Posted by Texastss (08/11/14 01:30 AM)
I've got piles of them growing here... My crazy ass friend just ate 4 caps, so I'll let ya know how that turns out!
Posted by eltahi (06/01/10 08:27 PM)

hae man i found heaps of these babies in a horse field down the road from my house...just a bit worried to tkae them coz i dont wanna get poison.they all grow off the horse shit...and were really slimy when i picked them...anyone managed to identify them yet.......really wanna take them...i did a spore print..and it came up a dark purple/black apparent blue staining hence why im hesitant...some please help...dying to trip on these......
Posted by Ptownplayer15 (04/07/08 10:30 PM)

You know what i've been finding these on horse manure in my area as well... i'm taking  spore prints and trying to identify them myself.

any luck yet?

Posted by weiliiiiiii (03/06/08 05:22 PM)

what are these ive been finding these too on horse poop


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