Posted by codius11 (03/30/14 05:02 PM)
nice! im on it!
Posted by circuspimp (03/09/13 10:25 PM)

hello this is my new tek that I am trying out and it seems to be working out very well, here are the pictures for you all to decide:[url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url]
Posted by ziggyjedininja (09/23/12 04:56 PM)
loving this.I think this may be the easy common sence idea yet.slop sink (laundry sink) can literally be hooked up portable or plumbed into a house hold water supply (via garden hose) for direct watering Hydrating ,rinsing,soaking,cleaning and drainage (via 5 gallon bucket or larger doubled up totes) of cakes makes this unit a portable gold. .i see a nylon dish scrubber being used to filter the drain from getting clogged some nylon screen layed over  that before adding perlite .with a little money imagination inspiration enginuity.and mechanical skills . the possablities are endless.. even if the sink doesnt have the specified rim you could add weather stripping or a couple door sweeps for seals to the top edge of the sink,or simply over size your glass an inch and bead the top edge of the sink with some silicone and let it cure before placing glass atop creating seal and cushining..introducing automated timed ventilation misting and humidity controls  can easily be inspired while in the homedepot .this idea rocks

pretty sure my next trip with involve the cycle of water and its drainage as applied to life :)

Posted by joeydimes (05/26/12 10:23 PM)
Has anyone tried to build this and if so could you post pictures. I am looking to make a fruiting chamber that is easy to hide but that will work well.
Posted by purpleHBwhale (05/30/10 08:34 PM)
I too seek pictures of all  theses setups. They sound cool on paper, but need pictures to pull it all together.  

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Posted by po0dingles (09/24/09 08:05 PM)

All of these posts are worthless without pics. C'mon!