route 44-64 ounce huge styrofoam cup. When I got home I put it in the freezer where it sat for many many months and that new years a freind was over a best bud,we were bored no smoke etc. and well we nuked the cup and clear ice remained and we split a couple 8 ounce black liquid cups. This was a BIG mistake ah or NOT! , anyway within 30 minutes every led power indicator appliance light HAD to be extinguised due to blinding light eminating there from, my friend fled home to ah yes his Moms even though he was a grown man, where he had deep conversations with god he said.Moral of this story is balls out and ride it out if you get in over your head! but God forbid Don't drive to the ER or annnyyywhhere!, crawling on hands and knees usually works best.



Posted by Run (08/31/10 05:19 PM)
OOO h my god


that made me laff
Posted by HunterHatfield (06/08/10 11:44 PM)

Lol Rape and Incest Hotline.  If you trip so bad that you feel raped by the just need to stop, just stop.
Posted by Bahaga (03/15/10 04:13 PM)
Shroomery really does care!
Posted by Shady Obscurity (09/15/09 05:01 PM)
The AIDS and STD hotline has got me stumped..........
Posted by KroniclyHigh (07/05/09 10:26 AM)

i like the rape and incest helpline on this page.... like seriously??? lmao
Posted by RonPaulVerm (07/21/08 01:19 PM)
I would say this poison control deal is if someone eats a non-psilocybin mushroom or one with contaminants on it
Posted by antimatt3r (06/15/08 09:36 PM)

man last time I had a bad trip i was looking around on the internet for what to do if you are having a bad trip, and all I could find is what to do if someone was having a bad trip, not if IT WAS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by keyguy01 (12/30/07 01:32 PM)
Don't you have to eat about your body weight in fresh mushies to OD?
Posted by MystikMushroom (08/02/07 10:33 PM)
This is a GREAT idea. Props *claps* to whoever thought this page up. This just might save a life or two down the trail. . .