Posted by Zacharymushie (05/04/14 05:40 PM)
Amanita muscaria taste amazing not dryed
Posted by StingRei (07/02/10 04:40 AM)
You can't really improperly identify a Fly Agaric. There is something that looks like Fly Agaric but I believe it is orange in color. You should have let your friend eat the skin off the cap and maybe nibble on it a little bit, would have been a trip like no other.  Definitely harmful in larger amounts though.
Posted by Everyday Struggle (01/16/10 02:58 AM)

Looks like the Amanita Muscaria

Correct me if im wrong but if that is infact a. muscaria,

i believe it is?classified as poisonous but actually harmless to an extent...