Posted by moeandtripislove (06/11/09 09:41 PM)

thats not really lvl 5  i think my trip is more a lvl 5 hahahaha i kinda saw my reality and every single matter in the universe came to the center of my being and every went down a drain type thing in the center of my being and everything went black, and all i could see was fucked up visions of my perception of hell which was the possibly worst place, think the movie constantine the hell place of that, and all i could hear was like i was farting/burping/shitting myself/sneezing and brain crumpeling at the same time ,and then after everything went black again( then i could hear my friends finding my dead body, they all freaked out saying things like ; "omg hes fucking dead, hes fucking dead omg what are we gonna do  omg  what are we gonna do what are we gonna do  and then they calmed down decided to call their sketchy friend who has criminal ties and then their friend showed up, they put me in something, then they threw me in the trunk drove to a river and ditched my body in a river, adn  after they were talking shit about me just how much i suck and i wasnt really their friend and this fucked up shit, obviously none of that ever happened, i just heard all that happened but it never did happened but it sounded so real) and  then i spoke to god/ or a greater force that tends the recycling cycle of the universe , we spoke in swedish cause thats where im from although i live in the US now,  but anyways then i went to hell and 3 friends of mine, one appeared as the devil the other 2 appeared as evil , people in the depths of hell, their clothing was evil, their voice tone, their body movements were very sketchy, theyre eyes were fucked up, i was walkling around my friends house that lost power, screaming and shouting; " IM DEAD!" "HELP ME "  "Im in hell arent i?"     the sequence of events that night it was like it went from beginning to middle from middle to beggining then from beginning to end then from end to middle then from middle to end it was fucking insane all after 2 grams of intenselty and i remember this one thing and it was fucking insane, at points through the night, it was like i was taken out of my own universe and put in annother universe and my friend was saying ;" And i " and it would click insanely loud and it repeated several several several times and it got intenser intenser, and he he said .... and i light  or some fucking shit, i dont know all i know is that it felt like i was walking around in hell for a very very very long time. and after all this happened i asked god if i could smoke my last ciggarette before i leave(i didnt know where i was leaving to i just knew i was ) and this voice said i could leave and smoke a cigarette or stay in the bathroom and have faith and just wait it out and thats what i chose and the whole time it was like the other 3 kids were trying to test my faith or something but at some point the bathroom door closed again and i sat in the dark bathroom by myself for a while then idk the door opened my friend who appeard as the devil appeared as a god had taken his physical being over and was talking to me through him, the other two friends were very nice now they seem as they were angels instead of hellcreatures. their clothing was very light they were all wearing white shirts instead of black, my friend who appeared as the devil, now he had brought his laptop computer up and was bumping sublime quietly and we were talkiung about music food and other shit, but they were all sitting on the floor outside of the bathroom and i was sitting in the bathroom on the floor, for abotu 3 hours and before those 3 hours i cant even explain what had happened but most of this had happened later after the fun had come to bad, i didnt realize that i had eaten mushrooms for a very long time, i had no perception of reality or time, so anyways they offered me food, drink , a ciggie and it ended up becomming light outside so we all went down to the basement room of my friends house and fell asleep and woke up fine.  extremely shaken up, went to my house and almost fell apart i couldnt understand how something can be so not like this reality. but anyways , a few key factors: mushrooms are completely different then acid!!!!! and if your not at a place where your completely 10000 percent comfortable dont trip out there, same with people. annother thing once you start getting deep into your own head, especially when your in a room of some sort, where you will start getting deep into your own life and yourself as a person and stuff.  when your not outside in teh woods, if you get scared, occupy your mind elsewhere, switch up your envoirment, do not fight it .. do not fight it when you get scared, just ride it out til the end
Posted by luvdatreez (03/31/09 07:26 PM)
that is not a level 5 bro...
Posted by teeter (02/11/09 03:16 PM)
why was this in the "lvl 5" trip...sounds more like a 3
Posted by PookztA (10/02/08 12:13 AM)
shrooms are enough... marijuana just clouds my mind and inhibits my judgement...

id much rather be clear, concise, accurate, and on top of my game to experience the shroom trip to the fullest. lots of people are too afraid to leave the weed at home....

smoking weed can be much fun after you come way down... because it brings your mind back up a little... but until that point where im definitely not feeling the fungus as much, i dont even think about the green!
Posted by milkyaddictions (08/09/08 12:24 AM)

I agree with the person who said all noobs should read this trip. It was incredibly realistic sounding and I can relate to it fairly easily. I've never been on shrooms during that sort of situation, but feel it throughout my everyday life.  It's crazy how you can feel the way a person thinks sometimes.
Posted by Shad0w (08/02/08 01:33 PM)

Excellent read, Your relationship with mike had obviously come to a mental/emotional crossroads earlier, and this was attempting to be resolved ( and hopefully was/is)  thru the power of the mushrooms to amplify the subconcious.

bad trip my fat butt, sounds like an extraordinarily productive group trip. Here is a thought for ya tho, you said a few times "there was nothing you could do about it" while this is somewhat true...... it mostly shows your own distrust for the people you choose to call friends, If you actually trusted mike or ray, It should have been fairly simple to say "hey guys, I am buggin' out pretty bad right now, is it ok if we do (insert favored activity) for awhile?"  and be able to 100 percent expect them to go "oh ya man, no prob, anything you wanna talk about? or should we just do (insert activity)?"

I know how those paranoid thoughts can be, and some people, if you express them to them..... they laugh at you..... which only increases your suspicion and verifies that they really are against you. :P

But all in all, very cool, very realistic trip report. 
Posted by SmittysPawnShop (03/15/08 08:31 AM)
What! Dude your paranoid delusions are what make for bad trips! If you start thinking your good friends are against you, and feel you need to be protected from them then they are not your friends! Ive been down some pretty dark trips and never wanted to do harm or feared harm from my friends, actually they are the ones i turn to when i start feelin things go south.
Posted by omirion (11/03/07 11:45 PM)

I know just how you feel bro. I am the same when i smoke pot.

Every time! Thats why i dont smoke with more than 1-2 ppl anymore, couse when i am in a larger group,

the paranoias start everytime, and they never end, i always feel like my friends are playing mind games with me, ever word coming out of their mouth

sounds like they are mocking me, making fun of me, watching me trip, and laughing about it,

really horrible, shit..., from WEED i get this trip that my eyes are  huge and discusting, and i actualy see it in a mirror, every time...

I feel like i have some brain damage, and taking drugs unlocks it, or it ALL could be true.. i am never able to figure it out.. is it true or is it in my head...

Thats why i haven't taken shrooms yet, i am afraid... but i really want to man...

If anyone has and answer to my prob, give a holla,

Posted by KClown (03/11/07 12:03 PM)
You have no idea what a bad trip is. To quote the late great Hunter S. Thompson, " A drug person can deal with seeing their dead grandmother crawling up their leg with a knife in her teeth..."
Posted by blue_view (10/23/06 08:48 PM)
I'd just like to say that anyone who hasn't tripped before should certainly read this trip, because you go into thorough explanations the experience of shrooms, and accurately show just what causes a trip to go bad.  Props.
Posted by Dunshlop (10/16/06 12:19 AM)
I've had a very similar experience with 2 friends as well.. Me usually being the leader and the person to keep vibes steady in group trips.. then for the first time in years I was the one more fucked up than anyone else.. It can be hard to let go and let the others take the lead.