Posted by as7859 (09/06/13 07:15 AM)
lol that is a great story
Posted by DeathHammer17 (12/08/09 05:06 PM)
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! That was so funny!
but really i hope i dont do that!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Posted by marco41 (06/16/09 02:58 AM)

I laughed histerically when I was reading this funniest story ever!
Posted by tealmustdie (06/04/07 06:09 PM)
so r u still racist?
Posted by bradleycny (03/02/07 05:48 PM)

Running a mile on broken heals in bare feet?

You are tough!

Great story.

Posted by sickpup (02/27/07 05:41 PM)

Nice bullshit story there.

Posted by deadendeavor (02/27/07 04:28 AM)

you jumped out of a moving vehicle because you thought your father was the devil.
wow.  great story.  any time i feel like laughing i'll read this again.

Posted by Jabensis (02/26/07 05:03 PM)

Wow man.  I feel sorry.  Sorry that you have not had a good trip.  I am sorry that you had to have such a bad trip your first time.  i do see some positiveness in your life though.  One major thing is the fact that you can tell your dad about you tripping.  That is awesome.  You have no clue how much i would like to involve my dad in a trip with me.  Just the fact that you can tell him is awesome to me.  I correct myself in saying that you have never had a good trip.  If you think about it the humming birds swarming you and communticating with you barely ever happens from what i can assess. My dog has come to me when i was tripping but never really seemed to concentrate on me like your did.  I would say that you did have a good trip until fucking GW had to fuck it up.  The fact that you did them the day after the largest terrorist strike on America probably wasn't a good idea but you can't do anything about that now.  Remember that man, you can't change the past only improve the future.  I think thats what Ellezdey is trying to convey.  If being at home is not a good place for you then i would suggest getting out of there to trip.  Either way man.  Don't give up.  Try small doses then work up to something big.  Have a good day...have a good week before you trip.  Think pleasent thoughts.

I will look toward your story as a tool to learn by.  I'll use your experience to better mine.  Great story by the way.  Hope you can enjoy the trip some day.

Posted by Ellezdey (02/26/07 01:47 AM)
Wow, intense tales of the shroom kind. Lemme tell u right now, if u hadnt ever began to watch tv, i wonder if u still would have ended up freaking out. Shrooms, or psychedelics for that matter, are just intense realisations and manifestations of your deepest thoughts. Whatever sort of feelings u had at the peak of this terror, were most likely to manifest themselves anyway. Look at it this way, if not for those terrorizing thoughts, would u ever have realized how many issues u needed to resolve??? Instead of looking at this experience afraid and scarred, look at it regeneratively. The scars on your body signify the birth of a new individual and u have the ability to change what u want since u now realize what u dont admire about ur life. I often wish i could experience a bad trip sumtime to try to become reborn or realligned but it doesnt happen. This isnt surprising to me though because of my practices with philosophy and subjective reality. Just have faith that in due time, ur issues will solve themselves and visualize yer issues solving themselves. It helps it come true. Youll practically drain yer body of negativity and ego and suddenly find yourself living a life of self-discipline, enjoyment and endless connection. Just remember, u can control the outcome of your reality. Having this mentality while tripping has not only proven for me to be AMAZING, but also very enlightening. Think about these words.........
Posted by KilroyMilosevik (02/25/07 10:31 PM)
Good ass story man!  Very tragic, but very good nonetheless.  You don't discrourage my stupid ass though!

Posted by MAGnum (02/25/07 01:55 PM)
Damn, son..  You dun fucked up big time!!  LoL.. 

Good thing I don't eat or grow mushrooms anymore, your story scares me.
Posted by meheh (02/24/07 04:14 PM)