Posted by TTT (07/14/07 05:17 PM)
It's awesome that you have a friend like [Joe]. Sounds like a great first trip =D
Posted by antwonrockamora (04/08/07 05:42 PM)
hahah the beginning is so funny the frying pan and forks smiling at you, thats awsome dude
Posted by azuresense (04/03/07 08:32 PM)
dude ahhah "I felt such a pity for the pizza, that I felt obligated to continue eating it. I looked at the sad slice of pizza and told him "I have to eat you now," and took another bite." hahh i know what empathy with your food's like, whether im trippin or not...."swirling liquid joy was contained" haha dude you are a trip, rock on.