Posted by wtfcrazymofo (08/08/15 10:15 AM)
Nice Chamomile Quote
Posted by shatteredriddles (06/16/12 03:32 PM)
Put some cinnamon in that bitch. it goes amazing with the recipe. thanks
Posted by SimonJester (08/09/07 09:10 AM)
Can't wait to give that iced tea a try! Thank you!
Posted by psyphon (07/14/07 12:28 PM)
Sounds great!!  Thank you!

I would like to add one thing: instead of cutting the caps, I'd recommend tearing them by hand.  This is more likely to open cells and help with even greater extraction  =)
Posted by DarkLotus55 (05/07/07 09:02 PM)
Haha, sounds even better!