Posted by Passioncreekmyco (07/07/20 01:10 AM)
You might get a little less aborts, by dunk/soaking and  rolling in vermiculite. Look it up, its like a quick easy casing
Posted by PsilySilly (08/04/13 11:52 AM)
Posted by Sero-tonin (05/14/13 07:34 PM)
im glad to see someone else has a problem with dis coloration my albinos are freakin me out right now cause i kept em in the jar invitro where there was some still water lucky i got em out in time and they are barely dis colored i should find out whether to abort in the next 10 hours
Posted by Mycopial Mother (10/07/09 10:02 AM)
Aborts are the little unformed mushrooms on your cake.  gram per gram aborts have twice as much of the good shit as the fully formed caps. that means per gram you will have more aborts than mushrooms but each gram of aborts will fuck you up more.
Posted by Maraneris (06/18/08 06:51 AM)
look like pin head aborts; save those because there is about twice as much of what you want in them. Look nice-if you don't like eating them-I prefer wet-in a blender stick about 40 grams wet-(about 4 grams dried)-with about 4 oz OJ, blend to a nice blueish/green-and suck it down. In about  20-30 minutes the skies will open up, and you'll be there.
Posted by nepalnt21 (11/08/07 07:38 PM)
yeah, aborts. pick the black caps off though. those be bad. 
Posted by aRealClassAct (04/25/07 01:02 PM)
Yessir, those would be aborts. When a mushroom begins to grow but then just stops, it is called an abort. They are not going to grow any more.  Bad part is they weigh less, good part is they are slightly more potent then a full grown shroom.  It is best to harvest them as soon as you can be sure that they aren't going to grow any further, and those aren't.
Posted by BIGROM (03/20/07 08:01 PM)
yea they look like aborts, u should pic them off before they decompose. there still good to eat
Posted by Giblet (03/18/07 03:59 PM)