Posted by Galaxytripper (10/27/13 09:42 PM)
Now that it's the season to be merry, I went hunting, lucked out and found a monster cyanescens patch in a park. Made some chocolates, each with 1gram of shrooms. I've had quite a few trips, so I have some experience. I took just 1 gram and that got me to where I needed to go. Powerful.  Greedily I took a second gram. This was quite emotionally powerful. Lasted a few hours, but it kind of hit my nervous system good. That is, when I went to bed, my nervous system was very agitated, not a bad experience, but just that it was like the shrooms were saying: you want more? ok. We'll give you more. How's this for size?  And they give you more than you asked for. It was like, I was the bottleneck for the emotions that were passing through. I needed a bigger pipe to process all this. But this is less a trip report than an FAQ. Does anyone know whether cyanescens are known pre-eminently for their emotional content, or cerebral content, or both?  Someone told me that somewhere along the line, people had figured out that the caps gave a cerebral experience, whereas the stems gave a more emotional experience (not that I only took stems), but if that's true it has powerful symbolic implications -it's like the cap is the human head and the stem is the human spine and central nervous system, and this symbolism is built in to the fabric of the mushroom structure. Think about that... Does anyone out there have an insight into this?
Posted by Horhey (09/18/11 05:26 PM)
wondering what kind of enviroment in the wild I should go to find some wild shroom and how? dont know anything about finding them but just thought will be a awesome experiment and a great trip to go on.
Posted by All Natural (07/30/11 11:38 AM)
How long does it take for your pupils to go back to normal?