Posted by Purebud (03/06/16 08:18 PM)
Anyone know what these are called?
Posted by TimmyE228 (10/31/12 12:35 PM)
Do they have black spores???

Posted by TimmyE228 (10/31/12 12:34 PM)
I believe I just found an assload of these. What are they and how would I post a pic so someone could tell me?

Posted by gilly35 (06/28/12 05:01 AM)

Nice :)
Posted by mushroom Dan (07/10/10 06:39 PM)
These Look alot like some that ive seen poping up around east texas, i just checked some out this morning actually.
Posted by d00dsup (03/05/10 07:04 PM)
i have some of these growing around my house.
Posted by Mi Finca (09/29/08 06:57 PM)

Beautifull man...
Posted by Deathbypen (07/01/08 06:16 PM)
I found these mushrooms in KY... The root was extremely long!!!