Posted by Galaxie (12/13/09 10:12 PM)

Like the others, that sounds amazing, but I have a question.. When you saw God, what did he look like to you, and how did the Heavens look?
Posted by libertyshroom (09/14/08 08:01 AM)
Wow what an amazing trip. This has to be one of the most spiritual trips I have read about. It must have been amazing being able to meet with passed away loved ones.
Posted by Daybreak (11/18/06 11:59 PM)
Very cool tripper.

You painted a perfect picture of your journey and I thank you.

Where do you live exactly? Europe?

I feel the same connection to God, and am happy he blessed you that day.

Be human.
Posted by ShamanSoul (11/14/06 10:07 AM)

Thank You so much for sharing your experience. This reminds me of a spiritual trip I had and completely released a surge of positive energy through my mind and soul.

I long to go farther in spiritual realm, unfortunately it isn't the mushrooms but the person doing them. You are true to be so open and truth/light is what we should all seek.