Posted by Booby (01/17/07 03:58 AM)


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Posted by new2grow (01/16/07 02:00 PM)
Ya you need to chill out. You are pissing me off, just by bieng wush a little fucking ass-man. Seriously, i might just kill you because you are just too up-tight.
Posted by Prismatic (01/16/07 06:04 AM)

Your house WILL be trashed.  thats how all our houses get after a bunch of TRIPPING PEOPLE get ahold of it.  ugh, are you genuinely un-aware of this, dipshit?

just kidding about the dipshit thing.

I listened to the entire album, over and over agin, of Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream."  That, while I was cleaning.  Reorganizing.  Putting shit back on shelves that I found on the floor.  and garbage in the trash.  After a nightfull of tripping people trashing my appartment.   In bright daylight. And then you get to sleep after. 

I know what it is, psychedellics and sleep.  recovering and whatnot.  Picking-up a party, you'll be a'ight.


Posted by Roker (01/14/07 02:34 AM)
I think I know what you mean?

Did you have the trip where you merge with god - understand whats really going on, and just want to go "home"?

Don't kill yourself yet  - the best is yet to come, just wait until you have kids and grandkids etc after all you're a long time dead...

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Posted by BlindLemon (01/13/07 11:01 PM)
Ive felt that way while tripping. talking a walk outside will help things alot. Just force your self to go out side, it will be worth it.
Posted by Booby (01/13/07 06:43 AM)
You're in a state of shock.  Your psyche doesn't have an oil filter.
Posted by magicmarkers (01/13/07 04:13 AM)
Completely normal.
Try a change in stimuli; it sounds like your room is giving you a sort of cabin fever.
Step outside, if it's safe.

-Magic Markers
Posted by woaihuan (01/13/07 01:57 AM)
I've always had problems with this, sober, due to some family and other related problems. A lot of it probably originates in the fact that my girlfriend and fiance of two years lives in Shanghai, China now and there is currently no way of living there for me and vise versa.

Either way, I've been concidering using mushrooms as a tool  to help me 'mellow out' and forget about these things while seeing some purple dinosaurs, but I have never done them and am unsure about whether I should, due to the possibility of worsening the situation.

Another alternative would be marijuana, but I have not tried that either, and although it sounds to be a safer alternative to my situation, the price is not as friendly as home grown mushrooms.

Any opinions? Drop me a quick note at
Posted by Drewwyann (01/12/07 09:05 PM)
dont panic.
if all else fails, just spend your time drawing. it takes your mind off of most of your negative things and replaces it with a strange design on some paper.
I've never been to the point where i want to kill myself. how much did you eat anyhoo?
Posted by goodolgoogy (01/12/07 08:46 PM)

Everything will be okay. Ride the tides.