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Pictures by zeronio from the above post:

Funny how they look if you invert colors:

Ragadinks post here:

[]Ragadinks said and posted, I have found some pictures of Enoki and thought that I would share them:

* In autumn I have found these wild Enoki (Flammulina velutipes):][image]/forums/files/04-15/154344539-thumb_Flammulina_velutipes-2_s.jpg[/image][/url]

* I have cloned them (which was quite hard) and now they are growing on a petri dish in my fridge :eek: like in this picture:

* Here is another strain that I got from zeronio (thanks man) fruiting in a jar:


* And here the same strain on a block of wood fuel pellets (probably fir):


* Have also taken some prints of this strain:



Another post by zeronio,

It's very cold in my grow room (5C) and the humidifier failed, but these enoki grew even if the sawdust block almost completely dried out...


A post by Anno:

[quote] [b]Anno said, posted[/b]

I prepared a bag of F. velutips woodchips to be used as inoculum for tree stumps in spring.
The bag was colonized since february and was stored for more than one month at around 6?C in dark.

Today I checked it and found this:

[url=][image]/forums/files/032303-8/34098-thumb_DSCF0001_small.jpg[/image][/url] [url=][image]/forums/files/032303-8/23011-thumb_DSCF0002_small.jpg[/image][/url]
[url=][image]/forums/files/032303-8/55064-thumb_DSCF0004_small.jpg[/image][/url] [url=][image]/forums/files/032303-8/17256-thumb_DSCF0005_small.jpg[/image][/url] [/quote]

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