Posted by Sir Topher (09/10/20 12:22 AM)
If you are looking for a transcendental Journey. My only advice would be to put on Tibetan Monks chanting ohm. That is if you're ready for a deep spiritual journey. Because what it will do is take you right to the source of the vibratory field. The base kicks in and it just grabs you and pulls you in. That experience was literally life changing.
Posted by Toomenser881989 (01/21/18 01:16 AM)
Goat any album there from sweeden and so amazing best psychedelic experience music
Posted by Trippysixstring (12/28/16 07:54 PM)
This post has become a little dated, but for the sake of anyone finding this in the future I'll add a little more I've had a lot success with. A lot of the more traditional trip music never really did it for me so I had to test various music to find styles that really stimulated me, just like a lot of people do.

Imagine Dragons (More specifically Selene)
Glass Animals (Most any of their songs)
The Beatles (In addition, lots of John Lennon when I get to the introspective moments in my trip)
Modest Mouse (Float On, Missed The Boat, The World At Large)
Coldplay (A lot of good music here, most of which I think gets overlooked because of how mainstream they are)
Dance Gavin Dance (Their music tends to be a bit overbearing while I'm tripping, but Young Robot has a lot of satisfying moments)
M83 (Midnight City just screams good vibes) 
alt-J (This one goes 50/50 for me, but Breezeblocks is a good one)

Hope you find something highly enjoyable on this thread to whoever stumbles upon it! c:

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Posted by sauroman1 (03/28/15 01:14 PM)
Jeffrey Thomson brainwave music seems to be based on science and have deep effect. Also I love empowering and ambient Steve Roach music.
Posted by sbk (01/07/15 01:32 PM)
some tunes to definitely check out while tripping

Posted by Skizzy Dizzletron (02/12/13 12:35 AM)
Modest Mouse sounds like an entirely different band on shrooms, Isaac Brock's lyrics have a tendency to explain whatever I should be experiencing. I would highly suggest "The Moon and Antarctica" as well as "Good News for People Who Love Bad News."
Posted by acidlover123 (10/30/11 05:08 AM)
thank you for introducing me to my friend and guide shpongle

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Edited 10/30/2011 5:13 AM
Posted by Firebird512 (09/28/11 06:49 PM)
eminem's first CD the slim shady LP is f*ckin awesome to listen to while trippin prolly because he was doin a bunch of mushrooms at the time too.
Posted by Johntron (02/01/11 06:01 PM)
Pretty Lights. Amazing dubstep
Posted by lysol (12/14/10 11:52 PM)
EMANCIPATOR.  Search the albums "Soon It Will Be Cold Enough" and "Safe in Steep Cliffs" in Google blogsearch, and there will be rapidshare links. 
Posted by FaRoUtBrO (09/29/10 03:43 PM)
I literally just listened to them today but the music is so smooth and perfect for a nice chillaxing trip

Mushroom Lab- Check em out!
Posted by shroomnoob93 (09/17/10 05:07 PM)
May i reccomend a fairly new and innovative style of electronic music? It's called dubstep, it's a mix of very ambient vibes and HEAVY bass. pretty awesome trippin or not.
Posted by iwant2beaforester (05/19/10 09:42 PM)
Anything by Fever Ray. omg it will seriously change your life. Her voice is synthesized into this eerie sound that speaks to your soul, and her lyrics are meant to affect your subconscious. I'd recommend, Dry and Dusty, Now's the Only Time I Know, Keep the Streets Empty for Me, I'm Not Done, and Coconut, but really anything she sings will accentuate your trip a hundredfold.

