Posted by HelloGT (05/19/21 03:59 PM)
Posted by jamieAO (05/29/13 01:53 PM)
could anyone possibly tell me if these mushrooms are magic???
Posted by N-van psilocybe (02/24/10 12:49 PM)
Ahhhh psilocybe pelliculosa AKA(conifer psilocybe)  I was just inquiring as to what season these little guys were harvested? and possibly what area.
Posted by Deathbypen (06/30/08 08:38 PM)
John, I live in central KY area and I've found mounds of these growing out of fresh laid mulch... what are the side effect if this type of mushroom is comsumed
Posted by m3gam3th (05/20/08 09:29 AM)

Hi, i'm new to this site here and I was wondering if anyone knows if the shrooms in these pictures are or could be the same kind like the ones in Mushroom John's pic any helpful answers much appreciated. Thanks,


Sorry people I haven't figured out how to actually insert the images into my post my keyboard is playing up so i will post the pics as soon as i find out how to; sorry 'bout this bulls**t. peace


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