Posted by luisacuadillo (07/09/12 10:59 AM)
Lol, nice trip report, it was funny and interesting to read. And that song is Release the pressure is awesome.
Posted by MorbidShadow (04/23/07 05:07 PM)
Now now, no need to diss the Zune =P
The Zune helped me get through the night without going insane lol.
Posted by TurricaN (04/18/07 02:37 PM)
[b]"We all sat around in a circle on the floor with the Zune in the middle. Kind of like a bonfire, but with a Zune haha"[/b]

You should've made a REAL bonfire out of the Zune; that's all the Zune is good for.

Nice report. :)
Posted by oso (04/18/07 01:12 PM)

yea. songs i listened to when i tripped stuck in my head and when i hear them i think of that time. they are different for me now, i just when u get older or something. idk, weed isnt the same anymore either, thats why i quit drugs, but i now drink alot which is worse. my commets are pointless, yet i leave them anyways, with lots of commas.