Posted by Zacharymushie (06/01/14 02:11 AM)
Wow man. I litteraly bought a half my dude also said only eat 2g....I ate 3.5. Before I go into the trip some background I've probably consumed 100 tabs of acid in my life I'm 19 I smoke weed I drink I trip I roll I even used to bang dope...not to proud but hey it's just background. I've been in k holes and man what I'm about to tell you blew my mind. I ate a slice my girlfriend ate 2g and was gone to. I literaly let the fear freak me out and ruin my trip.... I never felt so insain I thoughtni wasn't breathing but I was lol basically my roommate came in my room and I was acting blizzard saying my name over and over zach zach zach zach zach lol I feel ya bro. Growing my own probably going to take .5-1g from now on how did your other 11 grams go?