Posted by contraband (01/11/09 11:19 PM)
that was a nice read,
good job with the storytelling and stuff.
god luck tripping in the future.
Posted by TheGiantGnome13 (10/04/08 01:51 AM)
That shit happens to me too. Not seeing the characters but the actors it blows sometimes. =[
Posted by Jarvis989 (08/26/08 07:39 PM)
"I don't much like movies when on mush because I only see actors, not characters"
That's funny I've said the same thing before while tripping.  I think it has something with the ability of mushrooms to open up people's true intentions.  You somehow obviously see that they aren't really the characters they are playing, but are instead actors, and usually their performances aren't as convincing on hallucinogenics.
Also Lateralus is a nice choice...Tool Rules!
Posted by NobodyImportant (05/05/08 08:54 PM)
Sounds like it was a wonderful time :)
Posted by WhiskeyClone (06/23/07 10:13 PM)
Holy shit that was a long time ago... I forgot about the whole trip report section of the Shroomery.  I'll have to do up another.
Posted by TEAL_MUST_DIE (06/21/07 12:26 PM)

beautiful, i hope we can trip together sometime lol

Posted by blue_view (11/12/06 08:58 PM)
This is a perfectly ideal trip.  Cheers, mate.