I really don't know what to label it, it's under electronic but that doesn't do it justice. In a nutshell I guess it would be: eerie dark electronica with tribal influences
Posted by playonwords (08/03/09 12:02 PM)
lol What About enigma?????? cant forget themmmm
Posted by beatrixkiddo (06/18/09 11:30 AM)
I am a new user on Shroomery, but today somebody told me that I should send them a link of good trip songs, so I put this together, and now I am posting it to see what people think :)

1. "How U Feelin" - Mike Patton

2. "2 2=5" - Radiohead

3. "100%" -Sonic Youth

4. "Five Seconds" -Mike Patton

5. "Y Control" -Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

6. "Where Bluebirds Fly" -Radiohead

7. "Violently Happy" -Bjork

8. "Typical Girls" -The Slits

9. "The Truth" -Handsome Boy Modeling School

10. "Torch Song Trilogy" -Handsome Boy Modeling School

11. "Summer Breeze" -CocoRosie

12. "Such Great Heights" -The Postal Service

13. "The Sea Is Calm" -CocoRosie

14. "Quote Unquote" -Mr.Bungle

15. "The Projects" - Handsome Boy Modeling School

16. "Pluto" -Bjork

17. Playground Love - Air

18. "Ohio" -CocoRosie

19. "Monkey Gone To Heaven" -Pixies

20. Memorabilia -Nine Inch Nails

21. "Machine Gun" -Portishead

22. "Long Haired Child" -Devendra Banhart

23. "Kool Thing" -Sonic Youth

24. "K- Hole" -CocoRosie

25. "Incinerate" -Sonic Youth

26. "Glamour Is A Rocky Road" -My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

27. "Elysium" -Portishead

28. "Dr. Greenthumb" -Cypress Hill

29. "Devil Bunnies" -My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

30. "A Daisy Chain 4 Satan" -My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

31. "Confession of A Knife" - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

32. "Come To Daddy" -Aphex Twin

33. "Ce Matin-La" -Air

34. "Carmencita" -Devendra Banhart

35. "Black Tounge" -Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

36. "Big Momma Thang" -CocoRosie

37. "Bang" -Yeah Yeah Yeahs

38. "Ayo Technology" 50 cent

39. "Army Of Me" -Bjork

40. "Animals" -CocoRosie

This collection of songs has a lot of diffrent emotions and beats in them, making the most of your trip ;)
Posted by PartYxMOD3 (11/23/08 01:18 PM)
tecno like sandstorm or dj sreal daddy dj or satifation lol i love that stuff
Posted by creekfreek (02/06/08 08:55 PM)


You have got to check out Max Creek, Tripping or not, this band is fantastic.

The web site is and you can find downloads at (just put max creek into the search bar and you will find a couple hundred shows).

They are mostly a New England band, but play N.Y. and other states occasionally.

They are a jam band and started out in 1971, I think.

Starting a a Grateful Dead cover band and working their way up to the legendary band that they are today.

Camp creek is the longest running music festival on the east coast and it is one hell of a weekend (been going for the last 12 years now).

This is one band to listen to and is you are lucky enough to be in an area that they play in, well, go see them, you will have a blast.

Eat some fungus and dance the night away.

Well I could go on and n about these guys but I will let you find out the rest on your own.





Posted by tomazco (01/13/08 04:49 AM)

Yeh - you forgot the Beatles "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" that IS the origional trip music - highly recommended

Also, the album "Tommy" by the Who - great album, and very psycologically deep and dark - especially "sparks" and "overture"

Posted by Atwooooood (12/18/07 06:43 AM)
Shpongle, Ozric Tentacles, Infected Mushroom, and Daft Punk and among my favoritttesss.
Posted by en1di0n (12/03/07 04:54 PM)

Try listening to Vlatko Stefanovski (google, youtube search). Acoustic guitar :-) Absolutely sets your mind free, and it is light enough to ignore.

Happy trippin! P.L.U.R ... peace love unity respect

Love will set us free!

Posted by stick_boy111 (10/25/07 10:49 PM)
you need some incubus on here, fungus amongus and enjoy incubus especially, listen to "take me to your leader" off of fungus and tell me thats not a song they wrote whilst trippin some balls...
Posted by bagsofun (08/30/07 12:51 PM)

Mf Doom.....very addictive beats. DL some of these guys and you'll quickly see why.

Posted by traumatics (05/28/07 03:30 PM)

Anders Manga "Blood Lush"

Coil "Loves Secret Domain"