Posted by boletusphillus (02/22/10 06:01 PM)
those are not amanitas. they look to me like lepiota procera, or " Parasols". DELICOUS. And they grow all over the place in Germany.  used to pick them by the basket full with my gramdmother in Germany when I was young.
Posted by catalyst777 (01/02/10 05:27 PM)

Beautiful mushrooms and adorable girl :)
Posted by trashcan (12/04/09 11:51 AM)

with what ive seen i would say so too, probably and amnita, but im also nowhere near being considered an expert.
Posted by flyinggeorge (03/29/09 09:52 AM)
Just a speculation, but I'd say they're a type of Amanita. Don't take my word for it because I'm not an expert, but it would seem because they are scaly below where the veil has broken and smooth above, that they are a type of Amanita.

Great find, they're HUGE!

Edited 3/29/2009 11:51 AM